Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 13

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Hello buddies! hope you all are fit and healthy. Today is Rrahul sudhir sir’s birthday. So wishing him a happy birthday. Hope he recovers soon and resume the shooting.
Replies to the comments of previous episode:
Hey Natasha, I am glad you liked the update.
Yeah Lover Of Riansh, your taughts  are great. I mean the way you assume the story happenings shows that you are completely involved in the story line. Keep supporting me the way you are doing. I finalized my story but the episodes are not planned because even I don’t know what scenes to be expressed or words to be written as to express the emotions of the characters.
Hey KV2711, thank you for your precious words.
Aww Diha, Ridhbir do make a wonderful couple but I have made Riansh in my ff as lead. Keep loving my ff ‘s..
Hey Bhuvaneshwari, wow so much curiosity to see Riansh together. Well then let’s do it in this episode itself.
Aww Aafrin, thank you for such lovely words. I am glad you are very much involved my ff ‘s . Weel keep loving them the way you are doing.
Thank you Amisha for the comment. I am glad you found my story line interesting.
Aww Priya, best comment actually. I can clearly understand your reactions reading my ff through your words. Love you sweetheart…
Hey M, thank you for your comment. As usual, I was eager to read your comment because it brings strength in me to write the next episode. Lot’s of love…
Hey Ravi, thank you for the genuine words. I will try to post every day dear.
Aww Cee, yes I am not under any pressure right now because my ff got it’s place into the reader’s heart. I will now try to keep that place fixed and entertain everyone without fail. Thank you dear …
Hey Yashika, I am glad you liked my ff.

Episode starts with…..
Ridhima wakes up from sleep and finds Vansh struggling to sleep on bed. She smiles looking at him. She notices Vansh is feeling cold and goes to him. She puts the blanket on him. Vansh holds her hand in sleep which shocks Ridhima. Ridhima tries to free her hand when he suddenly pulls her. She falls on Vansh. Vansh shouts in pain and suddenly wakes up. He looks at Ridhima on his top and tries to get up. They both loose their balance and fall down. They both have an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…. Vansh caresses Ridhima’s face and they both forget themselves looking in each other’s eyes. Vansh gets a call which gets both of them conscious. Ridhima gets up and leaves to wash room. Vansh smiles while she leaves and attends the call. He hears someone and gets shocked. He leaves in a rush.

Ridhima gets ready and comes to Dadi. Dadi asks her about Vansh. Ridhima says” I don’t know where he went in the morning. I didn’t find him anywhere Dadi.” Dadi says” I think he went for an important work.” Ridhima nods and thinks Where did he go? She gets a call from Kabir. Kabir says” Ridhima, I want to tell you something. Will you meet me in the café at 4:30 pm?” Ridhima agrees to his words and leaves.

Vansh comes to an abandoned house and searches for his Papa. He calls him out and finds him in the garden. Vansh’s papa gets surprised seeing him and hugs him. He says” Vansh, I already told you not to come here. Why did you come?” Vansh stammers and says” Papa, she called me.” Vansh’s papa gets confused and asks ” Who?” Vansh falls on his knees and cries. He then says” The one who left us 20 years back, The one who never cared for us, The one who is responsible for your situation, The one who never valued our love called me. My Maa.” Vansh’s Papa gets shocked hearing his words. He tries to console Vansh. He asks” Why did she called you Vansh?” Vansh wipes his tears and says” She told me that she is missing her children and wanted to return to us. She said that she is regretting her deeds and wants to apologize to us. She wants to live her rest of life with us.” Vansh’s Papa gets shocked and recalls that day.

Flashback shows:
Vansh’s Papa holding baby Siya. Anupriya(Vansh’s Maa) says” You are a murderer. I don’t want to stay with you.” She leaves. Vansh’s Papa asks her not to go and cries.

Bank to present:
Vansh’s Papa gets tensed and says” No, this should not happen. If she returns back then there will be a huge disaster. I don’t want anyone to know about that night. Please Vansh, make sure that incident will not come out. Our family will be shattered.” Vansh says” Papa, already our family is shattered. I know that if that incident comes out then Siya will be completely shattered. Don’t know what will happen? What should I do? If she comes back?” Vansh’s Papa says” I trust you Vansh, you can handle any situation. I got to know that you are married. I wish I was there in your marriage. I want to see my daughter in law once.” Vansh nods and leaves from there. Vansh’s Papa thinks if anyone knows about that day then everything will be lost.

Ridhima comes to the cafe and meets Kabir there. Kabir says” Ridhima, I called you here to ask you about your future. I mean will you continue your work? Will you return to office? Ridhima gets confused and says” I will think about it Kabir. I will talk to Vansh and will inform you. I need some time.” Kabir nods and orders for a coffee. Vansh comes home and asks Dadi about Ridhima. Dadi says” Ridhima went out for an important work.” Vansh recalls the video of Ridhima and Kabir and thinks she went to meet him. He goes to his room. He gets worried about the call he got in the morning. Ridhima comes back and finds him worried. She asks” Vansh, Are you okay?” Vansh ignores her and leaves. Ridhima wonders what happened and thinks it might be related to his business. She feels thirsty and drinks water. The glass stumbles and falls down. She goes out to bring something to clean the glass pieces. Vansh comes back to the room talking in a phone and steps on a glass piece. Ridhima comes back and notices it. She gets worried and goes to him. She cares for Vansh and gets a first aid box. She takes out the glass pieces from his leg and cleans the blood with cotton. Vansh looks at her lovingly. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…. Ridhima says” Sorry Vansh, it is my mistake. The glass fell by my mistake and you got hurt because of it.”

Vansh thinks about the video of Ridhima and Kabir and recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima. He takes his leg back . Ridhima gets surprised by his actions and asks “What happened?” Vansh refuses to reply and stands to leave. He feels pain. Ridhima holds him and says” Please Vansh, you will get pain. Let me clean the wounds.” Vansh shouts and says” No need to care for me, Ridhima. I know that you don’t value our relation. You love someone else.” Ridhima gets shocked at his sudden outburst and says” What are you saying ,Vansh?” Vansh says” Ridhima, I know you are not happy with this relation. I know you love Kabir.” Ridhima gets shocked. Vansh then shows her the video and photos of them he got . Ridhima gets teary eyed and throws his phone away. Vansh gets surprised at her reaction. Ridhima looks at him and says” Why, Vansh? I taught we have trust between us but you proved me wrong. You could have asked me before judging my relation with him. You could have asked me about this video and photos rather than accusing me.” Vansh says” Ridhima, I have seen Kabir proposing you in hospital.” Ridhima recalls the incident and says” Vansh, why do you always misunderstand the situations. He never proposed me i real. He wanted me to act as his girl friend to practice how to propose. We never had any relation rather than friendship. We are colleagues and friends but not what you think. I never taught you had this opinion on me. I taught to give our relationship a chance but knowing that you don’t trust me I feel our relation will never have any meaning”. Vansh feels shattered and says” Please Ridhima, I didn’t know about that. I taught you both love each other. I taught I have separated you and him. I was feeling guilty about that. I got these videos and photos from someone. I am sorry Ridhima. Please forgive me.” Ridhima doesn’t react and leaves. Vansh feels guilty about his words and thinks I must apologize to Ridhima for my actions. I must find out who sent these video and photos.

PRECAP: Vansh asks Ridhima to give a chance to their relation ship. A lady enters VR mansion. Vansh slaps Angre.

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