Anupama 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj cries for his son

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Anupama 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paritosh coming to Rakhi’s house. He says I didn’t listen to my family, but my heart, dad’s ego is big, I tried to explain him, he didn’t listen to me, I know wrong has happened, I have left the house. Rakhi gets shocked. Anupama says Paritosh will come. Vanraj says he didn’t go for a walk. She says he used to get angry in childhood and leave the house. He says he used to feel hungry and come home, but he won’t come back. She says he will come, don’t be angry on him. He says I will be much happy if he comes. She asks shall I call him. He says his phone is off. She smiles. Paritosh says I left everything and came for you Kinjal. Rakhi says I know you both love each other, we like you, but I can’t let this alliance happen, if you are ready to become part of our world, then this marriage can happen, you have to live here as Ghar jamai after the marriage, do yiu agree. He gets shocked.

Anupama says he would be upset as well, he will come back. He says he was my pride, he broke it and left, I m his dad, its my right to scold him, he could have been stubborn as a son, I did a lot for him, I worked in extra shifts so that he studies in a good school, love doesn’t mean that person forgets his family, I was his hero, now I have become villain for him, where did we lack in the upbringing. Rakhi stops Pramod. He says let Paritosh answer first. Vanraj says I love my eldest child a lot, he called me Papa first, he used to cry and say Papa, I keep scolding Samar, but he has never hurt me so much like Paritosh did, I took Paritosh to the fair once when he was 4 years old, he was lost, he met me and asked me why did I leave his hand, today he left my hand for a girl’s sake, he didn’t think his dad will cry a lot, I m on his place today, scared that something may happen to him, but he won’t come. Anupama cries hearing him. Maa dukh mein….plays…. They cry. She says he was young that time, he knows the way to home now.

Paritosh says I will have food with everyone. Rakhi says sorry, Kinjal slept early and we finished dinner by 6.30pm, you have the food. He asks shall I eat alone. She says everyone eats food as per their time, we have healthy food, don’t worry, you will get healthy, I have to sleep, be comfortable. She goes. He sees the dining table. He recalls his family. Tu jo nazron ke saamne….plays…. He sees the food. Anupama serves food to everyone. She sees Paritosh’s plate and looks at the door. Vanraj and everyone stay sad. She serves food in Paritosh’s plate as well. He says he would have not eaten anything. Samar says he would have eaten food. She says no, he didn’t eat food in big hotels, he just liked the food prepared by me.

Paritosh doesn’t eat food. Vanraj leaves the food and goes. Pakhi goes to Samar. He says don’t worry, I won’t tell mummy about cigarettes. She asks will Paritosh not come back. He says don’t know. She hugs him and asks how can he leave us. He says Paritosh and I share this room, there are many memories, we used to fight a lot, I always wanted my room, look at this, the room is mine but I m not happy, he isn’t here. Paritosh goes to his room. He sees the paintings and a guitar. Samar asks Pakhi to go and sleep. Pakhi lies on Paritosh’s bed. Samar looks on. They cry. Paritosh feels lonely. Anupama calls Paritosh and fails to connect. She messages him.

Samar knocks the door and says police… Inspector gives the wallet. He says we got this wallet near the dead body. Anupama shouts Toshu….

Update Credit to: Amena

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