Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 8

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Scene 1
Babita and Ashok get shocked seeing Mini and Neil.
Babita: Mini, what is this? Did I send you for this? I didn’t expect this from you.
Mini: Babes, please listen to me once.

Babita: What to listen? Do you know about Neil’s past?
Mini: Babes, I know that he has a past but I don’t know what it is. But I don’t care about it. I love him. Atlast I found someone who is able to handle me.
Babita: Did you think about Hanuman ji? He had much hopes on you.
Ashok: Wait a minute. Why Hanuman should worry and take decision about my daughter’s life.

Mini: You shut up Mr. Ashok Khurrana. You don’t have any rights to call me as your daughter. My dad is Hanuman uncle. We share a relationship more than of dad and daughter. Babes, what are you doing with this man?
Babita: He saved me from goons.
Mini: Thank you Mr.Ashok Khurrana. Now you can leave. This is our family matter.
Ashok: I can’t leave as you are my daughter.
Babita: Let it be Mini. We need not to care about him. Now you should know Neil’s past. Neil, the time has come to unleash your past.
Mini sees Neil.
Neil: Mini, I had a past which consists of my wife and daughter.

Mini, Preet and Bobby are shocked.
Mini: Wife, daughter???

Mini sees Ashok and she get reminded of her past with Ashok.
Mini: How can you leave them and come to me Neil. I thought you were like Hanuman uncle but I’m wrong. You are like this snake Ashok.
Babita: Mini, please calm down. I don’t know whether Neil is like Ashok or not but for sure Neil’s wife is not like me.
Mini: Which means?
Babita: Listen to his whole story. You will find whose fault it is.

Mini: Go ahead Neil.
Neil: Me and Isha studied together in college. My family is very rich. We have two havelis in Rajkot. But due to our business, we left to Delhi. My dad took care of business. Isha’s family was poor. But we didn’t saw any difference between us. We got into a relationship. After my studies, I told my family about wedding. They agreed. But Isha’s family didn’t agree. We studied catering as both our passion was cooking. One day Isha came and told me that they will elope and marry.
Neil and Isha get marry in a temple. When he come home, he sees his parent’s body. Police informs him that they had died in an accident. Neil is heart-broken. After some days, he joins a big restaurant as head chef. He earned decently. Isha was a happy house – wife.

Later she becomes pregnant with Neil’s baby. Neil take care of her very well. Then Isha pesters Neil to take care of his business and leave his chef job. At first Neil thought that she is saying for his good as business was going down. But Neil wasn’t interested in it. Due to Isha’s pester, Neil renames one company to Isha’s company. She hires a manager called as Ishan to take care of business as she has no idea in it. Neil also agrees. Isha and Ishan becomes so close while managing business. They both roamed together and spent lavishly. Only then Neil understood that Isha was behind his money. Neil and Isha started fighting on this matter and seeing her pregnancy state, Neil used to reconcile with her.

After few months, Isha delivers a baby girl. They name as Kia. Neil loved Kia a lot. But Isha doesn’t even care about baby and go to roam with Ishan. Neil was angry on this. Isha and Neil’s fight grew bigger every day. One day Neil sees Isha and Ishan sleeping in his room. Devastated, Neil shouts and kicks Ishan out of his home. Isha gets angry and agrees that she loves Ishan and has no more feelings for Neil.

She also further tells that she wants a life with Ishan. Neil gets broken hearing this. He allows her to go to him. But while going she also takes Kia with her.

He pleads her to leave Kia, but she doesn’t listen and goes. Neil tries to see Kia but Isha doesn’t allow him to see. Five years roll on. Neil starts to live a Nomad life and comes to Patiala. He joins as head chef in Patiala Babes restaurant. Knowing Neil’s past, Hanuman make him as tenant.
Mini gets teary eyes hearing the past.
Neil cries. Mini supports him.
Mini: I will be with you Neil.
Ashok: Wow Mini. You support this man who left his wife and daughter but not me.

Mini: Shut up. You are not even equal to his feet. You are the one, inspite of having a family went in search of other. You just leave now.
Ashok gets angry and goes.
Neil: Babita mam, how did you come to know my past?
Babita: Hanuman ji told me. He even told me about your feelings for Mini. But he against it.
Mini: I will talk with him.

Babita: Even I’m against it. Let’s discuss this later.
Mini: One-minute Babes, I will be with Neil atleast as his friend and solve his problem. Neil, we will fight together. You will get your rights as dad.

Neil cries and hugs Mini.
Babita feels proud of Mini as well as she fears that Hanuman will not accept this.

Scene 2
Kunal: Mishti, please stop crying. You know about bhai right? He will not leave you.
Mishti: I’m really worried.

