Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 8

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Hello friends, loving your support. Here is my next update.
Replies for the comments of last update:
Hey Priya, actually I am thinking to post the updates on week days. So I didn’t post on sat & sun. I will try to extend my posting dates to sat also. Glad you liked the episode.
Thank you Riansh_fan for your constant support. Butterflies in stomach…! lovely support. Keep reading my ff ‘s dear.
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Aww M, I always wanted to write a pure love story. By the way , the magic you want will soon be added to the story. Just wait and read. Thank you for liking my creative writing. I am glad to make your mood better with my ff ‘s.
Thanks you Diha, yes I liked all your comments. I will not make you wait long from here on. The boy is jealous as where there is love there is jealousy. I taught to make Ishima(Ishani+Ridhima) together you know as I love their pair.
Thank you yaar, Baisnabi for loving my ff’s. Keep following my ff ‘s.
Thanks Soultuk, yeah I know the meaning. I will be cautious from next time. Keep reading my ff ‘s.

Thank you Srija for eagerly waiting for my update. I hope you will get clarity for your questions after reading the episode.

Ashi, here is the update you were asking for. Enjoy reading.
Episode starts with…..
Vansh shouts Siya and holds her. He calls out everyone to come and help him. Everyone gets shocked and rush to them. Ishani holds Siya and worries. Dadi asks Vansh to call doctor. Vansh calls doctor. Ridhima brings water and splashes over Siya’s face but she dosen’t move. They all worry for Siya. Vansh says” Doctor said it will take much time for him to come here” Angre says”I think we should take her to nearby hospital” Vansh agrees and takes Siya outside. Aryan brings the car and they rush to hospital. Ishani goes behind them in another car. Aryan’s mother says” This girl ruined my son’s happiness”. Ridhima says”Aunty, no one will intentionally break someone’s happiness. Try to understand it is her sister’s engagement too”. Dadi supports Ridhima. Aryan’s mother gets miffed and leaves. Dadi cries recalling Siya. Ridhima pacifies her to keep faith in god. Vansh, Angre and Aryan bring Siya to hospital. The doctors examine her and take her to ICU. Vansh panics while Aryan and Angre pacify him. Ishani comes after them and hugs Vansh. Vansh stops crying and pacifies Ishani. He asks” Why did you left Dadi alone?” Ishani says”Bhaiya, Ridhima is taking care of Dadi”.
At home Ridhima brings food for Dadi and asks her to eat. Dadi refuses to eat and says” Ridhima, I want to go to hospital. Don’t know how they are. I can’t eat without knowing that my kids are fine. Please take me to the hospital”. Dadi cries. Ridhima feels helpless and worries for Dadi and decides to take her to the hospital. Ridhima goes to Kabir and informs the same. Kabir agrees and goes to bring his car. They leave to hospital. They reach hospital and enquire about Siya. Ridhima gets a call and asks them to go to Siya. They go.
Vansh comes there to pay the fees and finds Ridhima. He recalls Ishani words that Ridhima is taking care of Dadi and looks confused. He thinks she left the Dadi alone and gets angry. He calls her but she doesn’t respond. He goes to her and pulls her arm suddenly and her sleeve gets torn. She turns and slaps Vansh thinking he is some random person and is misbehaving with her but she gets shocked seeing Vansh. Vansh gets shocked and says” Sorry Ridhima, I didn’t do it intentionally. I was just holding your arm”. Everyone around them look at them. Ridhima cries and leaves from there. Vansh feels guilty and goes behind her and holds her. She says” What is this Vansh? Why did you do this? Do you know what those people will think? Is this how you behave with me?” Vansh feels sad and says” I didn’t do it intentionally Ridhima. Try to understand my situation. I am already scared for Siya. You were supposed to be with Dadi, then what are you doing here. Who is with Dadi?” Ridhima weeps her tears and says”Dadi insisted to come , so we brought her here.” Vansh realizes that her sleeve got torn and gives his blazer to her. She wears it and leaves.
Dadi comes to Ishani and hugs her. Ishani says” Dadi, I told you not to come here but you didn’t listen to me. Have you ate anything?” Ridhima comes there and says” She was worried for you all and didn’t eat anything since you left.” Ishani asks “Why are you wearing this blazer, Ridhima? ” Ridhima recalls the incident. Vansh comes there and hugs Dadi. Ridhima leaves and Vansh looks at her leaving. Ridhima comes to Kabir who is talking with someone in phone. Kabir notices her and ends the call. Ridhima asks “Was it an important call?” Kabir smiles and says” I was asking my friend how to propose anyone”. Ridhima gets surprised and says” Do you love anyone?” Kabir smiles and says” Yes, I am thinking to propose her but I am very nervous. Ridhima , can you pretend to be my girl friend. so that I can practice how to propose?” Ridhima gets surprised and says” I always wanted to see such iconic proposes. Sure Kabir, I will act”. Vansh comes there and looks at them. Kabir suddenly sits on his knees and takes out a ring. He says” Will you be my love forever and marry me?” Ridhima smiles and says” yes Kabir, I would like to”. She takes the ring and hugs him and says” All the best Kabir, I hope that someone special will like you”. Vansh gets shocked seeing this and thinks that they love each other. Ridhima finds Vansh and goes to him. He doesn’t talk to her and begins to leave. Ridhima goes behind him and stops him. She is about to say something when he gets a call. Vansh gets shocked hearing something in phone and shouts” What?” and runs. Ridhima wonders what happened and goes behind him. Vansh goes inside the doctor’s cabin. Ridhima comes there and listens their conversation. Vansh asks “Is it true doctor?” Doctor says” Yes Vansh, your sister Siya is having brain tumor. Her tumor is in third stage. We must take care of her else she might die” Vansh’s world gets shattered hearing this. He stops his sorrows in his eyes. He says” Doctor, I will pay any amount but please save my sister. She is my world and I cannot live without her”. Doctor says” I will try my best, Vansh”. Vansh comes out of the cabin and finds Ridhima standing as a stone. Ridhima finds it difficult to believe the truth and weeps. Vansh nods his head to know whether she heard everything. Ridhima nods her head. Their eyes are full of sorrow which is inexpressible. Vansh falls down and starts crying. Ridhima holds him but lets him to cry and release his pain. Vansh screams loud as if his world is going to get away from him. Ridhima also cries not knowing what is happening with her listening the condition of Vansh’s sister. Vansh hugs Ridhima tightly and says” Why this is happening with my little sister? Why she should face this at such young age?” Ridhima hugs him back to give him strength and says” Please control yourself Vansh. You should be the strongest person now.” They stop talking and cry their hearts out. Ridhima says “I know the pain of loosing someone Vansh . But keep faith in god , He will protect Siya. nothing will happen to her”. They lie in each other’s embrace for next few minutes. There are no people in that floor and everything remains silent.

PRECAP: Siya asks Vansh to marry Ridhima.  Vansh recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima.

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