Anupama 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama enjoys family time

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Anupama 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devika saying a boy used to trouble me in school, Anupama slapped him hard. Everyone gets surprised. Samar says Anupama never slapped us. Devika says Vanraj would be proud of her, don’t take her for granted. Samar says right, mothers shouldn’t taken for granted. Anupama asks them to have food. Devika asks her to come. Pakhi says she always eats late. Anupama says yes. Devika sees Anupama caring for everyone and doing her work. Vanraj talks to Kavya. She says I just finished dinner and called you. He asks where is Anirudh. She says he is in drawing room, relax, he does this to tease you, he knows how much I love you. He says call me if you have any problem. She asks do you love me so much. He says you have any doubt. She says then prove it. He asks how. She asks him to sing a song for her. He smiles and sings a song tumko dekha….. She falls asleep. Anirudh comes and takes the call. He says you sing so well, Kavya slept, sing for me also, I don’t get sleep. Vanraj gets angry and disconnects. He says you like to tease me, you don’t know me.

Pakhi asks did mummy win first prize in dance, she was so cool. Devika says supercool. She asks Anupama to enjoy and dance. She says live a day. Pakhi says you dance with Samar, you didn’t show us. Devika says you have not seen Anupama’s dance. Anupama says no. Devika says dance else I will tell your secret. Anupama says no, you can’t. Devika says then dance. Paritosh goes to play the music.

Devika asks what’s this music, play Bollywood. Paritosh laughs. Anupama says not any hindi film song. Devika asks Pakhi to play a song. Anupama gets shy. They say we won’t tell anyone. Anupama asks promise. They promise. Anupama dances on hawa hawai. Everyone gets surprised. They all dance. Devika says she is our college’s heroine. Anupama says enough now. Samar asks for secret. Anupama says you said you won’t say. Devika says our class’ handsome guy Anuj fell for Anupama. Pakhi and Samar say wow. Devika says he was mad for her, he used to just say Anu, Anu all the time. Vanraj comes and looks on. He gets a call and goes.

Paritosh asks did you had a BF. Devika says no, she was much Sanskari, she didn’t know that guy’s feelings, Anuj got his mum’s bangles instead rose for her on valentines day, but Anupama didn’t come to college that day, she got Vanraj’s alliance and fell for him, it was first love types. Samar says love at first sight.

Vanraj recalls Devika’s words. Devika asks how do you manage all this, you are really a superhero, does anyone have a problem with my stay here. Anupama says no, Vanraj sent me to you. She makes prayers for her children’s long life and happiness.

Devika asks are you happy. Anupama says no, I m not happy, I m very happy. Devika says you don’t get tired. Anupama says love doesn’t let me get tired. She goes to her room. She says Devika is with the children, why didn’t you sleep, are you fine. He asks about Anuj. He asks did you like Anuj, Pakhi’s phone was ringing, I went to give it and heard it. Anupama says he was in my class, I never spoke to him, I didn’t know his feelings, don’t you trust me, I swear on children. He says its okay, relax, was he handsome, how did he look.

She says normal. He asks was he good or bad. She says maybe good. He asks would you say yes to him if I didn’t get a proposal for you. She asks what are you saying. He says I m just asking. She says maybe you didn’t listen to our talks, I used to focus on studies, I wanted to become a big officer, some boys used to visit my lane, I have just seen you in my life, I got to know what’s that (love) on seeing you. Vanraj smiles and asks what. She says that’s between Baa and Bapu ji, between Paritosh and Kinjal, between Radha and Krishna. Vanraj says love. She smiles.

Devika says I feel there is a relation between Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama says not a word against my husband.

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