Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 7

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Hi all!!! Sorry for the delay. Here we go…
Scene 1
Place: Ahmedabad

Beena comes to Bela’s home.
Beena: It’s good that both Rakesh and Anand are at home.

Bela: Why bhabhiji, is any important news?
Beena: Yes, I got a very good alliance for our girls. The grooms are from Mumbai. They also brothers of same family. They have a textile industry of their own. Very rich and even the grooms look handsome.
Preeti gets excited hearing the words handsome and Mumbai. Then she sees Naina and realizes the situation. Anand, Bela, Rakesh, Naina is extremely tensed. Arjun gets happy.

Arjun: Preeti, its your dream to get married in Mumbai, right? And also, you both can stay together.
Beena: Why everyone is tensed?
Bela: Bhabhiji, we didn’t think of their marriage yet. Naina has lot of dreams. She is going to do her C.A too. She is leaving to Mumbai next week.

Beena: So, what? To be honest, she doesn’t want to study more as they are rich enough to keep the girls happy. But if she wishes she can study. She can also meet the groom there. We all go there with her and fix the roka of both.
Rakesh: No, don’t pressurize Naina. Let her study peacefully.

Bela: Han bhabhiji, we can see for Preeti alone.
Anand glares her.
Anand: Both girls should succeed in their lives before getting married.

Beena: Bela, I can understand your feelings. Though you say that both are my daughters, now its difficult for you to say no to this good alliance for Preeti. The thing is, they need only sisters as bahus.
Bela: Bhabhiji, please don’t mistake me. I had never differentiated between Preeti and Naina. Both are my daughters only. I fed my br*ast milk to both of them. I didn’t know this condition. If you had said it earlier, such words would not have come from my mouth.
Beena gets angry.
Beena: Even I worry for them that they should get settle in a good family.
Anand: That has time Bhabhi. So please leave this topic.
Anand and Rakesh leaves. Bela goes in with Preeti and Naina.
Naina: Chachiji, I was scared.
Bela: Don’t worry Naina. Me, your chachaji, your dad are all in your side. Believe in them. They both won’t let any injustice happen to you both.

Naina and Preeti hug Bela.
Scene 2
Place: Patiala

Babita packs her stuff.
Hanuman too packs his stuff.

Babita: Are you also coming with me? Then who will take care of Arya?
Arya: I’m strong mumma. I will take care of myself.

Babita kisses Arya.

Hanuman: I will come with you due to your…
Babita signs no.
Arya: What due to papa?
Hanuman: Nothing my little chorni. I’m not going. We will have fun in these 3 days.
Arya nods happily.
Arya: I miss Veer Balika. She didn’t even spoke to me. I’m upset.
Babita: As soon as I go there, I will pull her ears and scold her for not talking to you. Okay?
Arya smiles.
They three share a hug.
Hanuman: Babita be safe.

Babita: Mini will be there with me. So, no worries.
She leaves.
Scene 3
Its Sangeet & Mehendi night.

Maheshwari family come to Rajvansh home.
All greet each other.
Abir introduces Neil and Mini to Kuhu and Mishti. They introduce Sameer.
Sameer makes a video call to Naina.
Naina speaks with Kuhu and Mishti too.
Kuhu: Ok Naina, you both speak. We will come leater.
Mishti and Kuhu goes.
Sameer speaks with Naina.
Naina: I miss you Sameer. Here my taiji brought alliance for me and Preeti. Then papa and chachaji said no.

Sameer: Don’t worry Naina. We have your family support.
Naina: Yes. Sameer, you look more handsome today.
Sameer: Yes, mumma selected this dress. She forced me to wear this today. I don’t know why. She is behaving strange. It looks as if I’m the groom.
Naina smiles.
Naina: Who is your bride then?

Sameer: She is in Ahmedabad talking with me wearing a frock.
Naina and Sameer blushes.
Vishaka comes and call Sameer. He ends the call and goes.
Varsha introduces Vishaka and Sameer to Meenakshi and Nidhi. Nidhi likes Sameer a lot. Then Vishaka send Sameer to go to Kuhu and Mishti.
Meenakshi: Varshaji, once Kunal-Kuhu wedding gets over, we will finalize Sameer-Ketki’s wedding.
Nidhi and Vishaka gets happy.
Mishti goes in search of Abir. He is nowhere found. She sees Neil in cooking area and asks about Abir.
Mishti: Neil bhai did you see Abir?
Neil: No Mishti.
He goes.
Mishti sees Mini.
Mini: Mishti, shall I ask you something?

Mishti: Yes.
Mini: Do you love Abir?
Mishti: Yes (blushes)
Mini: Then why are you delaying? Tell him.
Mishti: I’m trying for that only. But he is missing.
Mini: I have a plan. Let’s dance together in Sangeet and will propose Abir and Neil.
Mishti: You mean???
Mini: I mean you propose Abir and I will propose Neil.
Mishti: That’s a good idea. You love Neil?
Mini: Yes. We both love each other. But no one has said. I will be the first to tell him. I’m excited.
Mishti: Even me too. Come lets practice.
They both practice steps. Preet helps them in steps and songs.
Scene 4
Kuhu is applying mehendi. Kunal goes near her.
Kuhu: Finally, someone has found time for me itseems.
Kunal hits her head playfully.

