Aapke hai kaun hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part 8

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Aapke hai kaun hum? Part 8

Early morning Naina woke up hearing some sound.
NAINA:Who made sounds to disturb my sleep?
Naina walked around.
He saw an open room.She peeped into the room.
Sameer was exercising there.

While working out he was sweating.

His bare physique made Naina embarrass.
NAINA:Oh!I reached here on wrong time.Let me leave.
SAMEER:Who is there?
Suddenly Naina hid behind the curtain.He reached the curtain.

Before he could see her she began to run away.Suddenly he pulled her hand.She just jerked and fell over him.He held her tight.He looked at her.
Their heart beats were raising because of the close proximity.

She turned back not able to face him.
SAMEER:Why are you awake this time?Why are you here?
NAINA:I got up hearing some sound.So I was checking from where the sound was coming and that’s how I reached here.Seeing you exercise like this I thought to leave without disturbing you.

He saw her earring down and took it from the floor.
SAMEER:Guess your ornaments have a tendency to fall down.

She smiled along with him.
He put the earring on her ear.

Since he was standing so close to her she could feel his breath on her skin.

Slowly they moved away from each other though their heart craved to be close to each other.
They shared a passionate eye lock.
SAMEER:I work out early morning.Sorry if it disturbed your sleep.I will stop working out this time if it disturbs your sleep.
NAINA:It’s ok.You should work out following your daily routine.I am perfectly fine with it.
SAMEER:Are you sure?
SAMEER:Go to sleep.
NAINA:Good night.
SAMEER:Good night.

Avni’s godbharai preparations were going on.All were decorating the house including Neil.
NEIL:How is my decoration wife?
Avni:How can my husband be imperfect?Perfect.

Neil embraced her.
Avni blushed:Neil…our baby is going to come soon and you are romancing shamelessly in front of our baby?Our baby is watching all this.

NEIL:Really?Then our baby will be very happy that it’s father and mother are madly in love with each other.
Avni smiled:Neil…
NEIL:Let me invite people for the function.
Neil started inviting people for the function on the phone.
Avni smiled.
Avni:Neil,why are you calling so many people for the function?
NEIL:It is my wife’s godbharai..let our baby get blessings from all of them.
Avni:But I am scared whether it will be the other way around…I mean whether evil eyes will fall on our baby and happiness.
NEIL:Avni…why are you thinking like that?
AVNI:I don’t know why Neil…but I have a strange feeling that our happiness is going to end soon.
NEIL:No…don’t think that.Nothing like that will happen.Avni…remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind and think about our baby who is going to come soon.

They embraced each other emotionally.

Neil brought Avni ready for the godbharai function.

Mohit and Rano also have come.
Avantka:Now all men go out.
Neil and Sameer:What?
Avan:This is a women’s function.So men should go out.
Sameer::Please mom.
Avan:No way.
All men including Neil went out.But Sameer stood there.
Avan: Sameer,why are you standing here?Go out.
SAMEER:But mom…
Avantika pushed him out:Go…
All laughed especially Naina.She made funny faces at him.Sameer was embarrassed in front of Naina.

SAMEER:Don’t laugh Naina.I will come inside.
NAINA:Oh really?
She teased him.

Avni was blessed by the elders and they filled her lap with gifts.

Neil and Sameer entered the hall in disguise of women.

NEIL:Sameer…I am scared.Will we be caught?
SAMEER:Stop talking.If they hear our voice they will know who we are.

Neil kept looking at Avni:Avni looks so lovely.

Sameer was stunned to see Naina with another girl who was dressed as a boy on stage.They started dancing.


