Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 11

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Hello everyone, sorry for the delay of the episodes. I was actually not well so didn’t post. Hope you all will understand. Thank you all for the immense love you are showing on my ff’ ‘s.
Replies for the comments of last episode:
Aww! such a nice name Disha. Ok let me tell you everyday I submit the update before 7 or sometimes after 7:30 pm because even I watch Ishq mein marjawan in tv. You know one thing , our articles will be checked for any mistake by some people and they finally post the update. So we can’t guess the time. I am new to this site so they won’t automatically submit the post. So I suggest you to read it the next day morning. Yes you sent the first comment.
Yeah Ravi, the timings are not in my hands. I am glad you liked the episode.
Hey Baisnabi, of course you have a right on this ff because it is you who are reading this. You can send me your suggestions and I will be happy and think over them. Yes I will definitely give you more vibes of Riansh.
Aww M, thank you for your comment. I loved it and yes they will become one soon. It is my passion to write such a story and I am very happy it got connected to the people well.
Aww Bhuvaneshwari, thank you sweetheart. But I can’t match their level of thinking as they are highly capable.
Thank you Diha, your comment pierced my heart. I am very happy to know that I am making people connect to my story. Love you sweety….!
Thank you Avni for liking my ff.
Thank you Kv2711 for your appreciation.
Really Priya, thank you for your compliment. I am glad you liked the episode.
Hey Stara, nowadays most of the shows are based on negativity. I know they bring lots lot’s of TRP’s to the channels but our mind will get disturbed looking at the visuals. I feel we should entangle people with human relations and hence I am writing this.
Hey Iyena, sorry for making you wait. I am also glad you are eager to read the next episode.
Hey Cee, I am glad at least now you got to read my ff or else I would have missed one more admirer of my ff. I feel you liked my episode and the way you commented shows how you liked it. Keep supporting me buddy.
Thank you Riansh_lover for your concern, I was not well but now I am fine because of the love you all shower.

Episode starts with…..
Vansh goes back and stands with Ridhima and holds her hand. Ridhima looks at him and turns to the family. Everyone get shocked. Dadi looks at Ridhima with sindoor and says” What happened suddenly to you both? Is whatever I am seeing true? Ridhima why is sindoor in your forehead?” Ridhima struggles to speak and looks at Vansh. Vansh says” Yes dadi. Whatever you are seeing is true. We both got married. Ridhima is my wife from today.” Ishani says” Bhaiya, Why did you marry her suddenly? and Ridhima, what about you?” Ridhima recalls her marriage and gets teary eyed. Vansh says” We both love each other and got married.” Everyone get shocked. Ridhima looks at Vansh and cries. Angre thinks what, they love each other? How can Vansh love her? I think there is something they are hiding. Ishani says” Love? How can you both fall in love within three days of your meet?” Vansh says” Why are you all shocked? I said we love each other and got married. Are you having any problem with it?”

Ishani says” Bhaiya, Why are you behaving like this? You got married suddenly and it is not a small thing. Ridhima, you are not talking anything. Are you fine? How can you get marry suddenly? Do you love each other or is there anything else? . Ridhima, you are my friend so you can share anything with me.” Ridhima looks at Vansh and recalls his words to not tell them anything. She turns to Ishani and says” Yes, Ishani. We love each. Vansh said he wanted to marry me and we got married and there is nothing else.” Vansh looks at her in tears and thinks of his harsh words towards her.

Dadi says” But Vansh, Why did you marry suddenly? that to when your sister is in hospital. Is there something you are hiding from us? You could have married her grandly with all the rituals.” Vansh says” Dadi , we said we love each other and got married. Will you allow us inside or keep questioning us like this?” Angre thinks Why is Vansh talking like this to his Dadi? I should find out about it. Dadi goes inside and brings Pooja plate and does their aarti. She then does the post wedding rituals and welcomes Ridhima. Vansh says” Dadi, why are you doing these rituals?” Dadi pats him and says” You are very eager for everything. You didn’t do pre wedding rituals so atleast let me do these post wedding rituals else your marriage will not have any meaning.” Vash and Ridhima look at each other and think of their marriage.

Vansh says” Dadi, where is Siya?” Dadi says” She is in her room Vansh”. Vansh holds Ridhima’s hand and takes her to Siya’s room. Dadi and Ishani look at them and smile. Ishani says” Dadi, I didn’t knew that they both will love each other and that too in 3 days”. Dadi says” Even I wonder How can Vansh love her so soon? He is very reserved. But they both really love each other and are happy . That is enough for me.” Ishani nods and leaves.

