Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 6

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Hello everyone, thank you for all the love you are showering to my ff’s, I will continue to entertain you all with my ff’s. Keep reading my ff’s.I hope you were waiting for my update.

Episode starts with….
Ridhima is about to fall but both Vansh and Kabir hold her. Vansh asks Angre”What were you doing? Is this how you behave with our staff?” Angre gets shocked hearing this and says”You don’t come in between us Vansh. You don’t know what she did. She called me a thief. She insulted me. I am your friend and this is very insulting”. Vansh looks at Ridhima and asks”Is it true? Did you call Angre a thief?” Ridhima nods and says”Sir, believe me. I saw him in your room and taught he is stealing something as I don’t know he is your friend. I apologize to you sir, forgive me”. Kabir says” Enough Ridhima, Angre should have told you that he is Vansh’s friend rather throwing you out. We are not their slaves so they cannot treat us like this. There is no need for you to work here. We will leave from here”. Ridhima holds Kabir’s hand and stops him. Vansh looks at them. Ridhima says” Please Kabir, I understand what you feel but for me my work is important. I cannot stop my work in middle. Such incidents might happen. Even I am at wrong side now. Don’t take such decisions.”

Ishani comes there calling Ridhima and says”Ridhima can you help me in getting ready” Ridhima looks at Kabir. Vansh notices this and says “Yes, Ishani,you go to your room. Ridhima will come to you”. Ishani looks at Ridhima and says” What happened? Is everything fine?” Vansh nods. Ishani leaves. Vansh turns to Ridhima and says” Sorry Ridhima,there is just a misunderstanding. I don’t find any mistake from your side,Angre should have remained calm and explained you. Please forgive us if possible and go to Ishani. I don’t want any obstacle in her engagement”. Ridhima says” No sir, I should have taught before calling him as theif. I have done this mistake before also and that too with you. I am sorry for whatever happened earlier”. Vansh nods and leaves.

Angre looks at them while they leave and says”Vansh , you supported her instead of me. I will not forgive her, I will make her pay the prize for her mistake. I will make sure he gets to know about Angre. I will make her fall in your eyes” . He calls someone and leaves.

Aryan along with his family and relatives come to VR mansion. Dadi and Vansh attend them and invite them inside. Vansh greets them. Aryan’s mother looks around and says”The decorations are really nice, I hope you will give us costly gifts from here on”. Aryan takes her aside and says” Mom, never talk about money and gifts with them. Don’t be greedy. I love Ishani,not her wealth. they accepted this marriage as they love Ishani, else we are no of their level”. His mom asks”How will you look after Ishani? She leads a rich life and we cannot afford it. What is wrong if they give us dowry? That belongs to Ishani as well”. Aryan says”I can afford for Ishani. I love her and she will be happy with me”. Aryan’s mother gets irked and says” Even before marriage you are supporting her. Don’t forget I am your mother”. Aryan’s papa greets both Vansh and Dadi. Aryan comes back and greets them.
Vansh says”Pandit ji has arrived. He said the engagement will happen after one hour, until then you relax in our guest room.” Vansh asks some worker to show guest room for them. Aryan agrees and leaves. Aryan’s mother comes to Vansh and says”Vansh,we accepted this marriage as we love Aryan. You should make sure that no one from your relatives insult us based on our status . Ishani should come to our house after the marriage and should adjust herself.” Vansh gets irked while Dadi says”Of course, we will assure you that you will not have any complaints regarding Ishani. Ishani will come to your house after marriage.” Vansh looks at Aryan’s mother angrily and leaves.

PRECAP: Vansh and Kabir look at Ridhima while she comes down with Ishani. Kabir dances with Ridhima while Vansh looks on.Kabir proposes Ridhima and she gets shocked. Vansh see’s them together.

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