Aapke Hai Kaun Hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part 9

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Suddenly Sameer and Naina heard Avni calling:Naina!
She ran away.
Sameer:Oh no…

Sameer went to Harish Avantika’s room.
SAMEER:Hey dad…you were missing at the godbharai function.Why?
Harish:What to do beta?it’s ladies’ function.So how can I attend it?
Sameer:But you had attended mom’s godbharai function in disguise of a woman.Right?Then why not now?
Harish was embarrassed.
He looked at Avantika:Darling…you said that to our children and daughter in law.Right?
Avant:Yes,not only to them,but to all guests.
Harish was embarrassed.
H:It was too much darling.
Avan:O really?Feeling embarrassed now?But that time you were not at all embarrassed.
H:How would I be embarrassed when I was coming secretly to meet my darling wife?And don’t tell me that you did’nt want me to attend your godbharai function.You also expected me there.Right?

Avantika blushed.
Suddenly Avantika remembered Sameer’s presence and faked seriousness.
Avan:Today Neil and Sameer behaved just like you by attending the function in disguise of women.Shameless they were.It’s only because of you Harish.
Harish laughed.
Avan:Laughing and encouraging your children’s tantrums?How could you Harish?
She started punching him with pillows.Harish laughed.Avantika also burst into laughter.
Sameer moved away from the room smiling.
He thought: This is how dad and mom romance.Funny.
He giggled.
Avantika noticed Sameer’s absence.
Avan:Oh Sameer left.What would have he thought about us?
H:Nothing darling.He knows that our fight is our romance.
They giggled.

Neil kept his head on Avni’s belly:Baby…my dear baby…are you able to hear me?
Avni smiled.
Avni:Neil,you are impatient to see the baby.Right?
NEIL:You are asking me as if you are not impatient to see our baby.
She smiled.
Suddenly Neil said:Avni,the baby just kicked and I could feel it.That means my baby touched me.
She smiled seeing his happiness.
They talked a lot about the baby and slept close to each other.

Sameer came back from office very late.
SAMEER:All must have slept.I will have to starve tonight.
Suddenly lights were on.He saw Naina.
SAMEER:Naina,you did’nt sleep yet?
NAINA:I did’nt feel like sleeping.You had dinner?
NAINA:Then have dinner.
SAMEER:You kept dinner for me?
SAMEER:That means you were waiting for me without sleeping?
Naina was silent.Sameer smiled.
Naina served him dinner.
After dinner Naina served him kheer.
He tasted it:Wah!So tasty.But who made this?
NAINA:I made it.
SAMEER:You made it?
He was surprised.
NAINA:I heard that kheer is your favourite.So I thought I should give it a try.
SAMEER:You made it specially for me?Why?
She was silent.
Sameer finished eating Kheer.
Sameer:It was yummy.I loved it.
Naina was very happy.
Naina:Then I will make it more for you.
He smiled.
He washed his hands and wiped them.
SAMEER:Naina…Why are you making my favourite dishes?
She was silent.

Sameer: Who am I to you? Aapke hain kaun hum?
She blushed.

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai
Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai
Jan ke bhi anjana
Kaisa meraa yar hai…

SAMEER:Kheer tasted extra sweet.I doubt if its because you added your love in it.
Naina was stunned as he asked such a question frankly.
Naina became shy.

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai Usakee nazar

She tried to move away.He held her hand.

Naina was stunned.
NAINA:Sameer…what is this?Leave my hand.

SAMEER:You can’t just go away without answering me Naina.

She stammered: I…I…

SAMEER:Ok.First I will answer your question.You asked me who you are to me.Right?I will tell you that now.
She smiled.
Sameer looked at her deeply:You are my beloved Naina.
She was surprised.
SAMEER:I love you Naina.It’s the first time I fell in love with a girl.
She blushed.

Palko kee chilman se mujhe dekhti
Uski nazar
Uski haya
Apani hi chahat kaa raj kholati
Uske haya
Chhup ke kare jo wafa
Aisa meraa yar hai

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai

SAMEER:Now you answer my question Naina.
She was shy:You are my lover Sameer.I love you.
He smiled.

