Anupama 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj and Anirudh at loggerheads

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Anupama 5th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baa warning Anupama not to spoil things. Anupama worries and says I just have a day time. Rakhi says Kinjal, you won’t meet Paritosh. Kinjal says fine, I won’t talk to you. Anupama calls Rakhi. Rakhi disconnects the call. Pramod asks her to take up Anupama’s call. Driver says I got a call for you on my phone. Rakhi gets to talk to Anupama. She says you should have been detective, you got my driver’s number. Anupama says I can find a way to reach Lord as well when its about children, I just want to meet you once, please for Kinjal’s sake. Rakhi says no and disconnects. Anupama says she refused to meet me. She sees Vanraj at the window. She says he has trusted me, I have to keep it, how will I fulfill my promise. She prays. Pramod calls her back. He says sorry the call got disconnected, Rakhi will come to meet you. Anupama thanks her.

Pramod asks Rakhi to put some efforts. He goes. Rakhi says I will ruin the alliance forever, they will make Paritosh away from Kinjal. Jhilmil says you can do anything, don’t worry. Anupama smiles. Rakhi says I will show her real status today. Anupama gets ready. Paritosh asks what did you wear. She says its your dad’s fav saree, did you talk to Vanraj. He says no, reach there on time, its about my life, don’t do anything, go and ask at the reception in English, I have written on it, don’t talk to Rakhi in English. She recalls her words to little Paritosh. He gives her tips. She asks can I drink water there. Paritosh says yes, just stay calm and don’t argue, please convince her. She says yes, anything else. He says don’t do anything wrong, go now. She says you have grown up now, you can teach me everything. Samar comes and says all the best, Rakhi doesn’t know my mum is a rockstar. Paritosh says all the best. She leaves. She reaches the club to meet Rakhi. She tries to ask about Rakhi. She asks can we talk in hindi or gujarati. Manager says sure. She asks for Rakhi Dave. He takes her to the cafe. She says you will have much work, I will go. He says this is our work, come.

Kavya says whatever he did was so unreal, I was so scared. Vanraj is lost. He says Anupama went to meet Rakhi, I m really worried. She says wow, I m sharing my problem and you are thinking of your wife. He says you know the situation in my life. She says you don’t want to know what’s happening in my life, you are so selfish, I feel Anirudh says right about you. Anirudh comes and says thank God, you finally realized that your husband is right about your boyfriend, you have issues with your husband and boyfriend also. Vanraj shouts stay away from her. They both argue and fight. Kavya stops them.

She asks them to learn keeping their duties if they want to show their rights. She goes. Anirudh says I will handle my wife. Anupama comes to the cafe and sees the reserved table. She asks manager to reserve some other table for her. He says so sorry, Rakhi has reserved this table, please enjoy. She falls down. Everyone looks on. Manager comes to help her. He asks are you okay. She gets seated. He gives her wallet. He asks shall I call a doctor, are you okay. She says I m fine. Rakhi smiles and says see what happens now. Baa says I asked Anupama to record everything, but she refused, she could have told us how she is getting insulted. Mama ji says I want to go home. Anupama meets Rakhi. She gets Vanraj’s call. Rakhi asks her to put phone on silent, everyone is getting disturbed. Anupama takes the call. He asks her not to ruin his respect, its her last chance. He disconnects. Rakhi says you use a feature phone instead smartphone, even my driver doesn’t use such phone, it seems your husband was scolding you, maybe he got to know you fell down here.

Anupama says I will fulfill my promise, everything is fair in mother’s love, are you ready for this marriage. Rakhi agrees for the alliance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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