Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 4

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Scene 1
At the fest, next morning.
Mishti comes searching for Abir. She calls his mobile, but it is switched off.

The caretaker of NGO comes.
Caretaker: Mam, shall we leave now?
Mishti: Yeah, but I’m looking for Abir to bid good bye. He is nowhere seen.
Mishti suddenly sees Abir’s NGO members. She goes and enquires them about him. They tell her that he left soon.
Mishti is disappointed upon hearing this.
Then Mishti also leaves.
She come to home.
All welcome her.
Kuhu notices her dull face.
She takes Mishti to their room and enquires her.
Kuhu: What happened? Why is your face so dull?

Mishti: You know that I love Abir right? I planned to tell him after your wedding. But now I feel Abir is avoiding me.
Kuhu: Why do you feel in such a way?
Mishti tells the incidents.
Kuhu: Maybe, Meenakshi aunty would have called him and asked to come soon. And phone battery might be dead. So, he would not have informed you.
Mishti: Still….
Kuhu: What still? Come and get ready. There is a puja organized for me and Kunal by Meenakshi aunty in their ancestral temple. You meet your hero there.

Mishti gets happy.
She gets ready and go to the temple.
Meenakshi sits lost. Parul comes and see her.

Parul: Why are you sad? You should be happy as Kunal is getting married.
Meenakshi: But he is not marrying a girl I wish for. Kuhu is an illegimate heir of Maheshwari family.
Parul: Why are you speaking like this? Kuhu is a sweet girl.
Meenakshi: Yes, she is a well-mannered girl but still her birth haunts me. I agreed only for the sake of Kunal. But look at Abir. He loves Mishti. Everyone knows this. But I can’t accept Mishti. She is from a broken family. She has that broken family’s blood. I have a fear if she breaks us?

Parul: Don’t speak or think like this. Kuhu and Mishti are well-mannered and good girls. They are coming so please change your mood and bless the children.
Maheshwari family comes.
All exchange greetings. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu but she ignores Mishti and goes. Abir comes. Mishti tells him hi. But he wishes Kuhu and goes. Mishti gets angry.

Kunal notices Mishti and Abir.

Kunal: Bhai, are you ok? Why are you ignoring Mishti?
Abir: I’m doing this to make her realize that she loves me.
Kunal: But we know that she loves you.
Abir: We don’t know exactly. It is just a guess. Let me play this game with her. It is fun to make her angry. She is my angry chorni.

Mishti talk with Kuhu.
Mishti: I won’t talk with him. I’m angry.

Kuhu laughs seeing her.
The elders call them.
Kuhu and Kunal does the puja.

They both pray for their life long happiness.
After completing rituals,
Nidhi: I’m bored. Let’s dance.
Meenakshi stares her.

Nidhi makes excuse and goes.
Mishti: This is a good idea. Come on Kuhu, let’s dance.
Mishti and Kuhu dance!!!

Abir and Kunal joins them!!!!
Mishti-Abir and Kunal-Kuhu have an eyelock!!!

Dheere Dheere plays!!!!
After the song,
Meenakshi: Let’s go home. It’s time already. We have a lot of preparations.
All agrees and leaves. Now also Abir ignores Mishti. She feels sad as well as angry.

Scene 2
Mini,Preet,Bobby and Neil reach Rajkot.
The catering people call them.
Mini: Bobby and Neil, you both come with catering people. I have given the address to them. Me and Preet will go to that house first and will arrange things.
Neil and Bobby agree.
Mini and Preet go to Meenakshi’s house.
Preet: Mini, this is like a palace. Such a big house. I’m sure the wedding will be fun.
Mini: Yes. I too think the same.
She goes in and meets the family.
Mini: I’m Mini Babita from Patiala Babes restaurant.

Meenakshi: Did Babita has not come?
Mini: She will join us shortly mam. We have our head chef Neil with us. So, no problem.
Abir, Kunal and Meenakshi gets shocked hearing Neil.

Abir: It is Neil Oberoi?
Mini: Yes.
Abir: Kunal and Ma, finally my Neil has come to me.

Meenakshi and Kunal smiles.
Meenakshi: Parul, show them the rooms. You all rest. We will finalize the menu at eve. Haldi ceremony is after 4 days. But the guests will start arriving here from tomorrow. So, you have to start cooking from tomorrow.
Mini: Ok mam.
Mini and Preet go with Parul.
Mini: Preet, did you notice? They were so happy hearing Neil. Did he know these people? Who is he actually?

Preet: Even I’m confused Mini. Let’s see.
Meenakshi: I feel pity for Neil. One mistake has completely changed his life.

Abir: It was an accident.
Meenakshi: No Abir. It is a mistake. So only I’m protecting you both from all these things. Please don’t do this mistake. Kunal did the same. But I’m here to protect him. Abir, you please don’t do that.
Abir stands still.
Neil comes and sees the house.
Neil gets shocked.

Neil (to himself): Oh no. Mini shouldn’t know about my past. What to do? How to hide from Abir?
Abir comes out and looks at Neil.

He gets happy and hug him.
Mini, Preet and Bobby are shocked.
Meenakshi also comes out. Neil seeks blessings from her.
Neil: I have a request Abir. Please don’t reveal my identity before anyone.
Bobby couldn’t hear anything as he stands little behind than Neil.
Meenakshi: But Neil, why are you doing this? You can go back to your original life na?
Neil: Aunty, I’m living like this only for my self – peace. I’m not ready to attach to any relations now.

Mini come there.
Mini: Mam, he is our head chef Neil.
Meenakshi: We know him.
Mini gets surprised.

Neil nods no to her.
Abir: Actually, he worked in our house before.
Mini: Oh ok.
Abir and Meenakshi goes.
Mini looks at Neil suspiciously.
Neil: Why are you staring at me?

Mini: You are hiding something? Fine no need to tell me.
While going, she slips.
Neil holds!!!!
Neil to him: I’m keeping mum to hold you like this for lifelong.
They both have an eyelock.

Preet calls Mini. She goes!!!!
Scene 3
Place: Ahmedabad
At Red Roses café.
Naina (sad tone): Only 2 exams are left still.
Munna and Pandit yell: Only 2 exams left!!!!!
The girls feel sad.

Sameer: Munna and Pandit stop this. The girls feel sad as they cannot meet after that.
Munna: Why? We will go outings.
Naina: The rest of the world is getting modernized but our Ahmedabad still be at same position. Same conservative family rules. We will miss you guys a lot.

Kamya: Yes, atleast we girls will meet by going to each other’s home. But boys and girls can’t meet.
Munna: We will talk in video call daily. Don’t worry.

They have some good time.
After 2 days, their last exam. The friends are emotional.
After exams, Sameer is in hurry as he need to go to Rajkot.
He bids good bye and goes.

Sameer: Naina, I’ll call you at night.
Naina nods.
All leave to their homes.
At night, Naina wait for Sameer’s call.
He calls finally at 11 pm. Naina comes to balcony and speaks.
Naina: How long to wait Sameer?
Sameer: Naina, I’m sorry. My whole family is here. I couldn’t take the phone out. Even now, all are in a dhaba. I’m standing out and talking with you. My phone’s battery is low. It might get switch off. I will call you tomorrow. Take care, love you.

Naina: Love you Sameer. Bye.
She disconnects the call and turns behind. She sees chachaji standing and staring at her angrily!!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!
Stay Safe!!!!
Signing off!!

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