Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 2

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Scene 1
Place: Patiala

Hanuman comes up and sees Mini-Neil having an eyelock. He makes noise so that they come to their senses.

Mini: Hanuman uncle, did babes leave?
Hanuman: Yes. You come with me. I’ll leave you at restaurant.

Mini sees Neil.
Hanuman: Why are you looking at him? Go down. I’ll come.
Mini feels a change in Hanuman’s usual behaviour. She goes.
Hanuman: Neil, I know you bond with Mini as she is your boss. But I would like to tell you that it will be good if it continues to be a boss-employee relationship.
Neil: No sir. You are misunderstanding me. There is nothing between us.

Hanuman: Everything will start as nothing only. I know your past. Even I had a similar past, so I know what Babita is going through that. I don’t want Mini to undergo similar things. She has seen a lot already. Atleast hereafter let her live a peaceful life. I hope you will understand.
Neil nods!!!
Hanuman goes.
After sometime,
Preet and Mini pack things.

Preet: Mini, now a days you are talking about Neil a lot. Are you having any feelings for him?
Mini: No, why would I have feelings for him? He is an employee in our restaurant. And babes like him a lot. He was homeless. So, she gave him a shelter. That’s all. Don’t overthink yar.

Preet: Ok fine madam. But I feel something will happen in this trip to Rajkot.
Mini: What?

Preet: Some naughty things.
She laughs.
Arya hears this and smiles.

She goes to Neil room.
Arya: Neil, did you pack everything?
Neil: Yes, choti madam. Did you come to help me?

Arya: Yes. But not for packing. Actually, I came to talk about Veer Balika.
Neil: About her?
Arya: Yes.
Neil: What?
Arya: Take care of her in Rajkot like a hero. She is your heroine.

Neil gets surprised.
Arya laughs.
Babita and Hanuman come.

Babita calls Mini.
Mini and Preet too come.
Babita: Mini and Neil, I cannot come to Rajkot.

Mini gets shocked.
Mini: Why?
Babita: We got a huge order here. So, I will take care here. You both go to Rajkot. I told the temporary servants too. They will help you. I trust in Neil. His food will be more delicious.
Neil sees Hanuman.
Hanuman nods ok.

Mini: Babes, it will be very difficult for me to stay with Neil alone. I cannot go. Let Neil stay here. We both will go to Rajkot. Also, we have time for wedding nah? We will go during wedding. We have 10 days.

Neil: Mini madam, caterers won’t go to attend wedding. They go to serve in wedding.

Arya and Preet laughs. Neil too make fun of her.
Babita: No Mini, the guests here have ordered authentic ancient Patiala dishes. Neil will find it difficult as he is from Delhi. So, go with him. And he is right. The guests will come days before the wedding. So, we need to cook for them too. They need us.
Neil agrees.
He smiles seeing Mini…
Hanuman: Let preet and Bobby go with Mini. So that she also won’t feel alone.
Preet agrees.

Preet leaves to pack her things.
Arya: Take care of heroine.

She and Neil hug each other…
Scene 2
Place: Ahmedabad

Naina and Preeti come home.
Bela: How did you write exam?

Naina: Good chachiji.
Bela: Why are you silent preeti?
Preeti: Yeah good.
Anand comes and gives Naina CA application form.
Anand: Naina, fill this form and give me. I will post it. Also, I have seen classes in Mumbai. There coaching will be good.
Preeti and Bela scream in excitement hearing Mumbai.

Preeti: Wow Naina, its Mumbai. Our dream city.
Bela: Yes, even you can see Madhuri.
Beena: This is good. Excellent. Bela, is this the way of running a family? You itself screaming, then these girls will get spoiled only. No need to go to Mumbai and all. Let her study household chores. She should excel in her MIL-house. Only then, Agarwal’s family name will get high.

Anand: Bhabiji, there is a lot of time for that. Naina will do C.A. That’s final.

Naina and Preeti go to their room.
Preeti: Why are you sad?

Naina: I will miss Sameer and everyone of you if I go to Mumbai.
Preeti: Naina, we have to undergo this phase. This is our next step. Kamya’s parents are finding alliance for her. So, everyone will get separated. Look, you are going to Mumbai to pursue your C.A dreams. Tell Sameer he will understand.
Naina calls Sameer.

Sameer: Naina, I have good news for you. You know kuhu right. My sister. She is going to get married. Me and the whole family are leaving after 5 days. Our exams also will get over. I’m very happy.
Naina listening to his excitement remains silent. She does not tell about Mumbai plan.
Naina: Ok Sameer. Study now. We will see tomorrow.
Preeti: This is not fair. Atleast tell him tomorrow.
Rakesh: What to tell? And whom to tell?

Preeti and Naina are shocked.
Naina: Papa, it’s about…
Preeti: Tauji, we need to tell about difficulty of question paper to our sir. We were discussing about that.
Rakesh: Arey leave your exam topics. Look here, what I have brought for you. Have these golgappas.
Naina and Preeti hug rakesh.
Scene 3
Place: Rajkot

Meenakshi sees Abir and Kunal coming home together.
Meenakshi: Kunal, where you went? You are not allowed to go out.

Abir: Ma, we went to invite some of our friends.

Meenakshi: Ok, now you go and rest.
They both go.
Mishti calls Abir.
Mishti: Abir, I need your help?
Abir: I know. You will call me only if you need some help.
Mishti: Very funny. I will send you a mom and daughter. I rescued them form their bad guardian. Please admit them into your NGO.

Abir: Ok send them.
Mishti: Thanks…
Abir ends the call.
Kuhu: Mishti, when are you going to tell your love to Abir?

Mishti: After sometime. This is a good feel.
Kuhu: I feel pity for him.

Kunal: Bhai, I feel mishti has some feelings for you. She finds excuses to call you everyday.
Abir: Even I feel the same. Let’s see what she is upto.

Abir and Mishti think of each other!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!
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