An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -2

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So it’s morning and dev gets conscious back and he sees a nurse who was checking the drip bottle and ask

Dev: excuse me, may I know what happened to me

Nurse: oh! You are up. Well you just fainted because of not eating on time and loss of sleep. I’ll just call the doctor she will explain u everything

The nurse goes to call sona without hearing dev’s reply and dev is confused as he not sees tina or anyone beside him and waits impatiently for nurse to come back. The nurse comes back with sona, seeing sona’s batch name he recalls he hold her hand yesterday and saw that batch name Dr. sonakshi bose

Sona: so how are you feeling Mr. Dixit?

Dev: I am feeling good doctor. Can I know about the lady who must have come with me?

Sona: oh you mean your secretary; she was here when I came to look at you at around 10 pm. Maybe she left afterwards and actually she told me that she has informed your family but strangely I haven’t seen anyone here.

Dev: okay thank you for the information. And can I get my phone back

Nurse: sir all the belongings of your was given to your secretary

Sona: if your investigation is done Mr. Dixit can I check your health please

Dev tries corporate with sona after she said that, and is surprised to see if tina inform Vicky or ishwari how come they’re not here and also she herself left without any note and instead took his belonging with her. When sona was checking him Vicky enters

Dev: Finally you came and did you told maa about me being me here, if yes then where is she?

Sona: Mr. Dixit can you please corporate

Dev: I am sorry

Vicky laughs seeing dev getting scold by sona and tries to say something by sign which probably dev thinks he is teasing as sona scold and says

Dev: stop it Vicky

Sona: would you stop it (sona says angrily and dev gives the expression as mom was scolding the elder brother because of the younger sibling and then keep quiets )……..anyways you are fine now but you have to eat your meal on time and sleep properly and I am prescribing you some medicines which you have to take for a week .

Dev: thank you

Sona starts checking his report and writes prescription while Vicky goes near dev and says what he was trying to say

Vicky: bhai this is the girl with whom buaji has fixed your marriage yesterday

At the same time sona’s phone rings and it shows maa she answers as she no longer can ignore her she talks with her while checking dev’s file and holding her phone with the help shoulder and she was standing near dev’s bed side table but she talks slowly on the phone

Sona: maa I am sorry there was an emergency yesterday that’s why I couldn’t attend the dinner

Asha: I’ll talk about that when you come home for now listen, I heard that dev is in your hospital and you are in charge of him

Sona: who dev?

Asha: oh god what should I do to this girl! Ishwarji’s son dev sona I told you na we are fixing your marriage with him and I even sent you his photo ……..wait don’t tell me you didn’t see his photo sona….u just come home

Sona: wait you mean his son dev dixit…….means MR. DIXIT

And she immediately checks the name in the file she was holding and to her surprise it was written DEV DIXIT …………….and she sees then dev’s face and she turns her face straight shock and the phone slips and dev catches her phone from falling down and then sees her face and also recalls ishwari telling her that she chose sona asha’s daughter as her daughter-in-law

Dev: sona…….Dr. sonakshi bose

So the epi ends on the shocking faces of both dev and sona…………and I guess yours too. Your but, why, when, what and how will be answered in the next episode which hopefully I’ll post by tomorrow till then stay tune and  let me know in the comments below how did you guys find the episode.

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