Kunal: I missed you Kuhu. I will be with you for the whole function.
Kuhu: Really?
Kunal: Yes…
Kuhu hug him.
Mehendi artist: Mam, what initial should I put?
Kunal: You put KK.
Kuhu: KK?
Kunal: Kuhu-Kunal. There is no Kunal without Kuhu as well as no Kuhu without Kunal.

Kuhu smiles.
The Mehendi Lady puts KK on her hand. On seeing this, both Maheshwari family and Rajvansh family gets happy. They bless them.
Meenakshi calls a girl. She asks her to hide.
That girl: Why aunty?

Meenakshi: You are my going to be bahu. You need a grand entry. I made arrangements for them. Please wait till I say.
That girl: Ok aunty.
Menakshi: Kids, its sangeet night. Why are you still not have started your dance?
Abir: Ma, its going to start now. After a long time, I’m going to perform with Neil.
Mini and Mishti come.
Kuhu: Mishti and Mini, where were you both?
Mishti: We were practicing for dance.
Abir looks Mishti. She smiles. He too smiles.
Neil: Then you both can dance with us.
Mini: Even we were thinking the same.
Meenakshi glares.
The dance starts.
Mishti-Abir dance soulfully. Everyone is happy to see that.

The girl (face is not shown yet) looks at them and fumes.
That girl: What is happening there? Who the hell is she? Abir is just mine. I won’t let anyone to snatch him from me.
Abir and Mishti, while dancing has many eyelocks and they dance passionately.

Mini and Neil too dance soulfully.

Scene 5
Babita comes and hires an auto. Ashok hears Babita’s voice. He was standing far from her.
Ashok: Mita, I hear Babita’s voice. Even I feel her presence.
Mita gets shocked.
Mita: What are you telling? You are speaking as if you and she are eternal lovers.

Ashok: Don’t talk rubbish. Whatever it is, she was my wife once. I know her feel.
Mita looks surprised.
Mita: It looks you had feelings for her.
Ashok turns and sees Babita. Babita too sees Ashok. She sees Mita pregnant and their kid. Babita gets emotional and she leaves in auto.
Ashok: Mita, you go home with Vihan. I have some things to settle with her. I will come later.

Mita: But…
Ashok: Please understand. I love Mini a lot. Atleast she should allow her to meet me once. I will talk with her and come. You go.
Ashok leaves in a hurry. He follows that auto.
Mita is left in roads. She doesn’t even have money to go home. She cries hugging Vihan.

Scene 6
Suddenly, Babita’s auto gets repaired.
She sees Ashok in bike.
Ashok: I will drop you. Come and sit.

Babita: I don’t need anyone’s help.
Ashok: This is a new place and this area is very dangerous for women. You are my daughter’s mom. Come and sit. I plead you.
Babita ignores him and starts to walk. She sees Ashok has left.
Suddenly some goons come to attack her. She gets scared. She turns and hugs someone. He also embraces her. She looks up and sees Ashok.

Mita’s parents see this from far and clicks pictures. They send to Mita.

Mita gets angry seeing that. She asks them to come and pick her.
Ashok then fights with them. Babita looks surprised.
The goons leave.
Ashok: I told you nah. Come with me.
Babita goes with him silently.
Ashok sees Babita in mirror and in moon light. She looks beautiful.

Ashok thinks why didn’t he see such a beauty before in her.
The Rajvansh house comes. Babita gets down.
Babita: Thanks for helping me.
Ashok: Actually, I came to talk about Mini.
Babita: Mini…What?
Scene 7
The couples complete the dance. Mishti signs Mini. She nods and drags Neil and come out.
Meenakshi sees Mishti holding a ring. Even Abir sees her. Meenakshi is tensed looking at Mishti and Abir. She shouts to divert them.
Meenakshi: Abir, I told you about surprise nah? Here is the surprise. To all those present here, you people already know Kuhu as my younger bahu. Now its time to introduce my elder bahu.

She sees Mishti.
Mishti, Abir and everyone are shocked.

Meenakshi: Neha…my elder bahu.
A girl comes in a carriage. She gets down. (Face is not shown to audience) Abir and Kunal is shocked to see her.
Mishti breaks down.

She runs away. Abir si about to go behind her but Meenakshi holds him. Abir signs Kunal. He goes behind Mishti. Kunal consoles Mishti.

Meanwhile, Mini brings Neil out and proposes him.
Mini: Will you give me your time as a loan for me for the entire life?
Neil is shocked.

Mini: I love you Neil. I want you to continue your duty of protecting me for lifelong.
Neil is happy. He accepts. He hugs her. They both kiss each other.
Babita and Ashok is shocked to see this.
Babita shouts Mini.
Mini and Neil also gets shocked to see them.

!!!To Be Continued!!!
Author’s Note:
Friends, keep guessing the artist who plays Neha character. Leave your thoughts in Comments. Thanks in Advance. Next episode is on Sunday.

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