An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -6

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As sona left Elena also gets her things done and leaves

Dev: Vicky I want to get discharge now

Vicky: really I thought you would want to stay longer here as you got to know that sona bhabhi is your doctor

Dev: should I get you also admitted here ……….and don’t think she was a rude little bit

Vicky: rude ………actually she was the one who was dealing with a rude patient

Dev: when was I rude

Vicky: she was checking you and you were not cooperating

Dev: and because of whom I got distracted

Vicky: sorry bhai but I was just helping you wouldn’t it be ruder if she got to know that the person whom her marriage is fixed doesn’t even know her yet

Dev: well you are right but it looks like she also didn’t know about me as her behavior changed after she got her mother’s phone

Vicky: wow well matched couple and I guess because of you only she couldn’t attend dinner

Dev: oh yeah I just totally forgot how did the dinner went

Vicky: well actually it was awkward as both you and bhabhi couldn’t make it dinner then buaji handle the situation and got the shagun ceremony done

Dev: waise I am surprised that maa knows I am in the hospital and she didn’t even came to meet me

Vicky: actually she came as soon as tina informed but when she saw that sona is your doctor she left happily so you guys won’t feel awkward because of her presence while talking to each other and most importantly she wanted you guys to spend a time alone that’s why she even took your phone and asked tina to take a day off

Dev: Oh that’s why ……………anyways just get the discharge procedure done now

Vicky: sure bhai

(And he leaves while dev just close the eyes to calm himself as it’s too much for him to digest and also remembers sona’s reaction. Scene change to sona’s cabin as soon as she enters she close the door and takes a deep breath and then starts walking from left to right)

Sona: sona sona what did you do ………’s all because of maa why didn’t she notify that he was admitted here if she got to know and that ele ki baachi just let me get home and you will be done ……………….what must be he thinking about me now and what would he think that I didn’t even recognize the person with whom my marriage got fixed yesterday

( some body knocks on the door which get sona backs on her sense and take her sit and let the person come in but to her surprise it’s Vicky )

Vicky: I am sorry to disturb you bhabhi actually bhai wanted to get discharge so I just came to ask if it’s okay for him

Sona: yeah but he has to take his meals and sleep properly and also regarding his medicines I wrote it in his file you can just check I just forgot to say at that as my mom called

Vicky: okay thanks

Sona: and yeah I couldn’t come to see off you guys as I have appointments hope you understand

Vicky: Yeah totally and anyways now we will be meeting soon only ……so bye

(Vicky leaves and sona make a cry face and hits herself with a file)

The epi ends here hope u guys loved it. Let me know that in the comment below.

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