Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 5

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Hello everyone, thank you for all the love you are showering to my ff’s, I will continue to entertain you all with my ff’s. Keep reading my ff’s.I hope you were waiting for my update.
Episode starts with…

Vansh says”How are you papa?” The person says”Vansh,don’t call me your papa.  I am a murderer, I don’t deserve any relation or love. Why did you come here? I told you not to come” Vansh gets teary eyed and says”Don’t say that you are a murderer papa. What happened that day was not intentional. Why are you suffering for someone else’s mistake?” Vansh’s papa says”I know that but I don’t want anyone to know about that incident, so I better stay here. Please don’t come here, anyone can know about me”. Vansh says”Papa,I came here to tell you that today is Ishani’s engagement.It was a sudden decision so I came to inform you. I will make sure no one know’s about you.I wish you were there to look after her engagement”. Vansh’s Papa cries and says” I also want to be part of my daughter’s engagement,but that night changed our lives. Promise me you will look after her as a father and get her married grandly. Make sure she doesn’t feel the loss of her parents.I don’t want Ishani to find about me”. Vansh consoles him and says”You are bearing this punishment since 20 years.It is killing me to say that my parents died despite them being alive. Until when will you stay here.  At least go to any other country. I will make sure you won’t have any problems there”.  Vansh’s papa says”No, I won’t leave this place. This is the place that incident took place. We all are suffering because of this place.I don’t want to leave this place. Please go from here and arrange for Ishani’s engagement”.

Kabir comes to VR Mansion and meets Ridhima. He looks at the decorations and arrangements and says”Wow Ridhima ,good work. The arrangements are just perfect. I hope Vansh sir likes these arrangements”. Ridhima recalls about Vansh and her meetings. She is about to say that to Kabir when she steps on a thorn of Rose flower and shouts. Kabir cares for her and makes her sit. He removes the thorn while Ridhima looks at him. Ridhima gets pain and holds Kabir’s shoulder tightly. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays….Vansh comes there and looks at them. Ridhima tries to stand but loses balance and falls on Kabir. Vansh gets angry and goes to Ridhima. Kabir makes Ridhima stand . Vansh comes there and says”The arrangements are really good Ridhima,good work”. He forwards his hand to Ridhima for congratulating her. Ridhima gives him a shake hand. Vansh recalls Kabir and Ridhima and holds her hand tightly . Ridhima feels pain but doesn’t express. Kabir looks at them and says” We are glad that you liked our arrangements. Ridhima and I will try to work the best and make this event successful . Right Ridhima?” Ridhima smiles and nods her head to Kabir. Vansh leaves Ridhima’s hand and says”Interesting, Very interesting. I will see how you people will work”. He leaves. Kabir gets a call and leaves.

Ridhima walks in the corridor and checks all the arrangements. She hears a sound and gets shocked seeing Angre in Vansh’s room. She thinks he is a theif and shouts “theif”. Angre gets shocked and asks her to shut up. Ridhima says” Don’t threaten me. You are a theif,I will inform to Vansh sir. what are you doing in his room?” Ridhima leaves and searches for Vansh. Angre gets angry and goes behind Ridhima. He holds her hand and throws her out in the hall. Everyone in the hall gets shocked. She is about to fall when both Vansh and Kabir hold her. Ridhima looks at them.

PRECAP: Vansh and Kabir look at Ridhima while she comes down with Ishani. Kabir dances with Ridhima while Vansh looks                             on.Kabir proposes Ridhima and she gets shocked. Vansh see’s them together.

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