An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -3

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The episode starts with a flash back (IT’S GONNA TAKE TWO WPISODES ALMOST ) …………………FEW DAYS LATER…………….in the car

Asha: sona can you just ever listen to me……..I gave you an option of love marriage but you chose arrange marriage I was fine but you are never on time when some comes to meet you nor shows interest ……..look sona we don’t want to force you but you should get settle sona now

Sona: maa I know you say this every time when ever some girl of our relatives is getting married as their mom’s finally don’t have any work to do other than saying you that I am old and I should get married ……..and maa I told you na which ever the guy you and chose I’ll happily get married as I trust you guys……….i just don’t like that meeting things as those guys try to hit on me and want me to feel shy nervous …….i mean in which century are we living…..

Asha: exactly in which century are we living that you want to marry a guy without even bothered to see his face…….would any one expect that a mother is forcing a girl for love marriage

Sona: maa…… (sona stops the car as people are blocking their way )why there so much traffic and people are gathered

(sona and asha gets out from the car and sees people trying to help a women who is unconscious, asha see the face of that lady and recognizes……)

Asha: ishwariji…….sona she is ishwariji our old neighbor

Sona: but I don’t recognize her

Asha: you were very small like 6 months when she left……just check what happened to her for now

Sona: excuse me! I am a doctor so let me check her please……….maa her sugar level got low that’s she fainted

Asha: let’s take her home then ….please somebody help us to get her in our car over their

They reach home and sona treats and asha goes to make some juice for her ……..ishwari gets her conscious back and sees sona

Ishwari: beta how come I am here?

Sona: your sugar level was low and you fainted on the road me and mom saw you and got you here……I am doctor aunty so I have gave some medicine and now please take some rest and have juice

Ishwari: oh thank you so much beta but you didn’t have to be bothered so much because of me

Sona: aunty ji it’s okay and it’s my job and duty too ……and by the way it’s your child’s duty to take care of you and not let you starve until you fall down……

Ishwari: nhi beta…

Sona: aunty ji please don’t take you son’s side I know you will say that he is busy he cares for me a lot ….it’s actually not your problem it’s just you are a mother who love his son and can do anything for him but you should pay attention to your health also

(ishwari stares at sona lovingly and then asha enters)

Asha: ishwariji how are you feeling now?

Ishwari: OMG ashaji you ……that means she is sona……oh my god asha she got so big

Asha: she just got older in height and age but her behavior is like a 10 year old kid

Sona: maa…….. (she suddenly gets a call from hospital asking her to come soon due to a emergency case)…..maa I have to go and I have given aunty medicine so she is fine now just give her juice…….and I am sorry aunty I have to go now it’s urgent

Ishwari: I understand beta you can go

(And sona leaves)

Asha: ishwari ji your juice

Ishwari: thank you asha ……..anyways sona told me how I got here

Asha: but I am very upset you guys left without any word and now when you guys came back to Delhi you have even not try to contact

Ishwari: asha actually you must have heard about us long back ago that our business went bankrupt

Asha: yaa

Ishwari: you guys went to Kolkata to meet your family when everything happened so we couldn’t inform you guys, we had to shift to Mumbai as my brother called and then dev’s father got heart attack and expired….. it was so mess that I didn’t know what to do, nikki was six months old just that time ……it was dev who handled  nikki  as I went to do job of teacher and also gave  coaching classes to kids ………then later dev started his  firm and here we are ………it just been a week since we move back to Delhi.

Asha: It must have been very hard for you ……

Ishwari: but not as much as it was for dev …………I just regret in everything we have gone through he lost his childhood and his smile…..

(bejoy enters and see ishwari)

Bejoy: OMG ishwari ji you ……..

Ishwari: I am good bhaisab, how are you? Does still asha gives you diet food

Bejoy: now not only she does but also sona gives me too ………I just think sometimes that making sona a doctor I have stepped on my own foot I guess (and everyone laughs) …………….by the way whenever me and asha read about dev on news and magazine feel happy for you

Asha: yaa we always think that how much proud you must be feeling

Ishwari: you must be proud too seeing sona as doctor and she is really sweet ….but how is saurabh

Asha: he is a wedding planner

Ishwari: that’s good so how seen a guy for sona……..

Asha: that girl is always busy what should I say I have told her many times …………that if you want to do a love marriage we are okay …..but she wants to  do arrange marriage and she never is on time whenever  we set the meeting …

Bejoy: it’s because she is busy in hospital asha

Asha: please bejoy you always take her side

Ishwari: If you guys don’t mind can I say some thing ….

Asha: yaa sure ishwariji …………

The episode ends here hope you guys enjoyed and as I was not able to post yesterday I’ll be posting two episodes today …………….so are you guys excited for next episode let me know in the comments below.

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