Aapke Hai Kaun Hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part4

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Aapke hai kaun hum Part 4

Neil and Avni had a grand wedding.

Rano:Our daughter looks beautiful.Right?
Mohit:Yes,she looks more beautiful now as she is holding the hands of the person she loves the most.

They smiled.

Neil and Sameer realized that their shoes are missing,
Neil:Where are the shoes?
Sameer:Bhabhi…definitely it’s stolen by your sister Naina.
Avni was embarrassed.
Neil:Take it easy Sameer.It’s a part of the ceremony.
SAMEER:I will come now.
Sameer went away.

Naina bumped into Sameer.
SAMEER:Did you take our shoes?
Naina smirked:Yes.
SAMEER:Return them.
NAINA:Ok.But in return give us money.
Naina’s friends laughed watching it.
SAMEER: No way.
NAINA:Then don’t think that you will get the shoes back.
SAMEER:For your kind information,my shoes are with me only.
NAINA:Don’t lie.I had taken your shoes too.
SAMEER:You had taken my shoes also.But I got inside the store room and took them back.
SAMEER:If you have any doubt you check.
Naina went to the store room and checked the places where she kept the shoes.
NAINA:These shoes are here only.
She checked the other place where she kept shoes.It was empty.
NAINA:One set is missing.How did it disappear?
She moved out of her room.Sameer was smirking standing outside the room.
NAINA:Don’t smile too much.One set is still with me.Must be Neil jeejaji’s.
SAMEER:Return those shoes.
NAINA:First you return the shoes you took.
Their argument was supported by each one’s group of friends.

SAMEER: Dulhe kee saliyo o hare dupatte valiyo
Jute de do paise lelo… (2)

NAINA:Dulhan ke devar tum dikhalao naa yuun tevar
Paise dedo jute lelo… (2)
They danced and argued with the support of their group.

Aji note gino ji, joote lao
Zid chhodo jee, joote lao
Fraud hain kya hum, tum hi jaano
Akdu ho tum, jo bhi maano
Jo bhi maano, jo bhi maano

Aji baat badhegi, badh jaane do
Maang chadhegi, chadh jaane do
Addo na aise, pehle joote
Pehle paise, pehle joote
Pehle joote

Joote liye hain nahi churaya koyi zevar
Dulhan ke devar tum dikhlao na yoon tevar
Paise de do, joote le lo
Paise de do, joote le lo
Joote do, paise lo
Joote do, paise lo

Kuchh thanda pee lo, mood nahi hai
Dahi wade lo, mood nahi hai
Kulfi kha lo, bahut kha chuke

Paan kha lo, bahut kha chuke
Bahut kha chuke, bahut kha chuke
Aji rasmalayi, aapke liye
Itni mithayi, aapke liye

Pehle joote khayenge kya
Aapki marzi, na ji tauba, na ji tauba
Kisi betuke shayar ki besuri kawwaliyon
Dulhe kie saaliyon oh hare dupatte waliyon
Joote de do, paise le lo
Joote de do, paise le lo

Joote do, paise lo, joote do, paise lo
Joote do, paise lo, joote do, paise lo

Finally Naina followed Sameer secretly and found the place where he hid the shoes.She went there silently and was about to take them.Suddenly she was stunned to see Sameer taking the shoes back.

SAMEER:I knew that you will come to steal them.
NAINA:I will get the shoes back.
Sameer started running.Naina chased him.Naina slipped and fell upon Sameer.They rolled over each other and Sameer was on top of Naina.They shared an eye lock.
Coming back to senses they broke their eye lock and got up.
Sameer cupped her face in his palms and leaned towards Naina’s cheek.

Suddenly Naina realized that it was a wild imagination.
Naina was ashamed of herself.
She thought:What nonsense did I think?Why did I even think that Sameer would stoop so low?

Thank God…Sameer did’nt kiss me like a play boy.He is a nice guy.
Naina found it difficult to face Sameer.She moved away to go out of the room.Suddenly he held her hand and pulled her closer.To get balance she held him tight.
SAMEER:How can you go like that accepting the defeat so easily?It does’nt suit you.You are a Mirchi,
He gave her the shoes back:I accept my defeat.
She was surprised as she never expected this sweet gesture from Sameer.She smiled and took it from him.
NAINA:I also accept my defeat.
NAINA:Sometimes we need to accept our defeat.
She returned him the shoes smiling.
SAMEER:You are not angry?
NAINA:No.I did it for fun and I had fun.
He smiled and took the shoes back from him.