Woh hai nisha
Woh hee meri jindagi ki bhor hai
Woh hai nisha
Use hai pata
Uske hi hatho mein meri dor hai
Use hai pata
Sare jahan se juda
Aisa mera pyar hai

Sameer moved closer to her soft cheeks.She closed her eyes welcoming him.

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai
Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai

Suddenly he moved backward.
Sameer:I am a sanskari.I won’t do this before marriage.
Naina became shy.Sameer laughed seeing her shyness.
Naina hit him funnily and they got into a romantic embrace.

Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai
Pehla pehla pyar hai
Pehali pehalee bar hai(HAHK).

Neil found Avni dull.
NEIL:What happened Avni?Why do you feel weak?
AVNI:I don’t know why Neil.But I feel uneasy.

Suddenly she started having pain in her stomach:Ah!
Neil got scared:What happened Avni?
Neil screamed:Mom!
Avantika came.
Avan:What happened?Is everything alright?
NEIL:Avni is having stomach ache.
Avan:I guess her labor pain has started.Let’s take her to the hospital.
Avni was taken to the hospital.
The doctor came out:Congrats Neil.Avni delivered a baby boy.
Neil was excited and all were very happy.
NEIL:I can’t believe that I have become a father.

Naina:Wow! I have become an aunt.
Sameer:And I have become an Uncle.

In that moment of excitement Naina kissed Sameer’s cheek.
Sameer and Naina embraced each other due to happiness.

Coming back to senses they moved away from each other shyly.
Harish-Avantika and Mohit Rano:We are grand parents now.
They all were very happy.

Neil went towards Avni who was caressing the baby.

Avni :Neil…our baby…
Neil caressed her:He will call us papa mumma.

Neil took the baby in his arms.All others came in and pampered the baby.

Avni and the baby got discharged from the hospital and came back home.
Naina brought a cake.

Naina:To celebrate this happiness I have baked a cake.
All were excited to see the cake.
Everyone had the share of the cake except Sameer.
Naina went near him.
Naina:Sameer..why did’nt you eat the cake I baked?
Sameer:Because I want to be fed by you.

She blushed.
Sameer:Did you eat it?
Sameer:Why did’nt you eat your own cake?
She smiled:Because I want to eat it from your hand.
He smiled.
They cut the cake together and fed each other.

There was icing on her lips.
Sameer wiped it with his kerchief.She was blushing.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

The baby became the pet of the family.All including Sameer and Naina could’nt stop pampering their nephew.Sameer and Naina sang and danced to entertain the baby.

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana
Dhik, dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana
Bhabhi Tum Khushiyon Ka Khazana
Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana
Pehli Kiran Jab Se Uge
Bhabhi Meri Tab Se Jage
Sabka Pura Dhyan Dhare Woh
Shaam Dhale Tak Kaam Kare
Kal Tak Raha, Is Chaon Se
Mera Bachpan Anjana …

Naina took the baby in her arms.Sameer smiled.

Sameer:Naina…the baby is saying something.
SAMEER:Don’t be just my maasi…be my chachi.

Kahtha hai kya, munna suno
Mousi nahi, Chachi bano
hmm hmm

Naina blushed.

Munni yeh theri chachaji banna chala mousaji

They danced in happiness.

Tum na mili thoe nishchit hey mera jogi ban jana
Dhiktana – Tiktana – Dhiktana
Alakh Dhik – Dhiktana – Tiktana – Dhiktana(HAHK)

Neil:Avni….I have decided a name for our baby.
Avni:Me too.
AVNI:You tell your selection.
Avni was surprised:Vivaan?This is the name which I selected.How come its your selection too?
NEIL:Your selection becomes mine too.Right?
NEIL:I had seen you call our baby Vivaan while pampering him.That time itself I had decided that he should have no other name.

AVNI:Thank you so much Neil.You are so sweet.
NEIL:You are sweet.You are sweet.So I have to be sweet.Right?
They both smiled.
Neil:Ok Avni..you sleep.Te whole day you are looking after the baby.At night I will look after the baby.
Avni:But Neil…
Neil:Sleep Avni.
He made her lie down.After Avni slept Neil was taking care of the baby.
In the morning when Avni woke up she saw both Neil and the baby sleeping.She smiled.

She caressed both.

She kissed both Neil and Vivaan.

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