Anupama 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama brings Paritosh home

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Anupama 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhi asking Anupama not to come in between Kinjal and her happiness. She argues with Anupama. She says Kinjal can’t stay happy, what’s the guarantee that Kinjal won’t face all this like you, you will make her like you, illiterate and villager types, just like you. Samar says you have no right to insult my mum. He argues. Anupama stops him. She says yes, I m illiterate and doesn’t know anything, you are educated, what do you teach children, no need to study as life is tough, or prepare yourself to face all the challenges in life, future doesn’t come with guarantee, children have a right to decide for their life, we have raised them and got them educated, it was out duty, they can choose their way on own, how will they move on if they get scared, we have to walk with them, not stop them, so that we support them. Kinjal and Pramod smile.

Rakhi says stop this nonsense, I don’t need to learn from you. Anupama says you read many books, but I learnt from life, I learnt that house and ego can’t be together, we have accepted as daughter, I will keep my promise to her, its Kinjal’s wish. She says I didn’t come to create a drama, I came to take my son home, I will take him. Rakhi shouts Paritosh won’t go anywhere. She asks Paritosh to tell his mum to leave. Vanraj is on the way. He sees Paritosh. Paritosh says I will marry Kinjal and become owner of coaching centres. Vanraj asks what about me, am I overreacting. He sees him gone. He gets sad. He cries and says you broke my pride and me also. Anupama asks Paritosh to come. She takes him.

Vanraj comes home. Baa worries. Anupama comes home with Paritosh and Samar. Vanraj gets angry and shouts stop there Anupama, I told you that if you become a mum and go out, then don’t come back as wife, you both crossed Laxman rekha today, there is no place for you, get out. Mama ji says Baa asked Anupama to bring back Paritosh. Anupama says I went out as a wife, since my husband was heartbroken, I went to get Paritosh just for your sake. She gets Paritosh inside. Paritosh cries. Anupama says sorry, what could I do, everyone can see your anger, but just I can see your pain. She asks Paritosh to see Vanraj, he has always forgiven him, he will sit in his feet until he forgives this time.

Paritosh holds his ears and cries. He says don’t stay angry with me, I love you Papa. Vanraj cries. Paritosh hugs him and says I promise I won’t do this mistake again. Vanraj holds him and goes. Baa says Vanraj’s anger didn’t end, it will take time, don’t worry. Anupama thanks the Lord and smiles. Vanraj thinks Anupama got Paritosh back, thank you for that, but my pride and trust also broke, Paritosh has to earn my trust again. Anupama says I will make Paritosh’s fav food. Baa asks what about Kinjal, did she agree for marriage.

Anupama says no. Baa says she doesn’t have Saas, so she misbehaves so much. Anupama says she is also a mum and thinks good for Kinjal, you think good for everyone, Vanraj and Rakhi are angry, they will understand, Paritosh and Rakhi love each other. Baa says explain this to Rakhi. Anupama says we will think tomorrow how to get Bahu. Baa says you got sensible because of me. Paritosh goes to his room. Samar says I will on the geyser, you take a bath. Paritosh says sorry. Samar jokes. He says you can beat me, just don’t hurt mum and dad. Paritosh asks how did you learn sensible things. Samar says you didn’t learn it. Pakhi asks how can you leave me alone and go. Paritosh apologizes and hugs her. Anupama happily cries and hugs Paritosh. She says I have made your fav kheer, have it. He signs its best. She smiles.

Vanraj says Anupama is in my house, but you are in my heart, I only love you Kavya. Sanjay looks on shocked. He calls Anupama. Anupama says Sanjay called and told me everything in detail. Vanraj worries.

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