Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 6

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Scene 1
Mini comes to Neil in a broken devastated state. Preet, Bobby and Neil look at her. She suddenly breaks into tears and hug Neil. Neil embrace her and caresses her.

Seeing that Bobby leave the place. Preet follows him.
Preet: Bhai, stop.
Bobby: I’m happy for her Preet. I know she is slowly falling in love in Neil bhai. But its ok. Atleast now she is finding her happiness. She went through a lot in recent years. I genuinely pray that she should be happy.

Preet: Thank you bhai for understanding.
Bobby: I always wish best for her. I will be her support and a shield to protect her. A boy can support a girl just by being as a friend too. It is not necessary to be as her husband.
Preet happily and proudly hug her brother.
Neil: Mini, what happened there?
Mini realizes that she is hugging him. She suddenly breaks the hug and tell sorry.
Bobby and Preet come in.
Preet: What happened? Are you fine?
Mini: He is living a good life with his wife and children.
Bobby: Children?
Mini: Yes, a boy of 5 years old and a child in Mita’s womb.
Preet consoles her.
Neil: Mini, leave it. Focus on your career. Be strong.

Mini nods.
Mini: Please don’t tell this to Babes. She will break again.
Everyone agrees.
Abir comes.
Abir: Mini and Neil please come to home. We have to finalize the menu for tomorrow’s haldi.
Mini and Neil goes.
Scene 2
Sameer nervously calls Naina. She picks. She decides to prank him.
Naina(crying tone): Sameer
Sameer: Naina, why are you crying? You called me so many times. What happened?

Naina: Sameer, my family came to know about our love.
Sameer is shocked.

Sameer: How?
Naina: Papa and Chachaji caught me yesterday night when I was talking to you.
Sameer: Oh god. Its my mistake to call you at that time. What happened then?
Naina: They scolded me a lot. Even they started to see alliance.

Sameer is shocked.
Sameer: Wait, what? No, I’ll come there now.
Naina laughs. Preeti takes the phone from her.
Preeti: Oh jeejaji, don’t listen to her. She is doing prank on you. I will tell you what happened yesterday.

Preeti tells Sameer everything.
Sameer is relieved and gets happy.

Preeti: There is a 6-month testing period. Please pass in it and marry my sister.
Sameer: Sure, Sali sahab.
Preeti gives phone to Naina.
Naina: Sorry Sameer for pranking.
Sameer: It’s ok. I’m happy. I didn’t expect this in your family.
Naina: Yes Sameer. Now I worry that you should be able to prove them in these 6 months. Even I will complete my C.A coaching and will write the exams. So that both will get settled in our lives.

Sameer: Sure, we will do this together.
Mishti and Kuhu come. Seeing them,

Sameer: Naina, hold on for a sec. I will turn the video on to introduce you to my sisters.
Naina gets nervous.
Mishti and Kuhu: Hi Naina.
Naina: Hi didis. Congrats Kuhu di on your wedding.
Kuhu: One min, you should call us as bhabi. That will sound perfect relation right.
Naina feels shy. Sameer laughs.
Mishti: Naina, you look beautiful. We both will support you and Sameer. Don’t worry.
Naina: Thanks Di.
They continue to talk!!!
Scene 3
Arjun (Naina’s brother) comes home after his cricket practice.
A girl suddenly slips and falls over Arjun’s arms!!!
She is Shefali….
A soothing breeze blows. They both have a romantic eyelock.
Tum hi ho plays!!!

Shefali’s mom: Shefali.
They both break eyelock.
Shefali: Thanks for saving me.
Arjun: It’s ok.
Shefali’s mom: Hi, we have come her new. We reside in 4th floor.
Arjun: Hi aunty. I’m Arjun. I reside in 3rd floor.
Shefali: Hi I’m Shefali. It seems you are a cricketer.
Arjun: Yeah, I’m a state level player. I’m coming from practice.

Shefali: That’s good. I love cricket.
Bela and Beena comes.
They get introduced to each other.
Shefali’s mom: Its good to have you as our neighbours.
Preeti and Naina comes.
Bela introduces them.
Preeti, Naina and Shefali becomes close. Arjun sees Shefali without even blinking his eyes.
Scene 4
Meenakshi and others finalize the menu.
Parul and Nidhi start the haldi work.

The next day.
Mishti makes Kuhu to get ready.

Sameer takes her pictures.
On the other side, Kunal and Abir have fun while getting ready.
Abir: My little brother has become a man.

Kunal: Talk to Mishti and solve everything. We will have your wedding soon.
Abir pinches him.
Meenakshi comes there and does Kunal’s tikka.
Meenakshi: I wish Abir’s wedding is also finalized. Abir you have a surprise at tomorrow’s Sangeet.

Abir: What?
Meenakshi: Wait and watch.
She goes.
Abir: It seems to be a big heart attack rather than surprise.
Kunal: Bhai…
They both go down.
Mishti brings Kuhu down.
Rajshri wards bad sight.
Varsha does her tikka.

She is made to sit.
Meenakshi: Let’s start the ceremony.
Meenakshi, Parul, Nidhi, Ketki and other ladies apply haldi to Kunal.

After his haldi, Ketki takes haldi and goes to Maheshwari’s house.
There they apply haldi to Kuhu.
Mishti and Ketki dance.

Sameer’s mom Vishaka sees Ketki and smiles.
Vishaka: Varsha, who is that girl?
Varsha: She is Ketki. Kunal’s sister.
Vishaka: I like her.
Varsha: They are seeing alliance for her.
Vishaka: Really?

Sameer dances with Ketki and Mishti.
She sees her dancing with Sameer. She feels them as a perfect pair. She decides to speak about this.
Scene 5
Babita takes her pregnancy test and is shocked to see her pregnant. She remembers her romantic night with Hanuman.

She tells this to Hanuman.
Hanuman is happy. He hugs her.

Hanuman: Why are you sad? Are you not happy?
Babita: How can I get happy. One daughter is in marriage age. How can I become pregnant?

Hanuman: Mini will be happy. Don’t confuse yourself. If Mini is not happy with this, we will abort. I stand with you.
Babita smiles and hug him!!!
Mini is shown playing with onion.
Preet: Mini, don’t play with that.
Mini: Its fun.
She accidently rubs her eyes. She screams in pain. Neil helps her to wash her eyes.
Neil: It became my duty to protect you as you always trouble yourself.

Mini look at his eyes. She goes without saying anything.
Preet goes behind her.
Mini accepts that she loves him.
Preet: That’s great. When are you going to tell him?
Mini: I will tell at tomorrow’s sangeet. I will plan something special.

Preet hug her!!!
!!!To be Continued!!!

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