Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 1

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Scene 1
Place: Ahmedabad
Nirmal Jyothi Society

Two girls are getting ready for college.

Anand comes and calls as Naina and Preethi…
The girls hug him.

Anand: Take this prasad. All the best for your exams.
Bela comes…
Bela: All the best. Come home after writing exams.

Preethi: Ok mummy.
Beena: Don’t pamper these girls much. How many exams do you have?
Naina: 5 exams taiji.
Beena: Bela, I will give our girls photos to matchmakers. They will find good alliance for them both.
Naina and Preethi are shocked.
Bela: But bhabiji, they are kids.
Beena: They are not kids. Their college is going to over. They are 20-year-old girls. Even Pooja got married at this age. Then why can’t these?

Rakesh: Let them do higher studies. Be broad-minded.

(Here Rakesh’s character is same as his Mumbai days. Supportive to Naina.)
Beena gets angry.
Anand: Stop your fight. Let them go and write exam peacefully. Coming to their wedding, I’m not agreeing in it. Let them get successful in their life.
Preethi and Naina smiles. They get blessings from Bela, Anand and Rakesh. They bend to get blessing from Taiji but she goes.
Preethi and Naina leaves to college waving bye to Arjun.
They come to college with Swathi and Kamya. They check the seating arrangement. They get shocked to see all of their exam halls are different.
Preethi: Oh no, how will I ask answer now?

Naina: Preethi, I ask you to study more to face these challenges. But you won’t listen to me.
Preethi: Oh, you are a topper. You can study. But me…
Swathi: Where are the boys? Naina call Sameer. Munna is not picking my phone. I’m worried if they studied or not.

Naina calls Sameer.
Naina: Hello Sameer, where are you?
Sameer: Turn back madam.
She turns back and see Sameer standing.

Yeh un dinon ke baat hai plays….
(According to my story, samaina is living in this era. But I chose this song since I love this bgm)
Naina: You guys studied right? Because exam halls are different.
Pandit: What???? Munna how will we exchange bits?

The girls get shocked.
Swathi: Munna, this means you didn’t study.
(Munna and Swathi are in love)
Munna: No swathi, he is lying…
But Munna also worries what to do…
Swathi drags him and starts to scold…
The girls laugh…
Naina: Sameer, I told you to study right?
Sameer: Don’t worry…I have my nanu’s wealth. I will take care of you. You relax.

Naina: Sameer, how many times I tell you? Create an identity for yourself. Don’t live in other’s shadow.
Sameer: Naina stop…I have studied and will pass in exam. You chill. Don’t get tense before writing exam.
Kamya: Ok listen, after exam everyone assemble in Red Roses cafe.
Naina nods and wishes everyone all the best. Others also wish each other and leave for their respective rooms.
The exam starts. Naina writes exam happily as the paper was easy. Munna and Pandit don’t know any answer and they start to draw in answer sheet. Kamya and swathi writes well. Preethi thinks she will pass the exam. Sameer thinks of Naina’s words and writes the exam.
After 2 hrs,
Staff at Munna and Pandit’s room.
Staff: Completed students can leave the hall.
Munna and Pandit leave. They come out and hug each other.
Munna: I was scared that whether you will write the exam.

Pandit: What bakwaas you are talking. How will I write without learning?
They laugh and go to café. They wait for others to join.
After 30min, Sameer and Preethi come.
Munna: Sameer will you get pass?
Preethi: He should pass orelse my sister will trash him.

Sameer pinches Preethi. Munna cracks joke on it.
They have fun.
After 20 min, Swathi and Kamya come discussing the answers.
Pandit: Arey, stop discussing.
Swathi: Munna how did you write?
Munna: I will pass swathi. I will score more marks than Naina.

Everyone laughs at him…
Pandit and Sameer make fun of him.
Swathi: It’s time, right? What Naina is doing this much time?
Naina: I’m here. How did everyone write?
Swathi and Kamya: Good.
Preethi and Sameer: We think we will pass.
Naina: Jejaji and Sali sahib is making goals it seems.
Munna and Pandit: We think we will fail.
All laughs.
Swathi and Naina: Munna, Pandit start studying.
Munna: Enough of exam talks. Sameer lets order something. We are hungry.

