Anupama 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj blasts at Anupama

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Anupama 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Nandini to teach them dance. Nandini says we will change the song for couple song. Mama ji says I regret that I didn’t get married. Meenu says I will dance with you. Nandini dances with Samar. Ek ladki ko dekha to….plays…. Samar smiles seeing her. She teaches everyone. Baa thinks why didn’t Anupama come. She goes to call. Anupama comes home and thinks to surprise them showing the ring. Rakhi comes and shouts OMG, I can’t believe it, I came to see the engagement hall and thought to take you along, you agreed to me and got this ring for Kinjal from our family jeweller, wow. Everyone looks on.

Rakhi says Paritosh told me that you all aren’t ready to buy a costly ring, but Anupama surprised me, I m so happy that she agreed to me, that’s why Kinjal says Anupama is the best, she is the best mum in law, who saw Kinjal’s happiness, not of anyone else. Paritosh smiles. She says wow, its so nice. She shows the ring to everyone. Vanraj asks Pakhi to take Rakhi to community hall and make her meet the manage. Rakhi says no need, I will go myself. She asks Anupama to keep the ring. She goes. Nandini thinks Anupama looks tensed, I hope everything is fine. She leaves.

Rakhi thinks sorry, person shouldn’t be so good that he becomes bad in everyone’s sight. Vanraj says when everything was final, why did you go to take the ring, how did you get money, did you take loan. Anupama says no. Baa says she sold her jewellery. He asks what. Baa says I got jeweller’s call. He asks is that true. She says I told you not to send her again to buy the ring, she didn’t listen to us, she did this to please Rakhi. Bapu ji says listen to her once. Baa scolds Anupama.

Vanraj gets angry and says this is Rakhi’s slap on my face, 5 lakhs isn’t an ordinary amount, you spent 5 lakhs for a ring, you didn’t ask me. Anupama asks him to listen to her once. He shouts speak up. She says Paritosh was upset. He says so you bought this ring, if he gets upset again, will you sell your kidney. Baa says she will sell your kidneys. Vanraj says Rakhi used you and came to insult us, you are an idiot, she is an outsider, I regret that you got me insulted. He scolds her. He asks how did you get the idea to sell the jewellery, Rakhi? Anupama says no, I heard Dolly and Baa talking. He asks what. Anupama says Baa told that its not bad to get jewellery instead jewellery, I thought… Baa says you didn’t ask me once. Anupama says sorry, I thought its not bad, I didn’t sell the jewellery given by you, just the jewellery given by my Maayka. Baa says you have differentiated your and my things today.

Anupama says I didn’t mean it. Baa scolds her. Vanraj goes angrily. Baa asks Anupama to get the jewellery given by her. She asks Dolly not to get in between. She insists. Anupama says sure and cries. Rakhi gets her friend’s call. She says really, you are coming to India with your son, great. She thinks a lot of things can change in one month, perfect time. Anupama keeps the jewellery. Paritosh comes and says sorry, its my mistake, Baa is so possessive for jewellery. Anupama says I don’t regret it, I m hurt that she never accepted me, see Kinjal is happy, don’t get upset. He smiles. Baa gets angry. Bapu ji and Mama ji explain her. Baa says Anupama never tells me anything, she is just close to her Maayka. Bapu ji says let her decide now. Baa asks why, I didn’t like Anupama and I m tolerating her. Bapu ji says she is tolerating. They argue. Anupama comes with the jewellery.

Kavya knocks the door. Samar opens the door. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kavya. Kavya runs to Vanraj and hugs him. Anupama gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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