Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 12

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Hello freinds, I am sure everyone are good. Thank you for all the love and support you all are giving.
Replies for the comments of previous episode:
Hey Lover of RiAnsh, I can clearly find that you are a keen reader of my ff. The way you have commented indicates that you have really adopted the story. Glad to know that you really like my ff. Keep commenting so that we can know how people are affected with our writings.
Hey Baisnabi, you don’t even know how badly I was waiting to post the episode so that I can read your lovely comments. I am happy to make you all connect with my ff. Love you dear….
Thank you KV2711, I am glad you liked the storyline. By the way can I know your name?
Aww M, I wanted to write few emotional episodes so I have written the previous episodes with all emotions. I promise from now I will reduce the emotional part. Keep loving….
Yeh Disha (Riansh_fan), I am in sound health. Thank you for your concern. I loved your comment.
Hey Bhuvaneshwari, yes even I feel the same about the shows. Thank you for your concern and I am glad you are happy with my ff.
Aww Diha, loved your concern. I am perfect now. I am glad to know that my ff gives you positive vibes. I will make sure to keep entertaining you all in the same way. Love you sweety…
Hi Ravi, in my ff as I already said Vansh is a business tycoon and is an innocent as for now. There are many twists to be turned up. Stay tune.
Aww priya, Thank you for all those words you have said. I am glad you are connected with the emotions through my words.
Hey Yashika, I am glad to know that you are eager for the update.
No worries Cee, I am fine now. I am glad that you are giving your valuable time for reading my ff. I am on cloud nine reading your comment right now. As per my opinion this story will no longer remain a simple one. Stay tune….

Episode starts with……
Ridhima says” Kabir, I and Vansh got married.” Kabir looks at her in shock. Kabir says” Ridhima, how can you get married suddenly, we met just yesterday. You didn’t even tell me. Anyways who is your husband?” Ridhima says” Vansh”. Kabir gets shocked and says” You married Vansh? But how, I mean you just met him 3 days ago and you got married. Are you okay?” Ridhima recalls her marriage and says” No, I mean leave that topic” Kabir looks at her in confusion and says” Ridhima, feel me like your friend and tell me what happened.” Ridhima recalls Vansh telling her not to tell anyone about their marriage and says” Kabir, I am alright with this marriage. We love each other and got married.” Kabir gets surprised and says” Love, in 3 days? Are you sure?” Ridhima nods her head and tries to take the ring from her finger.

Angre comes there and finds them. He wonders what they are doing together. He recalls how Vansh had supported her instead of him and says” Ridhima, because of you Vansh had scolded me and now I will make sure Vansh will find your truth.” He starts recording their video. Ridhima struggles to take her ring out. Kabir notices it and offers help to her. He tries to remove the ring as well. Angre thinks Kabir is making Ridhima wear the ring and stops the recording. He also takes few pictures of them and sends them to Vansh. Finally Kabir takes off the ring. Ridhima says” Anyways Kabir, I hope your love becomes success. All the best. I should leave. See you again”. Kabir smiles as Ridhima leaves.

Vansh receives the video of Ridhima and Kabir from a private number. He looks at the video and the photos and gets sad. He recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima. He recalls Ridhima saying she has an important work and asking him permission to go out. He thinks Why am I affected to see Ridhima with Kabir? Why am I not able to bear seeing Ridhima with someone else? What is this feeling that is troubling me? Who is this person who sent these videos? What does he want? Vansh becomes restless and is unable to concentrate on his work. He decides to end his work and leaves from the office.
Vansh reaches home and searches for Ridhima. He looks around the house searching Ridhima. He finds Ridhima in Siya’s room. Ridhima is feeding food to Siya. Siya says” Bhabhi, I am very happy today. You are really very caring. Vansh Bhaiya is very lucky to get you.” Ridhima smiles at her and says” No Siya, your Vansh Bhaiya is more caring than me. He loves you a lot and can do anything for your happiness. You are lucky to have a brother like him.” Siya finds Vansh at door and says” Bhabhi, What else you like in Bhaiya?” Ridhima says” Your Bhaiya always cares for his family. He can do anything to make you all happy. His strength is his family. (Suddenly she finds Vansh listening their conversation in mirror). But sometimes he listens to others conversation stealthily.” She turns back and says” Is it true Vansh?” Vansh gets surprised and rushes away. Siya and Ridhima laugh together.

Vansh comes to his room and recalls Ridhima taking care of Siya. He recalls Ridhima talking about him and smiles. Suddenly he looks at his phone and recalls the video of Ridhima and Kabir. Ridhima comes back and finds Vansh lost. She asks” Are you okay, Vansh?” Vansh recalls everything and asks” Where did you go, Ridhima?” Ridhima says” I went to meet someone.” Vansh asks” Who is that person you went to meet?” Ridhima gets angry and says” I don’t need to tell you.” Vansh says” Why will you not say? you should tell me as I am your husband.” Ridhima says” But I am not your wife, Vansh. Remember our marriage is a forced relation and I am tied to it. You should give me my space.” She leaves. Vansh gets hurt by her words. He thinks Ridhima is not happy with this relation.

Vansh comes out of Wash room after freshens up. Ridhima comes to the room and finds Vansh draped in a towel and turns back. Vansh notices her and covers himself with his hands. He says” You could have knocked the door before coming.” Ridhima says” You must wear your clothes in the wash room itself. Remember even I am staying in this room.” Vansh nods and wears his shirt and asks Ridhima to turn . Ridhima turns to him and says” Dadi called everyone for dinner. So , I came to call you.” She begins to walk away but slips because of water on the floor. Vansh holds her but looses his balance and both of them fall on the sofa. They have an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays. Ridhima tries to get up but again falls on him. Vansh caress her face. They both get lost in each others eyes. Ridhima feels awkward and gets up. She leaves while Vansh smiles. Everyone gather in dinning hall. Dadi asks Ridhima to sit beside Vansh. Ridhima sits beside Vansh. Angre comes there and looks at them. He thinks they are hiding something. He asks” So, Vansh and Ridhima can you tell about your love story?” Ridhima gets shocked and chokes. Vansh worries and makes her drink water. Vansh cares for her and asks” Are you fine?” Ridhima nods. Dadi looks at them and smiles. Dadi says” See Angre, they care for each other and this is called love. Hope you understood.” Ridhima and Vansh look at each other. Dadi says” Vansh, you and Ridhima should go to the temple tomorrow and do puja.” Vansh agrees and leaves.

Ridhima comes to the room and finds Vansh near window looking at the sky. She thinks to not disturb Vansh and starts making a bedding on sofa. Vansh finds her making arrangements to sleep on sofa and says” Ridhima, let it be you can sleep on bed and I will sleep on sofa. You cannot sleep whole night on sofa so you can sleep on bed.” Ridhima smiles and says” Who said I will sleep on sofa? I am making the bedding for you to sleep on sofa. I will sleep on bed even if you don’t say.” Vansh laughs hearing her and says” You are not innocent as you look.” Ridhima gets angry and throws a pillow on him. He also throws the pillow on her. They start fighting with pillows. They finally give in and start laughing. Ridhima feels tired and goes to sleep on bed. Vansh also goes to sleep on the sofa. They say each other good night and sleep.

PRECAP: Vansh steps on a glass piece and gets hurt. Ridhima cares for him. Vansh says” No need to care for me, Ridhima. I know that you don’t value our relation. You love someone else.” Ridhima gets shocked and says”                           What are you saying Vansh?” Vansh shows Ridhima the video he got  and says” I know you love Kabir.”  

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