An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -4

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The continue of flashback episode

Ishwari: if u guys give me permission I want sona’s hand for dev

Asha: but ishwari ji you have met her just once and plus you know we eat non veg plus sona is busy with hospital

Ishwari: if it’s regarding our culture, veg and non veg then I don’t mind much I’ll leave that upto sona if she wants to eat she can but outside the house ….and I have just met her for hardly 10 mins but it feels like she is the one for dev who can bring back the happiness in dev’s life.

(Asha looks at bejoy and says okay)

Asha: if you don’t have problem then from our side it’s okay but it will be good if ask kids one time

Ishwari: yaa sure

(that day evening after ishwari lefts and sona comes back home, bose family at dinner)

Asha: sona  ………

Bejoy: let her have dinner first asha then will talk

Sona: it’s fine baba say maa

Asha: sona that …… you met ishwari ji na today how do you feel about her?

Sona: how do I feel means she our old neighbor she looks sweet and polite though but why are you asking me this weird question

Elena: yes massi you are asking like that as if they asked sona’s hand for her son

(Sona gets her food choke listening to that whereas Elena and saurabh laughs)

Sona: ele please can you stop your jokes

Asha: it’s actually true sona

(Elena and saurabh laughs like hell so much)

Sona: maa………at least you should have met his son I bet he doesn’t care about aunty much

Asha : it’s not like that sona you didn’t let her speak and saw only half part later when his son rush to pick her from our home leaving all the meeting when he got to know and I told you na she used to be our neighbor we saw him since he was little

Bejoy: see he is good person

Asha: yaa you might have heard his name na dev dixit

Elena: OMG the business man of the year dixit ………omg omg omg sona you are so lucky  he is so hot

Saurabh: OMG it’s that guy ……..well I have also seen his interview he always praises his mom in his award winning speech

Sona: look maa if you guys have finalized then I have no problem I trust you guys

Elena: omg sona you finally took the best decision

Asha: yaa sona you will surely be happy and yeah I’ll send you his photo later but ishwariji said if you will be okay then we will have a small shagun ceremony as she wants you to be her daughter in law soon

Sona: I said na maa if you guys are happy I am happy so you can do whenever you want

Asha: then we will have dinner at xyz hotel on Sunday 8 pm I’ll call ishwarji and inform ………..but sona this time you should be on time

Sona: yaa maa

(to dev’s home)

Ishwari: dev do I have first time did something without discussing with you

Dev: what maa

Ishwari: today you met asha and bejoy bhaisab na I chose their daughter as your wife to be …………..look I have asked you so many times if you have someone tell me I won’t have any problem but you always said no and whenever I bring you a girl’s photo for marriage proposal you always show no interest so………….

Dev: maa it’s okay and I told you na I will marry with whomever you say

Ishwari: then the meeting is fixed on Sunday I want to give her shagun….it’s more like a family dinner.

Dev: maa don’t you think you are rushing and most importantly you can’t take your health for granted now if you do na I’ll not marry

Ishwari:  come on it’s every mom’s dream to see her son getting married i just want sona to some soon in my dev’s life ………

Dev: sona?

Ishwari: oh in happiness I forgot to tell you her name is sona and you must not remember her face when she was little ……………actually you know the moment I met her when she was born I told asha that she would be my dev’s wife as kinda joke but even when I met her after ages I felt that she is the one for you……………I’ll send you her photo when asha sends me


Sona: you are dead sona

(dev and sona have a eyelock after getting back from shock and where as Vicky is still laughing)

The episode ends here hope you guys had fun I’ll try to post early tomorrow and if possible two episodes too. Let me know in the comments how did you like the epi.

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