Anupama 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Shocking Revelation

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Anupama 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj with Anupama visits temple. Kavya also visits temple and seeing devotees singing bhajan thinks whole world is celebrating her happiness and thanks god. At home, Vanraj’s family decides only family members will attend and celebrate Vanraj and Anu’s rewedding. Nandini gets sad hearing that. Bapuji says even she and Kavya are family members. Baa asks Toshu to call only Kavya and not her mother as she likes chillies but not very hot chillies. Toshu and Pakhi taunt Samar pointing at Nandini. Nandini asks what are they signaling. Samar says sibling code. Baa informs that next week there is her and Bapuji’s 50th wedding anniversary. Mamaji congratulates Bupuji and says he should get bravery award for tolerating didi for 50 years. Baa scolds him.

In temple, Kavya fills application form for her marriage and says only she and her would be husband will attend it. She calls Vanraj, but he is unable to hear it and asks to message him. She clicks form’s pic and sends it to Vanraj. Anu and Vanraj next walk in to fill form. Vanraj gets tensed seeing Kavya’s form and snatching it from Anu says he will fill it as she is holding pooja thali. Back home, Vanraj and Anu get ready for prewedding function. Anu gets shy seeing Vanraj. Vanraj says he is in his late 40s and not that handsome now. She says he is more handsome to her now, but she has put on weight. He asks to look from his eyes, forgot what he had told before, she is as beautiful as before. She feels more shy and says they will enjoy each moment of their rewedding as she couldn’t enjoy last time as she had to take care of guests alone. Vanraj says even he did double shift in office to compensate for wedding expenses and just took 2 hours of leave for his hadli ceremony. Their romance continues.

Nandini walks to Kavya to get safety pin for her dress and seeing her busy over phone opens her purse to get it. She stands shocked to see Kavya and Vanraj’s wedding form and confronts Kavya. she asks how can she snatch Anu’s happiness, she will inform Anu’s family regarding this. Kavya says there is nothing wrong in it. Nandini says she was innocent and made mistake, but Kavya is purposefully trying to snatch Anu’s happiness and becoming Vanraj’s sidekick. Kavya says she will share Vanraj with Anu and will not snatch him. Nandini insists that she will inform Vanraj’s fmaily about it. Kavya says she can, but Anu will be hurt more hearing this. They both reach home and see Anu happily inform Devika about Vanraj proposing her for second marriage and today being prewedding rituals. Kavya asks Nandini if she wants to spoil Anu’s happiness. Anu sees them and happily greeting in apologizes for ignoring them as she was busy chatting with her friend. Nandini says Kavya should be sorry. Kavya says for coming late and prays that evil eyes shouldn’t fall on Anu’s happiness. Nandini fumes hearing that. Samar gets excited seeing Nandini. Pakhi taunts him. Anu goes and stands next to Vanraj. Nandini fumes more seeing Vanraj’s double standards.

Precap: Anu and Kavya while playing musical chair debate about love. Anu wins. Kavya gets jealous when Vanraj fixes crown on Anu’s head and she is his queen.

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