Vansh brings Ridhima to Siya’s room. Ridhima shoves his hand and says” Vansh, please don’t touch me. I feel uncomfortable. This marriage is a namesake marriage so you don’t have any rights to touch me.” Vansh gets hurt by her words and goes inside. Vansh goes near Siya and touches her forehead. She wakes up and looks at Vansh and Ridhima. She gets shocked and says” Vansh Bhaiya, What happened to you both?” Vansh says” Why are you shocked Siya. You wanted us to get married right and we got married.” Siya says” Bhaiya, I didn’t know you will marry suddenly and Ridhima ji , are you happy with this marriage or Vansh Bhaiya forced you? Please tell me Ridhima ji”. Ridhima says” No Siya, your Bhaiya didn’t forced me. I married him by my wish and I am happy with this.” Siya looks at them in teary eyes and says” I didn’t knew my wish will come true so soon. Thank you both and I am happy that you both are happy with this relation. Now I can die peacefully”. Ridhima stops her and says” Your Vansh Bhaiya loves you more than anyone. If you are not there then he can’t leave. You don’t talk about death. You will get fine soon. I have faith on you.” Siya gets up and hugs Ridhima. Ridhima gets emotional and hugs her back. Siya says” Promise me that you will always stay with Vansh Bhaiya and look after him. Please keep him happy Ridhima Bhabhi. Can I call you Ridhima Bhabhi?” Ridhima gets touched and nods. They hug each other again. Vansh gets emotional looking at them.

Vansh brings Ridhima to his room. He says” Ridhima, this is your room from today. If you need anything then tell me. I will get your things get shifted from your hostel room. Ridhima says” Vansh, I can’t lie to everyone about our relation. I can’t fake my emotion.” She cries. Vansh feels bad about her and says” Ridhima, please try to understand my situation. I plead you to do this for me”. Ridhima wipes her tears and nods. Vansh says” Ridhima, you freshen up and come. Dadi called us to come down.” Ridhima goes into the washroom and looks at herself in the mirror. She touches the sindoor in her forehead and recalls her marriage. She cries and recalls Siya calling her Bhabhi. Vansh is outside and thinks Ridhima sacrificed her life for me. I have spoilt her life but still she is helping me. Ridhima’s phone gets a call from Kabir. Vansh looks at his name and recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima and thinks I broke their relation. He leaves.

Ridhima comes outside the washroom and finds Kabir’s call in her phone. She calls him and asks him to meet her and take his ring back. Vansh comes back to the room and looks at Ridhima who is getting ready. He gets mesmerized looking at her. Ridhima looks at him. Vansh turns his head and looks for something. Ridhima takes sindoor box and recalls her marriage. She takes sindoor in her hand and looks at it in tears. Vansh notices this and feels sad. He comes to her and says” Ridhima, I know you are very broken now. I know you have left your loved one and married me but please don’t be sad. I can’t see you sad”. Ridhima wonders about whom he is talking . Suddenly wind blows and the sindoor in Ridhima’s hand gets into her eyes. Vansh cares for her and blows into her eyes. They have an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…. Ishani comes and finds them close to each other and turns. Ridhima and Vansh notice her and move back. Ishani says” Bhaiya, you could have locked your door. Anyways Dadi is calling you both to come fast.” She leaves. Ridhima says” Vansh, I have some work. I will go out and come after some time.” Vansh says” Shall I drop you in my car?” Ridhima says” I am fine, Vansh. I don’t have any habit to travel in car. I will go by myself.” Vansh nods at her and says” Come fast”. She leaves.

Vansh and Ridhima come down. Vansh says” Dadi, Ridhima has some important work so she will go out”. Dadi smiles and says” Vansh, you are asking permission for your wife. You started behaving as ideal husband already.” Ridhima looks at Vansh and leaves. Angre thinks I should find out where she is going in such hate. He follows Ridhima.

Ridhima comes to a café and meets Kabir. Kabir looks at her and gets shocked and says” Ridhima, why have you put sindoor in your forehead?” Ridhima says” Kabir, I and Vansh got married.” Kabir looks at her in shock.

PRECAP: Vansh asks Ridhima ” Where she went?” Ridhima says” I don’t need to tell you.” Vansh says” You should tell me because I am your husband”. Ridhima says” But I am not your wife”. 

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