An unforgettable beginning of an year: A TWINJ FS part-5 (Last)

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Hello Guys I am back with next i.e. last part of story. Hope you all will like it. Happy reading!


Twinkle greets Nivedita

Nivi: so how was your trip

Twinkle: trip was good

Nivi: waise kya ab tum ready ho

Twinkle: (with a sigh) haan fine

Nivi: toh thik the guy and his family will come tomorrow morning

Twinkle: maa I just came back and u want me to meet him

Nivi: itni jaldi thodi bhulaya hai he is coming tomorrow morning

Twinkle: maa looks like u don’t love me and want me to send off soon

Nivi: Twinkle u know na I am just doing this because I want u to laugh happily from heart which u have closed and trust me this guy is good he is Ushaji’s son

Twinkle: fine maa

The next morning Twinkle was getting ready to meet and Nivi comes

Nivi: Twinkle what are you doing beta they all are waiting for you

Twinkle: yes maa just a minute and plzz calm yourself first, you woke up early and cooked everything for them that to just for a meeting it’s not even my wedding yet …….if you will take stress like this then I’ll say no

Nivi: Twinkle look I am your mother so isn’t it common for me ……..okay baba I’ll not take much stress so now let’s go plzz it doesn’t look good to keep them waiting this much

Twinkle: fine let’s go

(Twinkle and Nivi goes down and Twinkle sees only a lady and a man)

Nivi: Twinkle meet Usha ji and his husband Manohar Sarna, I hope you remember she is my friend too

Twinkle: yaa maa Namaste aunty …. Namaste uncle

Nivi: waise Usha ji woh …….

(And to Twinkle’s surprise Kunj take an entry and greets Nivi and smiles at Twinkle)

Kunj: kaha tha zarur milenge …..

Twinkle: (angrily) tum……aur matlab tumhe pata tha ke mera aur tumhara rishta hone waala hai isliye tumne kaha hum zarur milenge

Nivi: woh actually Twinkle ……I asked Kunj to….

Kunj: aunty let me explain woh Twinkle

Twinkle: matlab maa aapne bheja ……..oh isliye aap ne mujhe permission di kyuki aap isse bhej rahi thi……nd you what do you have to explain haan didn’t I told you that I hate liars

( and she walks upstairs to terrace and Kunj gives Nivi a sign of assurance to let him handle Twinkle and goes behind her …………Twinkle looks at other side and Kunj looking at back with a distance says)

Kunj: I am sorry Twinkle, I know you hate it but if I told you at that time then you would’ve comeback and scold me at that time only ……………………and most importantly I want to look after you as I promised Nivi maa and the other thing is I wanted us to understand each other without forcing ourselves to like and get marry ………………and thanks to that trip I got to know you and I think I have fallen for you…..

Twinkle: ……….

Kunj: Twinkle yaar I am sorry na ……please say something

(Twinkle starts laughing leaving Kunj shocked and turns back)

Twinkle: what did you thought I would forgive you …………….if I had not known this from starting na I would’ve seriously marry other guy

Kunj: matlab you know this from start then why did u not tell me and why did you do this drama

Twinkle: Ulta chor kotwal ko daante ……you were the one was doing a drama ……I just played along …….you guys thought I would not know you but since maa and Usha aunty are best friends they keep doing video calls one day I just randomly saw your pic since maa asked me to talk to her as she was doing some stuff ……looks like they too forget that thing or might’ve not known that I would’ve seen your pic which was hanging on the wall

Kunj: so u were just angry that I didn’t tell u about my identity I thought u were more upset about our marriage meet

Twinkle: who said I am not ……it’s just I was angry

Kunj: it means u knew this too……..Twinkle u na ……

Twinkle: at first I didn’t when I met u on new year’s night I just recognized u as Usha ji’s son chotu (and laughs saying it ) that’s why I thought to change resort if you recognized me and said maa regarding those pervert guys…..but you followed me at hotel I got suspicious of you but then I overheard your conversation with your mom at dinner.

(Flashback of their dinner where Twinkle goes to washroom and was coming back and over hears Kunj talking to Usha)

Kunj: maa I just don’t think it’s right too not to tell Twinkle who I am and mostly regarding our marriage meet

Usha: I know but just think if you guys can know each other before formal introduction won’t it be good waise tumlog abhi kahan ho

Kunj: haan mein uske saath hu and abhi woh……….{ he sees Twinkle } okay maa talk to u later .

(End of flashback)

Twinkle: I got angry at that time and thought to make you run away from here …..but then seeing your guilt from hiding the fact on your face and mostly importantly I understood why maa was so calm while sending me to pune …… I thought to tell you how I feel about marriage …….. And then by then end of the trip (looking to him lovingly in his eyes) I was fallen for u too

(They both hug each other)

Twinkle: trust me Kunj it’s hard for me to trust you and specially when you were lying and if I had not known everything na I would’ve not forgive and would’ve marry someone else

Kunj: waise I am sorry for hiding I just promised them so……and yeah you are booked with me for this life and I’ll make sure in all life time….. So don’t say you will get marry to someone else.

Twinkle: okay baba

Kunj: chale neeche tumne sabko tension mein daal dia tha .

(Few years later)

Teen girl: mom was your favorite new year memory

Twinkle: meeting your dad Meera

Meera: you met him on new years

Twinkle: actually we know each other since childhood since your granny’s are best friend but we actually saw each other after ages and it was too filmy as he was saving me from pervert guys and ….

Kunj: and your mom fell in love with me as a heroine falls in love while watching hero fighting

Twinkle: Kunj as I guess u don’t remember but you didn’t fight with them instead you just make me run away such far that we got lost in jungle…

(Meera started laughing hearing that)

Kunj: humari beti ke saamne bolne zaruri tha kya (with a frown face)

Twinkle: aacha baba sorry ……………. Aur ab tum nhi mane toh (Twinkle asking Meera to tickle from other side by signaling and they both tickles him and the trio laughs)


Thanks to all of you (Presha, Melody, Aashin, Yashika, Krisha, Twinj Fan, Ariya Ruhi, Sia Singh) for your precious comments.

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