Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 12

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Scene 1

Shefali’s NO

Shefali: What are you blabbering Arjun?

Arjun: Shefali, my love is true. I fell for you at the moment I saw you.

Shefali: I don’t believe in love at first sight Arjun. Please go from here. I’m more focussed towards my career. I don’t have time for this love.

Arjun: I’ll be supportive Shefali. Please trust me.

Shefali: Please Arjun, try to understand me. We belong to a rich wealthy joint family. But after my dad’s death, my relatives threw me and mom out. So, we came here. I need to work hard to show them who we are. And also understand, your family won’t agree for this relationship. I know about your family. They are very conservative. So please leave. It’s better that we don’t see each other. Please go.

Shefali doesn’t leave Arjun a chance to talk. She drags him out and closes the door. Preeti and Naina go to their home. Arjun too comes and go to his room angrily.

Preeti: Naina, I’m worried about Arjun bhai. I feel pity for him.

Naina: I’m scared of papa. What will he tell?

Preeti: They accepted Sameer nah. so, I hope they’ll accept Shefali too.

Naina: She is Christian Preeti. How will they accept?

Preeti: Only god can save them. But I feel Arjun bhai’s love as a true one.

Just then Sameer call Naina.

Naina: Yes, Sameer tell me?

Sameer: Are you tensed?

Naina: Yes. How did you know?

Sameer: I can sense everything from your tone itself. Come on, tell me what happened?

Naina tells about Arjun and Shefali.

Sameer: Arjun bhai know about love too? It’s great.

Naina: Don’t play Sameer.

Sameer laughs….

Sameer: Acha, today is karva Chauth. Are you keeping fast for me?

Naina: I ate a heavy breakfast just now.

Sameer: Very mean.

Naina: Yes. When are you coming?

Sameer: I will reach there at 8pm. I will come downstairs. You come to balcony after my call.

Naina: Fine. Which flight are you coming?

Sameer tells the flight name and disconnects seeing Vishaka.

Vishaka: Sameer, do you need to go?

Sameer: Yes ma, I have work.

Vishaka: what work? Seeing that low class girl?

Sameer: Her name is Naina. They too are from dignified family.

Vishaka: You started to argue with your mom itself now.

Sameer: It’s just my way of making people understand.

They fight. Rajshri comes.

Rajshri: Vishaka, I got to know about Naina. She is beautiful, intelligent…

Vishaka: But she is not upto our status.

Rajshri: Vishaka, why are you carrying a title card of status. After bhaisab approved, why are you being hinderance to them? Give her a chance atleast for me.

Vishaka: I’m no where in this. I won’t agree for this relationship. I won’t come to Ahmedabad here after.

Sameer: Please don’t come. Stay in Delhi with your husband and family.

Vishaka: Sameer you are my son.

Sameer: Did that son didn’t matter to you when you got married for second time? You left me and went. My nannu is everything for me. He approved Naina. So, I don’t need anyone’s approval. I’m leaving now.

He seeks blessings from Rajshri and leaves ignoring Vishaka.

Vishaka: See you supported her but she separated me from my son even before marriage.

Rajshri: She didn’t separate. You got separated due to your adamant nature.

Rajshri goes. Vishaka thinks!!!

Scene 2

Mishti and Abir come in. Meenakshi sees them together and thinks their pair is nice.

Meenakshi: Mishti, you came in this early morning? Now only, I spoke with Rajshri regarding pagphere ritual.

Mishti: Aunty, I came to give this puja thread to Kuhu. Where is she?

Meenakshi: Today is Karva Chauth, she woke up early and ate along with us. Now she is resting. She is so tired.

Mishti: It’s ok aunty. Could you please give this to her?

Meenakshi: Sure Mishti.

Neha come there with bags.

Meenakshi sees Abir too with bags.

Meenakshi: Where are you people leaving?

Abir: Ma, we are going to meet a lawyer named Zoya regarding Neil’s case.

Neil comes.

Meenakshi: Who are all going? Do you need any help?

Neha: No aunty. We just need your blessings. Me, Neil, Abir and Mishti are going.

Meenakshi: Mishti too?

Mishti: Yes aunty, I know Zoya well.

Meenakshi: Ok be safe. If you need any help, please call me. I wish Neil’s life gets better.

Four of them turn to leave.

Kuhu: Will you go before saying bye to me?

Mishti turns and runs to hug Kuhu.

Kuhu: Tomorrow when I’m coming there, you won’t be there. I will miss you.

Mishti: I already miss you my weird doll.

They both hug and share a bond.

Kuhu and Kunal bids bye to all four of them.

Rajshri: Varsha, Meenakshi told that she will send Kuhu and Kunal tomorrow as today is Karva Chauth.

Varsha: Ok ma. I will make arrangements for eve’s pooja.

Scene 2

Later at eve, Babita and Mini reach Patiala.

Arya hugs Babita. Hanuman and arya see mini lost in thoughts.

Arya (shouts): Veer Balika???????

Mini come into her senses and hugs Arya and Hanuman.

Mini: Congratulations Hanuman uncle for becoming dad once again.

Babita and Hanuman feel shy.

Arya: What is happening?

Mini: Chutanki, we are going to have a little brother or sister in our home very soon.

