Barister Babu 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh solves Bondita’s problem

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Barister Babu 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh coming as the magician. Saurabh asks are we doing it right. Anirudh says yes, we have no other way. He thinks I m doing this for you, your problem will end forever. Bondita looks for him. He thinks you would be finding me, I will solve your problem as the magician today. He says I m the magician and disappear everything, maybe I forgot something. Bondita says your magical stick. He asks did Bondita keep my stick, get it. She signs no. Anirudh asks Trilochan does he have it. Trilochan asks him to take his stick. Anirudh says it won’t help. He gets his stick. Trilochan sends Bihari. Anirudh shows the magic by Saurabh’s help. Bihari goes to study. Saurabh asks Anirudh to stop Bihari. Anirudh asks Bihari to come to him. He does a magic and shows the eggs under Bihari. Bondita laughs. Anirudh says I wills how my next magic, who will come for it.

Anirudh calls Trilochan to come. Bondita smiles. Trilochan slips and gets shocked seeing Anirudh. Saurabh switches off the lights. Anirudh fixes his beard. He thinks Saurabh saved me. Saurabh switches on the lights. Trilochan and Binoy don’t like the magic show. They ask Bondita to pay the magician when the program ends. Anirudh says I will disappear things, I want a brave kid for this magic. Bondita and Batuk jump. Anirudh asks Bondita to come. She gets an egg in her hands. Batuk says she is a coward. Anirudh says I want someone brave. He asks her to go. Bondita says I m not a coward, I have much courage, I do what I m determined for. He asks really, this magic is tough. Saurabh gets a box. Anirudh asks her to get inside that box. Bondita thinks and gets scared. Anirudh asks her is she a coward. She says I will not get back. He encourages her. She says I will really do it. He asks are you ready then. She enters the box. Anirudh thinks this is imp to end your fear, be strong Bondita. He says I will disappear Bondita, you will find her in any room, whoever will find Bondita will get my magical stick. Batuk says we will find Bondita. Bihari and Batuk go. Anirudh asks Saurabh to get the snake. Saurabh gets the snake.

Bondita gets shocked seeing the snake. She recalls her childhood moment and starts screaming. She shouts open the door. Saurabh asks Anirudh to think again, it can get dangerous. Anirudh gets scared of the snake and gets back. He says I trust Bondita, she will come out of the box and also end her fear. Saurabh gets angry and says I can’t let you do this. He goes to save Anirudh.

Bondita comes out of the box and runs to save Anirudh. She takes the stick from Saurabh’s hands and takes the snake away. The snake goes out of the window. She cries and comes back. Anirudh looks on. He says you saved me. She says I couldn’t save my dad. She sits crying. She says dad, your Bondita is brave. She gets dizzy and faints. Anirudh looks on. Its morning, Anirudh waits for Bondita. He thinks I have put her to sleep, will my attempt work. Trilochan and Binoy come. Binoy says Bondita has to leave from this haveli forever, you remember, right.

Anirudh says we don’t know if she has wet the bed at night or not. Binoy says we can check that. Anirudh says we will know it when she gets conscious, why are you in hurry. Trilochan says Maha pandit will be coming now, we have to make everything pure before he comes. Saudamini comes and asks is Bondita going back home, I mean poor girl will get fine. Trilochan says it will be better if you don’t interfere in our house matter. He says Anirudh, you asked for 6 days, you don’t bring a bad omen today. Bondita wakes up and worries. Anirudh asks can you hear me, Bondita did you wake up. He knocks the door. Saudamini thinks I don’t need to do anything. Binoy says that girl isn’t answering, it means she has done the same thing again. Saudamini says maybe she is scared and not coming out. Anirudh asks Bondita to answer him, if the problem ended, then knock the door twice, else just knock once.

Bondita knocks on the door once. Binoy and Saudamini smile. Binoy says she has knocked once, it means that nothing changed, just she will be changed in this haveli, she will leave this haveli forever. Saudamini gets happy. Binoy says Anirudh, you couldn’t do anything, my experience will always be more than you. Trilochan says there is nothing to say now, you know we have tried a lot to end her problem, let her go to her Maayka now. Saudamini says you can’t win in every attempt. Anirudh says I will drop Bondita to her mum myself. He thinks Bondita we lost. He turns to go. Rishta tera mera…..plays…. Bondita sees the bed clean. She smiles and knocks twice. Anirudh and everyone stop. She thinks I didn’t wet the bed today.

Precap will be added later when episode airs on TV

Update Credit to: Amena

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