An unforgettable beginning of an year: A TWINJ FS part-4

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Heyy Guys I am back with next part. Hope you all will like this. This is a bit short. Happy Reading!

Twinkle and Kunj goes back towards their room and before Twinkle leaves Kunj says

Kunj: Twinkle just think about what I said today

Twinkle: okay! This is the first time I said someone about my past and about my thoughts and specially to a guy who I know hardly 4-5 days ago

Kunj: cool na see I won’t misuse it too as I won’t stay with you forever so it’s better to say everything to a stranger rather than known person sometimes

Twinkle: haan chalo good night

Kunj: good night or haan please mujhe apne sapno mein dekhna baand karo mujhe raat mein bhi hiccups aate

Twinkle: you can’t change na … bye

Kunj: bye

They both leave and the time pass like both enjoying each other’s company and after 4-5 days they go back to Mumbai

( in the airport)

Twinkle: so it was nice meeting you Kunj

Kunj: same here and thank you for allowing me on your single all alone trip

Twinkle: your welcome

Kunj: waise can I get your number … aisa kuch nhi puchne wala because I know we will meet soon as we in Mumbai only

Twinkle: how come are that sure as till now before coming to Pune we never met staying Mumbai

Kunj: still I believe in destiny

Twinkle: let’s see ….. aacha I will come just in 2 mins okay

Kunj: okay

Twinkle leaves and Kunj gets a call from someone, Kunj on phone

Kunj: yes I am coming to Mumbai with her …… I didn’t said as I promised u …..maa how many times I told u not to call me chotu ( and Twinkle comes and hears that and laugh ) Kunj see Twinkle and says on call okay bye I will see in Mumbai .

Twinkle still laugh

Kunj: Twinkle it’s bad to laugh in someone’s nick name okay

Twinkle: waise u know there used to be some else too whose nickname was chotu and I used to laugh like this when his mom calls him in front of me and I used to tease him as his height was so good but still his mom call him and same goes with you see.. But now idk where is he as I last met him when I was 6 or 7 years old

Kunj to himself: yaadash badi aachi hai madam ki

Twinkle: did u said something

Kunj: no …. chalo it’s almost time to leave bye

Twinkle: bye

and both leaves to Mumbai and goes to each other’s home.

To be continued………

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