Arranged Marriage with Love (RIANSH) – Episode 1

Colors TV


A girl is shown walking on the road along with her friend. her friend says, “Ridhima why do we go to the temple every day? you know I don’t believe in god then why you insist me to come with you?” Ridhima says”I know that you don’t believe in god Smitha but remember that god always gives happiness to us so we should also show our gratitude to him” Smitha says”Sorry, but god never gave us happiness,he took our parents with him and made us alone , we faced many challenges and difficulties” Ridhima says “Don’t think like that because whatever god does will have meaning, always be happy with what you have” Smitha hugs Ridhima and says”I LOVE YOU, I pray for you to be happy in your life” Ridhima gets a call and tells Smitha that she got a job in event managing company. They pray to god for each others happiness and leave together.

                                Ridhima reaches the company. She enters the office and goes to the reception asking where is the manager? The receptionist calls the manager and informs about Ridhima . The receptionist gives  joining letter and sends Ridhima to the manager cabin. Ridhima knocks on the door. Manager calls her inside the cabin. Ridhima introduces herself and submits the joining letter. It is shown that Kabir is the manager of the company. Kabir says” Glad to meet you Ridhima. Tell me why do you want to work in this event managing company?”. Ridhima says”I am an orphan and I didn’t get any opportunity to celebrate any festival with  family , so I wanted to make others to celebrate their events happily and joined this company”. Kabir is touched with her explanation. Kabir says”I hope you will enjoy your work and remember to always work hard and make this company successful. Now you can go and  join work from tommorow and I will ask the peon to arrange you desk”. Ridhima thanks him and leaves the office. She calls Smitha  and tells her to meet near the beach where they usually meet.

PRECAP: Kabir informs Ridhima that they got an event from Vansh rai singhania.                              Ridhima stumbles from a stool and Vansh catches her. They have an eyelock

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