They eat and have fun!!!
Scene 2
Place: Rajkot
Varsha and Rajshri sits discussing about guests list.

Rajshri: Varsha did you write all our guest names.
Varsha: Yes ma, you check for once.
Rajshri: Did you add Sameer and Vishaka?
Varsha: But ma, will Vishaka come? And Sameer is young too.
Rajshri: We will invite Vishaka’s brother too. Vishaka’s dad is very close to my father-in-law. Though they are cousins, he always treats him as his own brother. So, we should invite them. And Sameer is very fond of Kuhu and Mishti. How will he miss his pyaari kuhu’s wedding?
Varsha: Ok ma, I’ll add.
Abir comes with a veiled woman…
Abir: Good morning beauties.

Varsha and Rajshri gets happy seeing Abir.
Mishti comes down and gets happy seeing Abir. Abir also sees Mishti. But Mishti acts as if she has work and turns opposite side. But she hears their talk.

Abir get blessings from them.
Varsha: You and Mishti are responsible for this wedding. Without you both, this relation would not have happened and Kuhu-Kunal’s love would have not joined.
Abir: Even I’m planning for a second relation with your family. But someone is not even understanding.
Varsha and Rajshri look at each other and smiles.

Mishti also smiles hearing this.

Rajshri: Our Mishti won’t accept anything that easily. Try hard.
Abir: Badima, how do you know?
Varsha: We know everything. And who is this woman?
Abir: Ma has sent her to keep kala tika for kuhu.
Rajshri: It’s a good thing. Kuhu is in her room. Go and meet her.
Varsha sees Mishti.
Varsha: Mishti, take them to Kuhu.
Mishti: Ok aunty.
They go with Mishti.
Mishti and Abir have an eyelock.

Dheere Dheere plays!!!
They go to kuhu. Kuhu sits angrily.

Kuhu: Abir bro, tell this to your brother Kunal. Me and my kuhuness are angry with him.

Abir: Acha, you can tell him directly.
Kuhu: He is not picking my call nor texting me.
Mishti: But you can tell him now.
Kuhu: How?
Kunal removes veil and surprises Kuhu. She gets happy.

Kuhu: You all planned this for me? So sweet.

Mishti: Ah what to do? You kept on venting anger on me. So, I spoke to Kunal and Abir.

Kuhu: Aww…You are my sweet sister. I will miss you after wedding.

Abir: If someone accepts, then you need not to miss her.
Mishti feels shy.
Mishti: I have some work. Let them talk for a while.
Mishti leaves. Abir goes to attend a call…
Kunal and Kuhu hug each other.
Kuhu: I missed you a lot.
Kunal: Kuhu, we are not supposed to meet before wedding. Love me as much as you can in 5 minutes. We need to leave.

Kuhu: This is not fair.
Kunal and Kuhu have nok jhok and enjoy!!!
Scene 3
Place: Patiala
Babita: Mini, wake up soon. Rani, feed Arya and leave her to bus stop. I have an important work at restaurant. This girl is not waking up at all.

Hanuman: Arey why are you shouting at this early morning?

Babita: Look at your veer balika, she is not wake up yet.
Hanuman: She will wake. Did her coffee is ready?
Arya: No papa, veer balika’s coffee is not yet ready. Mama, first you prepare and then wake her. Don’t scold her.

Mini: I came. Love you chutanki for saving me always.

Arya: You are my veer Balika…
Mini and Arya hug.
Hanuman and Babita smile seeing them.

Nayeem Bi and Neil come there.

Babita: Neil, thank god you came. Beta, we have got a big order for a wedding. We need to go to Rajkot.
Mini: But babes, who will take care here?

Neil: You don’t worry Mini madam; we will temporarily hire some more service men for Rajkot. Here, Gita aunty will take care.
Mini: Ok then. Fine.
Babita: I have to go to market to buy some stuff. So, I’m taking scooty. Mini you come with Neil.
Mini: Babes. I won’t come with Neil.

Neil: Yes madam, even I won’t pick her up.
Arya smiles seeing their fight.
Mini: Chutanki, stop laughing. Rani di, it’s time for school. Leave quickly.
Arya waves bye to everyone and leaves.
Babita and Hanuman goes discussing something.
Neil and Mini look at each other and have an eyelock!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

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