Barister Babu 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Brijvasi fools Bondita

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Barister Babu 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brivasi saying this girl is perfect for my work. He hides the boy. He goes to Bondita and Sampoorna. Bondita asks who are you. He smiles and gives her a peacock feather. She gets glad. He says I m a messenger from Kanha. She smiles. He says Kanha has chosen you from the entire world. She asks why. He says he knows his Maya, he chose you because you are true and good-hearted, you are innocent and pure, that’s why, Kanha wants to give you four goats as reward. She asks how do you know, did you hear our talk. He says no, Kanha heard it and told me. He fools her. Bondita says you will save Sampoorna’s mariage from breaking. Sampoorna says yes, now Saurabh’s new wife will not come now. He says like Lord fulfills your wish, you have to fulfill Lord’s wish by praying to him. He asks will you do what I said.

Anirudh and Sampoorna are dancing. He thinks its late, I will go and see if Bondita is studying. He sees Bondita and smiles. Batuk is still sitting in her place. Bondita says I m ready to worship Kanha, if he will give me goats, Sampoorna’s marriage will get saved, tell me, what to do. Brijvasi thinks after that boy died, if I didn’t get this girl, I would have got trapped. Bondita asks Sampoorna to get happy now. He says yes, you will get the goats. He says Sampoorna can’t come with us, Kanha has chosen Bondita, so she should get a chance to pray.

Bondita says but we are not different. He says just you got this chance to pray, then your wish will be fulfilled. Bondita says don’t worry for me, Kanha won’t let anything happen to me. She asks where are the goats. He thinks she is taking much time, everyone is waiting there. Trilochan is also waiting. He says you will get the goats after completing the tapasya, I promise you you will see stars in the sky in three days. He thinks I will leave this village in 3 days. Bondita says Kanha will understand me, take me to him. He smiles. He says I can see his child avatar in you, so he chose you, he has heard your prayer, he asked me to give you goats right away. He thinks if I don’t give her goats, she will keep asking me. He asks Sampoorna to keep the money, its prasad. Sampoorna says its money.

He says yes, Kanha would have got goats, but his devotees are waiting for him, keep the money and buy the goats, save your marriage. Bondita takes the money and gives to Sampoorna. She asks her to buy four goats and give it to inlaws, then they will not make Saurabh away. Sampoorna says you are the best sister. She thanks her. Bondita goes with Brijvasi. He takes Bondita. Bondita starts talking to Kanha. He says you just take Kanha’s name. She asks why didn’t I hear his voice. He says you have do much tapasya like me to hear him, don’t delay, if Kanha chooses anyone else, your goats can disappear. She says I m ready. He thinks you have to become Kanha’s voice. He pushes the idol and shows the pit under the ground. He asks her to get in and do the tapasya, she can’t go to the mountains, she has to go inside the cave. She gets scared. Trilochan asks how much time more. Brijvasi says you need time to worship. He tells her the shloks. She asks the meaning. He fools her. He says I will fool the people now. He asks her to read it. She reads the shloks. He says great Bondita, you are really smart. He smiles.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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