Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 2

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Hello friends, hope you liked my ff and from today I will try to post episodes whenever I am free

Episode starts with….

Ridhima getting ready for her office. She prays to god. Smitha wakes up ans asks”Why are you getting ready early in the morning? Are you going somewhere?”Ridhima says”Kabir called me and said that we got an event, so I am going to the office” Smitha says”All the best,come home soon”.Ridhima leaves.

Ridhima reaches the office and goes to Kabir’s cabin. Kabir says” Congratulations Ridhima for your first event. I am giving this event to you”. Ridhima gets surprised and hugs him. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays….She gets back and asks”Whose event is this?” Kabir says”We got an event from Vansh Rai Singhania, He is a business tycoon. His sister is getting married so he wanted to celebrate it grandly . He gave us this event’s responsibility. We should make this event successful or he won’t spare us”. Ridhima says” I will try my best to make this event successful. Thank you for trusting me as capable for this event.I will make sure you won’t have any complaints”.Kabir says” You should go to Vansh mansion and meet Vansh sir’s sister and know How she want this event to be done? It might be helpful for us”. Ridhima agrees and leaves.

Ridhima reaches Vansh mansion in an auto. she pays the fare and enters Vansh mansion. Vansh is shown watering the plants in the garden. Ridhima comes there and her purse falls down. she bends to pick the purse. Vansh accidentally throws water on her and she gets drenched in water. Vansh looks at her while she gets up . Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…Ridhima scolds Vansh thinking he is a servant. Vansh gets angry and says”Do you know who I am?” Ridhima says”of course, you are Vansh sir’s servant” Vansh gets surprised and says”How do you know that  I am Vansh’s servant”. Ridhima says” Not vansh , call him Vansh sir. you should respect him as he is your boss.If you repeat this mistake then I will complaint to Vansh sir and you will loose this job”. He says” Do you know Vansh sir?”. Ridhima says”I have heard a lot about him that he is very busy and family is most important to him than his work.” Vansh smiles and asks” Who are you? I have never seen you before?” Ridhima says” I am an event manager. Vansh sir gave us the responsibility of this event. I wish to make this event successful so I came to meet Vansh sir’s sister to know how she wants her marriage event to be?” Vansh gets surprised and asks “why are you asking my…Vansh sir’s sister about the arrangements, you should know how to arrange things?” Ridhima says”Every girl dreams about her marriage to be done as she likes. So I want to ask her”.Vansh says interesting, very interesting….. He gets a call and leaves. Ridhima wonders why he was asking those questions as if he is Vansh sir? She leaves.

Ridhima enters the mansion and asks a servant about Vansh sir’s sister. Servant says” Ishani mam is in her room. Go to first floor and you can find her room” Ridhima nods and goes to first floor. She enters into Vansh’s room. She looks at the pictures and wonders how can a servant have such a big room? and thinks he might be very close to Vansh sir. Vansh enters his room and finds Ridhima looking at the pictures. He thinks that she might find that I am Vansh and says”What are you doing here?” Ridhima gets shocked and slips on the carpet . She is about to fall but Vansh holds her. Ishq mein marjawan tite track plays….Ridhima gets up and moves back . Vansh asks”What are you doing in my room?” Ridhima says” I got to know about you , Why didn’t you tell me before?”

PRECAP: Ridhima stumbles from a stool and Vansh holds her. They have an eyelock. Ishq mein marjawan plays…Ridhima gets shocked seeing Vansh.

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