Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 7

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Episode starts with……

Ridhia makes Ishani get ready. Ishani says”Ridhima,you also get ready. You are my friend,so you must look beautiful in my engagement”. Ishani gives a lehenga to Ridhima. Ridhima refuses but Ishani insists and makes her accept. Ishani gets a call and leaves. Pandith ji asks Vansh to get Ishani. Vansh agrees and leaves to Ishani’s room.

Vansh comes to Ishani’s room and finds Ridhima getting ready and gets stunned seeing her. Ridhima struggles to tie her back string. Vansh notices this and goes to her. Ridhima gets surprised and says”Sorry sir, I refused but Ishani ….Ishani mam insisted me to get ready and gave this lehenga to wear…Vansh puts his finger on her lips to stop her talking and makes her turn back. He ties her back string while she looks at him being surprised through the mirror. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…. They share an eye lock through the mirror. Vansh hears Ishani’s voice and moves back. Ridhima thanks him while he smiles. Ishani comes back and gets surprised seeing Vansh there. Vansh says” Pandith ji has called you Ishani, come fast”. He leaves.

Ridhima brings Ishani downstairs. Aryan and Ishani look at each other and smile. Vansh looks at Ridhima and recalls their moment. Kabir gets stunned looking at Ridhima. Pandith ji is about to start the rituals when power goes out. Vansh calls his secretary and asks about he power cut. Suddenly a light appears on a girl. Everyone gets shocked seeing her. She is none other than Siya. Ishani shouts Siya and runs to her.They both get emotional and hug. Ishani cries and says”I taught you will not come Siya”. Siya wipes her tears and says”How can I miss your engagement di?” Vansh gets emotional seeing them and goes to them. He hugs Siya and says”We missed you choti”. Ishani hugs both of them. Dadi blesses them to be together and happy forever. Ridhima gets emotional and smiles seeing them.

The engagement rituals start and Ishani and Aryan exchange their rings. Flower petals shower on them. Everyone claps for them and bless them. Siya goes to Vansh and says”Bhaiya, their is no entertainment. I am getting bored.” Vansh says”What do you want choti? tell me and I will arrange”. Siya says”Bhaiya,I want some music and a couple dance competition between all the couples”. Vansh agrees and asks Ridhima to arrange.Ridhima nods and calls someone to arrange.

The competition starts and all the couples dance.Kabir comes to Ridhima and asks”Will you dance with me?” Ridhima nods and they both start dancing. Janam janam song plays….Vansh looks at them. They dance closely. Vansh feels uncomfortable seeing Kabir touching Ridhima. Vansh tries to avoid them but he is unable to take his eyes from them. He goes near them. Siya announces everyone to change their partners. Kabir leaves Ridhima’s hand while Vansh holds her. Ridhima gets surprised. Vansh and Ridhima dance intimately. Siya looks at them and smiles. The competition ends and Siya announces the winners as Kabir and Ridhima. Ridhima gets surprised and hugs Kabir. Kabir feels something and hugs her back. Vansh looks at them angrily and leaves. Siya looks at him going and thinks something. Ridhima moves back and smiles.

Vansh goes to his room and recalls Kabir and Ridhima getting close. Vansh hits the wall and says” Why am I getting affected when I see Ridhima with Kabir? Why I am not able to take my eyes from Ridhima? What is this feeling that I have towards Ridhima?What is that feeling I get when Ridhima is close to me?” Siya comes there and says” That feeling is called love. You love Ridhima”. Vansh gets shocked and says” Siya, when did you come?” Siya says “When you are talking about Ridhima and love”. Vansh says “What are you saying Siya? You know I never believe in love after that incident. I cannot love Ridhima. I don’t have place to anyone except my family. I have once lost my love and will never love again.” Siya says”Bhaiya, I know that you lost your love once but you should give chance to your life again. You cannot leave hope for getting love. I think Ridhima can replace the sorrow of your life. I have seen you smiling wholeheartedly when you are with Ridhima. I think she is perfect.” Suddenly Siya chokes and faints. Vansh gets shocked and shouts Siya.

PRECAP:  Kabir proposes Ridhima. Vansh looks at them when they are hugging. Siya says Vansh to marry Ridhima. Ridhima slaps Vansh.

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