Anupama 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh creates a scene

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Anupama 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vanraj and Anupama happily dancing with the family. Kavya looks on. Kamariya….plays…. Anupama gets Kavya for the dance. Bapu ji sees them on the video call and smiles. Anupama feeds the sweets to everyone. Nandini says wait, we shall take a family pic. Pakhi says yes, come. Nandini asks Kavya to click their family pic. Kavya clicks the family pic. Baa says be careful Kavya, our family pic shouldn’t spoil because of you. Kavya takes the pic and thinks your family pic is incomplete without me, I will make my place, I will become part of your family. Anirudh laughs seeing the marriage pics. He recalls Kavya’s words.

He says the right time to make things right is right now. Anupama asks Bapu ji to come back home. Vanraj says yes, we miss you. Baa says yes, I also miss you, there is no one to fight with me. Bapu ji jokes. She says you have to come for Paritosh’s engagement. Bapu ji asks her to say please, else he won’t come. Everyone insists. Baa says please come. Bapu ji says I have to come now. Everyone smiles.

Bapu ji says best bahu is Laxmi, Saraswati and Annapurna also, like our Anupama, when Vanraj was born, pandit said he will get a treasure. Baa says he didn’t get any money. Bapu ji says he got Anupama, she is like pure gold. Anupama goes to get food. Kavya looks at Vanraj. Samar thanks Nandini. She says I have done this for Anupama aunty. He says if I didn’t you strange, I would have hugged you, my mum is the best, I get emotional when anyone does something for her. She gets a friend’s call and says I got to go. He asks shall I drop, I was going out. She says sorry, I will go, thanks for the offer. Mama ji comes to help Samar. Samar thanks him for the idea and goes.

Paritosh asks where is Samar. Mama ji says he went after the girl. Paritosh asks who. Mama ji asks who is Samar. Paritosh goes with Pakhi. Vanraj says decide the engagement mahurat. Baa says yes, I spoke to pandit. Anirudh comes to Kavya. He says your dream is going to break, I m going to break it. Anupama comes. He says you don’t know me, but I know you and Vanraj well, I m Kavya’s husband. Baa says we never thought to meet you. Anupama says Kavya didn’t say you are coming, you came to surprise her. He says yes. Vanraj asks how dare you come to my house, its my house, not any Dharamshala. Anupama asks why are you saying this. Vanraj says they are getting divorced. Anirudh says I came to talk to your wife, divorce didn’t happen yet.

Vanraj says don’t you dare. Anirudh says you spend the day with my wife, can’t I talk to your wife. Anupama says Baa and Mama ji are here, aren’t you ashamed to talk like this. Anirudh says I have come to talk about dirt. Kavya asks him to shut up and come. Anirudh says you are spoiling their family, why are you ashamed, let them know what is happening behind their back. He gets angry on her. He says I will tell the truth, else your happiness will be really ruined, I have explained Kavya that she is doing wrong with you, Vanraj and Kavya’s relation is more than friendship, they have an affair since many years. Anupama and everyone get shocked. Anirudh says Vanraj is such a shameless and bad man that he is having an affair with my wife, even when you are with him.

Anirudh and Vanraj fight. Anirudh says trust me, your husband doesn’t deserve your trust. Vanraj says I have to do a drama and be good towards Anupama. Kavya says don’t break my trust, Vanraj, else everything will be over.

Update Credit to: Amena

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