Didi tera devar deewana
Ho didi tera devar deewana
Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana
(Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana)
Dhandha hai yeh uska purana
Arre dhandha hai yeh uska purana
Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana
(Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana)


Main boli ke lana tu imli ka dana
Magar woh chuhare le aaya deewana
Main boli ke machle hai dil mera haaye
Woh kharbooja laya jo nimbu mangaye
Pagla hai koyi usko batana
Arre pagla hai koyi usko batana
Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana
(Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana)
Oye-hoye-hoye-hoye didi tera devar deewana
Haaye ram kudiyon ko daale dana


Main boli ke lana tu mitti pahadi
Magar woh patashe le aaya anadi
Main boli thi la de mujhe tu khatai
Woh bazar se le ke aaya mithai
Hmm mushkil hai yoon mujhko fasana
Aye mushkil hai yoon mujhko fasana
Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana
(Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana)
Ui maa
Didi tera devar deewana
Haaye ram kudiyo ko daale dana


Sameer realized that Naina was making fun of him by dressing the other girl like him.
Neil laughed.Sameer also laughed.
Sameer lost his control and removed his feminine attire.

All were shocked.
Sameer went near her:Yes.I challenged you that I will come inside.Here I am.

Naina could’nt face him due to embarrassment.

Avni noticed Neil who was dressed up as a woman.

All looked at Neil.
NAINA:Jeejaji?You also?
Neil was embarrassed.Everyone laughed including Avantika.
Avan:Naughty boys.Just like Harish.Harish had also dressed like a woman for my godbharai function.

Sameer:So we got traits from dad.
Avantika giggled.

Sameer looked at Avni:Bhabhi …your sister is impossible.
Avni smiled.

Sameer went near Naina and started dancing around her .

Bhabhi teri behna ko mana
Oh bhabhi teri behna ko mana
Haaye ram kudiyo ka hai zamana
Haaye ram kudiyo ka hai zamana
Rabba mere mujhko bachana
Oh rabba mere mujhko bachana
Haaye ram kudiyo ka hai zamana
Haaye ram kudiyo ka hai zamana


Slowly Naina smiled.

Saja jo bhee dogee woh manjur hogee
Aji meree mushkil tabhi dur hogee

Then they started dancing together.

Hukum aapka tha jo maine na mana
Khatawar hoon main na aaya nibhana

Saza jo bhi dogi woh manzoor hogi
Aji meri mushkil tabhi door hogi
Banda hai yeh khudse begana
Aji banda hai yeh khudse begana

Haaye ram
Kudiyo ka hai zamana
(Haaye ram)
Kudiyo ka hai zamana
(Haaye ram)
Kudiyo ka hai zamana
(Haaye ram)

While dancing Sameer gave flowers to Naina.

She smiled taking them from him.

Kudiyo ka hai zamana
(Haaye ram)
Kudiyo ka hai zamana

After the function…

Avni-Neil in their room…
Avni:Neil…you know that men are not allowed in the god bharai function.Then why did you attend it?
Neil:I felt like seeing you in the function.
Avni:But what was the need to dress up like a woman?It was so embarrassing.
Neil tried to touch her:Avni…
Avni did’nt let him touch her:Move away from me.

Neil:I am sorry Avni.I had no other option to come inside.That’s why i dressed like a woman.
Suddenly Avni burst into laughter.
Neil was stunned:Avni!
Avni:You were looking so cute Neil.You looked like a sweet girl.I loved it.
Neil was surprised:Then why were you angry with me?
Avni: My anger was fake.I just faked it to make fun of you.
Neil-Avni laughed together.
Neil:You have become naughty like Sameer.
Avni:After all he is my dearest friend here.So Sameer’s influence may be there.
They smiled.

Naina stood near the pool.Sameer came there.They smiled at each other.
NAINA:Why are you here?
SAMEER:I thought of giving you a company as you are alone.
She smiled.
NAINA:I made fun of you through my performance at the God bharai function.You are not angry with me?
SAMEER:Because you danced so well that I got immersed in that.
She smiled.
Naina held his hand and said:Thank you.
He smiled.

NAINA:Still you did’nt feel bad?
SAMEER:No.Because whatever you do I feel nice about it.
Naina blushed:Why?
Sameer looked at her deeply smiling.
SAMEER:It’s like that.
NAINA:You are flirting with me.If anyone else was in my position they would have hit you.
SAMEER:No way.Because I won’t talk like this to any other girl.Forget about talking.I can’t even think of any other girl.
She blushed:Why?
Sameer:Because I am able to think only of you.
Naina could not stop blushing.
Naina:Why?Who am I to you? Aapke hai kaun hum?
Sameer looked at her deeply:Can I tell you that?

She blushed.

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