Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 10

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Hello friends, I hope everyone are healthy and happy along with their family. I think you all know that Rrahul sudhir who plays the role of Vansh rai singhania in Ishq mein marjawan 2 is tested covid-19 positive. Still there is no official statement so don’t worry and hope for the news to be fake one.
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Episode starts with……
Ridhima comes out of the room and cries recalling Siya’s words. She is in deep shock and doesn’t know how to react. She starts to walk away. Vansh goes behind her and hold her to stop. She jerks his hand off and runs from there thinking Siya’s words. Vansh worries and goes behind her. He finally stops her and says” Ridhima, please listen to me. Siya just gave her opinion. There is nothing to worry. I know you doesn’t like this relation. Don’t feel bad”. Ridhima wipes her tears and says” Vansh, how can I forget that? She took a promise from us. It is not a small thing. Even I dosen’t want this relation. But what about Siya?” Just then a doctor comes there and says” Vansh, I was looking for you. I wanted to tell you that Siya is not completely out of danger. We can’t say anything. You should make sure that she is happy. It can make her health condition better”. He leaves.

Vansh and Ridhima get shocked and look at each other. Vansh recalls Siya’s words and Doctor’s words. Vansh thinks ” What to do ? if I refuse her condition then her health will affect but I don’t want to force Ridhima as well”. He recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima and starts feeling dizzy. Ridhima holds him while he was falling. She calls out everyone to bring water. She showers water on Vansh. Vansh gets conscious and wakes up. He looks at Ridhima and recalls Siya and Doctor’s words. He feels restless. He suddenly holds Ridhima’s hand and takes her out. He takes her to his car and makes her sit. Ridhima says” Where are you taking me Vansh? Please answer. ” She shouts on him to leave her but he doesn’t listen. He drives the car. Ridhima constantly asks him where they were going? but he doesn’t answer. He stops the car near a temple and takes Ridhima inside. Ridhima wonders What he is doing? They come near the lord idol. Ridhima again asks him “What he is doing?”

Vansh recalls everything and takes sindoor in his hands. Ridhima gets surprised and thinks what he is doing. He recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima and thinks I am doing this for my sister. He fills Ridhima’s maang with Sindoor. Ridhima is shocked with his act. She is unable to believe whatever happened there. She starts crying while Vansh tries to hold her. Ridhima turns to him and slaps him hard. Vansh tries to say something but Ridhima stops him and says” How dare you Vansh? How can you do this with me? Do you know what it means by your act? Do you think it is joke to get married? Did you even think of me and my opinions?”. She collapses and cries loud. Vansh feels guilty seeing her and says” I am sorry Ridhima. I know what I did is not right. I know the pain what you are going through… Ridhima stares him in anger and says” Really Vansh, you know my pain. If you know then why did you do this with me. Just because your sister asked how can you spoil my life?” Vansh tries to console her and says” Ridhima, I know I am at fault. Even I didn’t want to do this but Doctor said to keep Siya happy. I married you because Siya asked me to and I don’t want her to be unhappy as it might affect her health”. Ridhima says” Shut up Vansh, Are you dumb? Just because to keep your sister happy you ruined my life. I know you love your sister. I know that her life is in danger but that doesn’t mean that you can force me to marry you. Do you even know that a marriage happens with trust and love? Do you know that marriage happens with each other’s happy? Do you think is is a game? It is a life long bonding. You married me as your sister wished. What will happen if she dies, will you leave me… Vansh shouts Ridhima and raises his hand. Ridhima says” Sorry Vansh, I know it hurts you but remember even I am hurt. I am an orphan that doesn’t mean I don’t have any emotions.” Vansh gets angry and says” You are right, you don’t have any family. You are an orphan. You don’t know the feeling of loosing someone. If you were in my place then you wouldn’t have said that.” Ridhima is hurt by his words and cries. Vansh realizes what he said and says” Sorry Ridhima, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please understand my helplessness because even I don’t won’t to spoil your life. Please think about my situation and accept this marriage. I know we are not married with all rituals but please do this for me”. Ridhima thinks about his words and recalls everyone caring about Siya and her health condition. She finds it difficult but says” Ok Vansh, I will do as you say. I will be your wife just because even I care for someone’s life. Just for Siya.” Vansh feels happy and hugs Ridhima. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays. Ridhima feels uncomfortable and moves back. Vansh says” Ridhima, just one request. Don’t tell anyone that I forced you to marry.” Ridhima nods. He says” Ridhima, come we wil go to hospital” He leaves. Ridhima prays to god and says” Deva, I don’t know if my decision is correct or not but I think if someone’s life will be better by this decision then i will bear it. Please show me a right path. Please save Siya”. Someone rings the Temple’s bell just then. Ridhima leaves.

Ridhima comes to the car , Vansh makes her sit in front. He asks her to wear the seat belt but she doesn’t listen. he moves closer and makes her wear the seat belt. Ridhima feels uncomfortable as he comes very close. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…. He begins to drive. He gets a call from Ishani and takes it. Ishani says” Dadi said Siya should be a part of my marriage, so we brought Siya home and arranged a nurse here to take care of her. We called you but you didn’t respond”. Vansh says” I was busy Ishani. Fine, I will come home”. He ends the call and says” Siya is taken home, Ridhima. We should go home”. Ridhima is in much pain and controls her tears thinking how will the family members will react seeing them. They reach home. Vansh makes Ridhima get down and holds her hand. She frees her hand from him and says” I am scared Vansh. How will they react?” Vansh assures her nothing will happen and walks inside. Everyone look at Vansh and get shocked seeing Ridhima with sindoor in her maang coming behind. Ridhima stops at the door. Vansh goes to her and stands beside her and holds her hand. Everyone look on shocked.

PRECAP: Angre makes a video of Ridhima meeting Kabir and sends it to Vansh. A lady enters VR mansion.

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