Naina returned the shoes to Neil:Sorry jeejaji.I just did it for fun.
Neil:Why sorry?It’s for fun only.Anyways I am giving you money.
He took some money from his pocket and gave her:I gave you money.Now I can take my shoes back courageously.
Naina giggled:Nothing like that jeejaji.I just threatened as a joke to give money to get the shoes back.
NEIL:But this is for my happiness and joy.
NAINA:No jeejaji.Please.I can’t take this money.
Neil and Avni smiled.
Preeti:Now I have to leave.Otherwise I will miss the flight.
Avantika:Ok Preeti.Have a nice journey.And thank you so much for sparing time to come here?
P:Why thanks aunty?I am also a part of this family.Why should you thank me for attending my own family function?
Naina got restlessness.She thought:Preeti a part of the Maheshwari family?Does that mean she is engaged to Sameer?
Sameer:I will miss you Preeti.
P:Me too Sameer.
Naina felt jealous.
SAMEER:When is your next visit?
P:When you get married I will definitely come to attend your wedding.Promise.

Sameer-Preeti smiled.

Preeti left.
Naina’s face glittered with relief.She thought:That means Preeti and Sameer are just friends.

The departure time came and Avni hugged Mohit,Rano and Naina and wept.

Babul jo tumne sikhaya jo tum se paya
Sajan ghar le chalee -2, sajan ghar mai chalee
Yado ke lekar saye chalee ghar paraye
Tumharee ladlee………

Kaise bhul paongee mai baba, sunee jo tumse kahaniya
Chhod chalee aangan me maiya, bachpan kee nishaniya
Sun meree pyaree behna sajaye rehna
Yeh babul kee galee………….

Ban gaya pardes ghar janam kaa, milee hai duneeya mujhe nayee
Nam jo piya se maine joda, naye rishton se bandh gayee
Mere sasur jee pita hain, patee devta hain
Devar chhavee krishna kee, (sajan ghar mai chalee -2)(HAHK).

Harish:Mohit…Rano…Don’t worry about Avni.She is the Lakshmi of our house and we will shower all our love and affection on her.
Avantika:Yes.Now onwards Avni is our daughter.God has given us a daughter late.So she is very much special for us.

Mohit:We know that very well.That’s why we are sending our daughter there.

Rano:But we will miss her.
Avan:Rano…when ever you feel like seeing Avni you just come to our house.
Mohit and Rano smiled emotionally.

They all bid bye and got inside the car.
Sameer whispered to Naina:Whatever I did was a part of the wedding fun.Please don’t take it seriously.Sorry if I hurt you in between.
NAINA:No Sameer.I was not at all hurt.I really enjoyed it.
They smiled.

Sameer got inside the car .

Neil Avni had a nice grah pravesh.
Neil walked to their room. He was surprised to see
bedroom being decorated with lit candles.Avni was standing there in a beautiful pink saree.Neil could not take his eyes off her.
Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

Avni smiled.
He walked towards her.
Avni:Did you like the decoration I did?
Neil:I loved it.It is beautiful.But you are looking more beautiful in this saree.

She blushed.

Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai

Cupping his face she said:Neil,before starting our life I want to promise you that I will be always with you in happiness and sadness.I will never leave you and go.

Neil:I also promise that I will always stand by your side.

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

They smiled.Slowly he held her saree

and pulled her closer.

He pressed his lips on her nose.

He held her closer

and moved towards her lips.

Jism ke samandar mein
Ik lehar jo thehari hai
Usme thodi harqat hone do
The shy Avni turned back.
Neil stood close to her.

Moving away the hair which was covering her neck,

his rubbed his lips on her neck.She closed her eyes.

Shayari sunaati inn
Do nasheeli aankhon ko
Mujhko paas aake padhne do
He embraced her from behind.

She looked at him with pure love.He pecked her forehead and palm softly.

She pecked his palm intensely.

Ishq ki khwahishon mein

Bheeg lo baarishon mein
Aao na

Tumhe paakar na khone ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

They both sat together on the bed.

He started pampering her hands with his lips.

Mujhe nazron mein rakh lo tum kahin
Kehna ye tumse hai

They drowned in passionate love.

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

Hmm rokna nahi mujhko
Zidd pe aa gayi hoon main
Iss qadar deewana pan chadha
Dekho na yahaan aake
Mera haal kaisa hai
Toot ke abhi tak na juda

Ab sambhalna nahi hai
Jo bhi hai wo sahi hai
Aao na
Tumhe khud se milaane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

Mujhe rehne do apne paas hi
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai(Hate story 3).

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