Anupama 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama trusts Vanraj

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Anupama 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar and Nandini reaching home. He gets tired of cycling. She jokes on him. They argue. She falls in his arms. Yey hai pyaar…plays… Anirudh says like Kavya, like Nandini, Vanraj with Kavya, Samar with Nandini. He claps and says interesting. Samar asks who are you. Anirudh says I know you aren’t like Kavya, I was wrong. Nandini scolds him. He says you don’t know the entire truth. She asks him to just leave. Samar says what was he doing here, no matter Kavya is divorcing him. She says maybe he came after Kavya, he would have done some drama here. Samar says don’t worry, dad and Mama ji are there. She says Kavya was madly in love with him and got married, now they put allegations on each other.

Kavya says sorry Anupama, I don’t know what he wants to prove. Baa says no, its your mistake, he came here and created a scene. Anupama says its not Kavya’s mistake. Baa says its our mistake to get strangers home. Kavya says really sorry. Anupama says one who is at fault apologizes, you never did anything wrong, Vanraj can never do wrong, the society just sees the woman living separated from her husband, but not the reason. She asks Vanraj to drop Kavya. Kavya says no, I will go. Anupama says I know, its not easy to forget this, we all are with you, this house’s door are always open for you, this is also your house. Kavya thanks her and leaves. Nandini says strong girls who see dreams for themselves, society don’t accept them, husband’s male ego doesn’t accept them, husbands want a wife like a daily soap heroine, girlfriend can walk hand in hand, but husband wants wife to walk behind. Samar says there is someone to accept us as we are. She says lots of lies, everything changes after marriage, girls are asked to change, I don’t want to marry. He asks really, you will be member of Mama ji’s single club. She laughs and says maybe. She goes.

Baa asks Anupama to make diyas. She says don’t know whose bad sight caught our house, what was the need to get Kavya home, no need to become her friend. Anupama says a woman has to become a woman’s support, Kavya is alone, ward off bad sight from Kavya also. Baa says you did good to scold Anirudh, but you would be thinking about what he said.

Vanraj asks how dare he come to my house, warn him. Kavya says you are just asking about Anirudh, you didn’t ask if I m fine, Anupama insisted you to drop me home, you didn’t say anything. He says you refused, maybe I could have not come, I can’t take risk, I can’t give any chance to them to doubt, Anupama trusts me blindly, she didn’t believe Anirudh. Anupama says I was hurt, but my faith isn’t weak, I will always listen to my heart, Vanraj can never cheat me. Baa says if Saas is good, then bahu also becomes good. They smile.

Kavya says I really love you, so I get insecure. He says you know how much I love you, I have to do a drama at my house, I have to stay with love with Anupama so that she doesn’t doubt, trust me, I won’t cheat you. She says don’t break my trust, else everything will be finished. Anupama and Baa keep the diyas outside the house.

Rakhi says we are relatives now, I m sorry. Kinjal says I hope Vanrj accepts her apology. Baa says you did right to make such a thing run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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