Kunal: Don’t worry. Me and Kuhu are with you. We will solve everything. Come let’s go now.
Mishti: Thanks, Kunal.
Kunal: No need of thanks. We share 2 relations. Bhabi and Sali. So my support is always for you.
They both go.
Meenakshi: Abir, you know Neha from your childhood, right?
Abir sees Neha.
(She is Sonarika Bhadoria)

Neha: Hi Abir. Do you remember our college days, where we used to put drama on Salim-Anarkali? Everyone used to appreciate our pair. I’m happy now that reel pair is going to become a real pair. This is all because of aunty.
Abir glares Meenakshi and reminisces his college play with Neha.

Hearing this, Mishti feels sad.

Kuhu whispers to Kunal and Msihti.
Kuhu: Who is she? I don’t like her.
Kunal: She is my brother’s best friend from childhood. But after college, bro decided to cut all his friends. So, they stopped talking. But mom found her itseems.
Kuhu: Mishti don’t worry. Only you will be perfect for Abir bro. Let’s make this Neha to run out of this house. We are team power puff girls.

Mishti smiles hearing her.
Kunal: I’m boy. Change the name.
Kuhu: No this is good. Its ok. We are new gen powerpuff girls.
Kunal and Kuhu argue.
Mishti: Please stop this both of you. Here my life is changing and I’m getting replaced but you both are fighting for a name.
Kunal and Kuhu: Sorry.
Kuhu hugs Mishti.
Scene 3
Neil come there with Mini and Babita. He introduces Babita.
Neil sees Neha.
Neil: Neha what a surprise?
Neha: Actually Neil, me and Abir going to get marry.
Neil and Mini is shocked. They see Abir and Msihti. Mini goes to Mishti and console her.
Just then, Nidhi ask Meenakshi to fix Ketki’s alliance also. Meenakshi agrees and makes an announcement on Ketki’s wedding.
Meenakshi: Ladies and gentlemen, I introduced my two bahus. Now time has come to introduce our family’s only jamai, Sameer Maheshwari.
Sameer and Ketki are shocked. Vishaka, Varsha are happy.
Mishti and Kuhu are shocked to the hell.
Kuhu: I don’t know how many bombs are there for today.
Sameer: Wait a minute aunty. I need to talk to Ketki once.
Vishaka: Sameer, this is fixed by me.
Sameer: So, what ma, I need to talk with her.

Meenakshi agrees.
Ketki and Sameer go and have a talk.
Ketki: Brother?
Sameer is surprised.

Sameer: Did you call me as bro?
Ketki: Yes. Please stop this wedding. I’m in love.
Sameer: Even I came to tell this. I’m also in love. Let’s say no to this wedding.
Ketki: Deal. Come let’s go.
Ketki and Sameer come and tell everyone that they are not interested in this wedding. Meenakshi drags Ketki and ask her to agree. Seeing this, guests’ bad mouth about Meenakshi.
Guest: Don’t force children. They are going to live together and not you. Leave it to their choice.
Vishaka and Sameer’s mami also scolds Sameer. Rajshri controls them.
Mishti: Well done Sameer, atleast your problem got solved.
Scene 4
After the function get over, everyone leaves. Mishti ignore Abir and goes.
Sameer calls Naina and tells her about the incident.
Naina laughs!!!
Naina: I told nah, you were looking special.

Sameer: But she called me as bro. That is hurting.
Naina: You can marry her Sameer. I won’t tell anything. Even the grooms which taiji showed very good itseems. I will marry that groom so that, me and Preeti can be together for life.
Sameer: Really???
They both laugh.

Naina: Sameer listen, I’m going to Mumbai on day after tomorrow. When will you come here?
Sameer: Tomorrow is wedding. I will come there only after 3 days.
Naina: Please come soon. I want to see you before going to Mumbai.

Sameer: I will try but not for sure. Don’t worry, I will come to Mumbai to see you.
Naina smiles and they end call!!!
Scene 5
At midnight,
Abir goes out.

Neha sees him going out. She follows him.

Abir goes to Mishti’s home. He wakes her up.
Mishti gets shocked

Mishti: What are you doing here at this time?
Abir: You come with me.
Mishti: where?
Abir: Come…
She goes with him. They both leave in car. Neha too follows them in her car. Neha is angry as he went with Mishti.
Neha: Mishti you did wrong by snatching my Abir from me.

They go to a beach.
Mishti is surprised to see a candle light setup with balloons flying in air.

Abir: I don’t want to drag it more Msihti. I love you.

Mishti cries…
Mishti: I was about to propose you today but everything went wrong. I love you Abir.

They both hug!!!!
They have a romantic dance!!! Dheere Dheere plays!!!! They dance in water too….

Neha is angered to the core. She gets down and go to them!!!!

They get shocked seeing Neha there!!!
!!!To Be Continued!!!

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