Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 4

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Hello everyone, thankyou for all the love you are showering to my ff’s, I will continue to entertain you all with my ff’s. Keep reading my ff’s.
Episode starts with…
Ridhima gets shocked seeing Vansh coming. She thinks why is he coming when that lady called Vansh? Vansh touches that lady’s feet and says”We missed you dadi,How was your trip to Delhi ?” Dadi says”Even I missed you both, the trip to Delhi was good. I met your uncle and aunt and they promised to come to Ishani’s wedding”. Ridhima gets stunned by hearing their conversation and drops the decorative items from her hand. She recalls all the incidents with Vansh. Vansh and Dadi look at her. Vansh says”What’s wrong with you Ridhima? Did anything happened?” Ridhima struggles to speak as she is in deep shock. She excuses herself and leaves.Vansh smiles while she leaves.Dadi asks”Who is she Vansh?” Vansh says”She is the event manager for Ishani”s wedding”.
Vansh asks Dadi to take rest and leaves to attend a meeting in office.Ridhima thinks of the incidents with Vansh and her behaviour towards him. She says” How can I not know that he is Vansh?What to do now?Will he forgive me for my mistake?I should apologise for my mistake. I hope it won’t effect my work.
Vansh comes back to home and finds all the arrangements done for Ishani’s engagement.Ridhima finds him and goes near him to apologise.He dosen’t see her and walks to his room while Ridhima follows him. Vansh enters his room and starts removing his coat while Ridhima comes there calling Vansh. Vansh gets surprised and asks “What are you doing in my room?”Ridhima finds him removing shirt and turns back. Vansh puts his shirt on and asks her to reply . Ridhima says”I don’t know what to say”.Vansh says”Then don’t say”.Ridhima says”No sir, please listen to me. I am sorry for my mistake” Vansh gets a call and goes. Ridhima not knowing he left continues speaking. She says”Actually I misunderstood you to be Vansh sir’s servant and them his friend. But now I got to know that you are Vansh sir. I hope you won’t mind it . Please forgive me sir”. Ridhima turns back and dosen’t find him.She thinks How dare he?He didn’t even listen to me. I was speaking madly but he was not here. Now where will I find him?. Ishani calls out Ridhima and she leaves.
Dadi comes to Vansh who is talking in phone.Vansh ends the call and asks Dadi what she is doing here? Dadi says”I want you to behave well with your uncle and aunt. They are coming to this place for the first time after that incident happened.They should not know about that day”.Vansh says”I promise Iwill not let them know what happened that day.I don’t want Ishani to have any doubt on us.We must be careful until this marriage happens”.He gets a call and leaves. Dadi thinks “No one should know about that day or else this family will shatter”.
Vansh comes to a abandoned house.He enters a room and finds a person.He goes to that person and says”How are you papa?”

PRECAP: Ridhima hears a noise and gets shocked seeing someone. Angre gets angry                            and throws  Ridhima out of the house

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