Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 3

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Hello everyone!!!!
I think this ff of mine doesn’t fascinate anyone except few. So sorry for that. I had planned this ff to be a long one but due to very less response, I’m planning to end it soon. I’m planning to concentrate on one pair as I don’t find enough responses. Amidst of my hectic schedule, I’m updating this ff with all the pics. It takes me lot of time and work. So, please do leave your opinion about this ff in comments. You can also mention your favorite pair.
Scene 1
Place: Rajkot

Rajshri: Mishti, do you need to go now?
Kuhu: I’m angry on you Mishti.
Varsha: Mishti, no need of going now. You can go there after Kuhu’s wedding.

Mishti: I understand all your worries. But trust me, I will come tomorrow itself.
Kuhu: This is not fair.

Mishti: Oh, my sweet sister, I will come tomorrow. Why are you shedding tears as if I’m doing my bidaai.

Kuhu: Ok, I’ll be waiting for you. Take care. Come soon.
Mishti and Kuhu hug each other.

Mishti bids good bye and leaves.
Mishti goes to a fest with her NGO children and caretakers. The fest is for orphan kids.
Mishti to caretaker: You go with children and wait in the hall. I will fill the applications and will get our room key.
They go.
Abir comes there.
Abir: Hello Madam.

Mishti: Abir…You here?
Abir: Even my NGO is also participating, so I came. How did Kuhu leave you to come?
Mishti: There were so much drama. And how did you come?

Abir: Same…drama….
They both laugh!!!!
They fill the form and get their room keys.
Mishti: Ok Abir, I will see you at eve.
Abir: Bye Mishti.
At eve…
Mishti and Abir come with their respective groups. The kids go to attend dance competition. It begins!!!
Mishti and Abir see each other… They have an eyelock.
Dheere Dheere plays!!!!!
They both imagine themselves dancing with each other.

After the dance completes, Mishti’s NGO children pat her. She come to senses and smiles. Abir too smiles seeing Mishti.
Abir (to innerself): I know Mishti, you love me a lot. I’m waiting for your confession.
He goes.
Kuhu and Kunal go to a restaurant.

Their friends surprise them….
Kuhu-Kunal get happy.
Kuhu: Thank you guys. This is so special.

Kunal: Yes. It matters really a lot.
Kuhu: Guys, one info. Please don’t update any pics on social media. We have come here without the knowledge of our families. They are very strict and have forbidden us to not to meet each other.

Friend1: Its rare as the social media queen instructs us not to upload.
All laughs!!!!
They sit and have a talk.
Friend2: We are very happy for you as your love got succeeded without any hurdles.
Kunal: For this we have to thank Mishti and Abir. Without them, this would have happened. They convinced our families.
Friend 3: But Kunal, I feel pity for you. We cannot handle Kuhu even for little time. But you going to handle her for lifetime.
Kunal smiles.

Kuhu: That’s why I fell in love with him.
They have their chit chat going on!!!!
Scene 2
Place: Patiala

Mini bids good bye to Hanuman, Babita and Arya.
Babita: Mini, I will come during wedding.

Mini: I’ll be waiting for you babes. Take care.
Mini, Neil, Preet and Bobby leaves.
(Bobby is Preet’s brother, Mini’s best friend. He has a one side love for Mini)
They board train.
Preet: I’m excited Mini. We are going for a trip alone.
Mini: Yeah, I too Preet.

Preet and Mini hug.
Bobby: Where are you going alone? Even we too are here.
Mini: Bobby, you know what, me and Preet had planned a trip. But we couldn’t go.
Neil be busy in looking at dishes. Mini looks at him.
Mini: Ok, Let’s play something. It will take time to reach Rajkot.
Preet: Let’s play Dumsharads.
Bobby: Yeah ok!!!
Mini: Neil, what are you doing? Come and join with us.
Neil: No, you all play. I have work.
Mini teases him.
Mini: I know you don’t have any work. The thing is you don’t know to play. So, you are making fake excuses.

Neil: Oh Madam, I know to play. Come let’s play.
Preet: Ok let’s start. Mini, I will tell you the movie name. You act. Let the boys find.
She tells her movie name.
Mini acts.
She touches her heart.
Bobby: dress…
Neil observes her keenly.
Mini shows heart in hand.
Neil: Dil Bechara
Mini and Neil gives hi-fi. Bobby sees them and feels.

Preet looks at Bobby.
Neil and Mini have an eyelock.

They continue to play!!!!
Scene 3
Place: Ahmedabad

The girls and boys after completing exam settle in Red Roses Café.

Naina: I need to tell something.

Munna: What?
Naina: Sameer, I thought you to tell yesterday itself. But you were so happily told me about your sister’s wedding. So, I decided not to spoil your mood.
Sameer: What happened? Is there any problem?
Naina: Chachaji got me application of CA coaching center in Mumbai. Probably after exams, I need to go to Mumbai.
Sameer gets shocked at first and then…
Sameer: This is a very good news. Why didn’t you tell me yesterday itself?

Naina and Preeti look each other puzzled.

Preeti: Naina was scared.
Sameer: Naina, how can you think of me like that? I’m not a person who suppresses the dreams of his partner. We all knew how much knowledge you have and why you came to this grade B college when you had seat at grade A college. Listen to me, I’m always proud of you Naina. I respect you a lot. I don’t want you to be my slave. You should be independent. I love you a lot. At the same time, I want you to create an identity of your own. Don’t worry about me. I will come to Mumbai to see you.

Naina: Thanks Sameer.
Naina smiles holding Sameer’s hand.

All the friends happily look at them.

!!!To be Continued!!!
Signing off,

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