Arya: Really????

Mini: Yes….

They both happily hug.

Hanuman: Babita, today is Karva Chauth. Are you fasting?

Babita: Yes. I’m fasting from morning.

Mini: Babes, you didn’t tell me? It’s wrong to keep fasting at this time. You are pregnant.

Babita: Mini, I kept fasting when you and Arya in my womb. Nothing happened. Don’t worry.

She and Hanuman goes.

Babita: Hanuman ji, Neil went to solve his personal issue.

Hanuman: I just wish everything gets settled soon. Does Mini know about this?

Babita: Please don’t ask me anything now. Mini will talk to you later.

Hanuman: About?

Babita: She will itself tell that to you.

Babita leaves. Hanuman is puzzled.

Arya: Veer Balika, where is Neil?

Mini: He will come soon.

Arya: I need to talk to him. Please do a video call.

Mini does.

Arya: Hi neil.

Neil: Hello chotti madam, how are you?

Arya: I’m fine. I just wanted to see your face. I saw. Now you both romance bye.

Mini: Chutanki…

Arya goes.

Neil: Mini, does everyone knows?

Mini: No, she is making fun of us. Did you reach?

Neil: No, it will take time.

Mini: Acha…

Neil: Thank you Mini for being so understanding.

Mini: You are boring.

Neil: Wait, Am I boring?

Mini: Yes, a boring boyfriend.

Neil: You are becoming naughty now a days.

They both continue to talk with each other!!!

Abir, Neha and Mishti see him and smile.

They travel in a car. Abir drives.

Mishti and Neha are in backseat.

Mishti: This is such a nice place, right?

Neha: Yes, it looks so romantic.

Mishti and Neha chit chat for long time. Abir sees their bond and feels happy.

After sometime, Neil disconnects the call.

Neha makes fun of him. Neil blushes.

Abir: Look at this rare sight. My friend is blushing.

Neha: Neil, your face is glowing so much.

Mishti: That’s the power of a right partner.

Neha: Yeah, I agree with you. I’m hungry.

Abir: Even I’m hungry. But I don’t find any hotel or dhaba here.

They see a small dhaba and go to eat.

Mishti slips. Abir holds her.

Neha and Neil seeing them, go in.

Abir: Careful Mishti.

Mishti: Why I need to be careful when you are around me?

Abir: I will take care of you always.

Abir and Mishti smiles. Abir kisses her forehead. He takes her in.

After eating, they continue their journey.

Scene 3

Rajvansh family celebrates Karva Chauth.

Kunal makes Kuhu drink water and end fasting. Kuhu too make Kunal to drink.

Kuhu: Are you shocked? I know that you are fasting too.

Kunal: How?

Kuhu: I’m your wife Kunal. Better half. I know everything about you.

Ek dil hai plays!!!

Kunal and Kuhu later feed each other.

Kunal gifts her. She happily hugs him.

Maheshwari family, Babita- Hanuman and Agarwal family too celebrate Karva Chauth.

Arjun sees Shefali sadly.

Naina keep on looking the time and phone.

Preeti: Wait, he will come. Why are you tensed?

Naina: I don’t know why. But my heart says something wrong is going to happen.

Preeti: Nothing will happen. Don’t worry.

Scene 4

Mishti, Neha, Abir and Neil reach Zoya’s office.

Mishti and Neha tell that they have an appointment with Zoya to the receptionist.

Zoya: Mishti, Neha?

They turn and see Zoya.

(Zoya is Jennifer from Bepannah)

They happily hug each other.

Neha introduces Abir and Neil. She greets them.

They go in and talk about the case.

Zoya: Neil, the case is strong on your side. But we need the child’s consent. If she says no, then it will be difficult for us.

Neil: I hope she says yes. But she doesn’t know me at all.

Zoya: we have to prove that Isha is having an illegal affair.

Abir: We have proof for that.

Zoya: It’s good then. We will start the proceedings tomorrow. Now come, let’s go home. You are my friends. You should stay with me.

They go to her house.

At night, Zoya stands staring a window.

Neha comes.

Neha: Zoya, are you fine?

Zoya: Yeah. But sometimes, I go to my past and starts to dwell it.

Neha console Zoya.

Abir sees this and goes to Mishti.

Abir: Mishti, what is zoya’s past?

Mishti: Zoya’s husband had an affair with a woman and they both died together in an accident. That woman is also married. Her husband is my cousin from my mom’s side.

Abir: Does Zoya know that he is your cousin?

Mishti: No. Actually, I’m not keeping any relations with my mom’s family. His name is Adithya. He is my mom’s own sister’s son. I’m just keeping in touch with him without the knowledge of family. Actually, we were very close at childhood. I always regard him as my own elder brother. He is too good. Even Zoya is good. I came here to make them together. They were good friends. Both solved the mystery behind the accident but they both got separated when Adi bhai proposed her.

Abir: So, you have your own mission here.

Mishti: Yes.

They laugh and goes.

Scene 5

Naina and family watch news.

Naina sees time. It is 8:30 pm. She starts worrying. Just then she sees a news stating that the flight from Rajkot has met with an accident and all passengers have died. Naina shouts no!!!!

The family gets shocked seeing her condition!!!!

Naina faints!!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!



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