Barister Babu 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Brij fools the devotees

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Barister Babu 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij asking Bondita to enter the dark room and not get scared, Kanha is with her. Bondita is scared. Trilochan thinks how long will it take, he has to pray for Bondita, he is worried for her. Saudamini says we had a good time after a long time. She tries to hold him. He turns to her and says your intentions are not hidden from me now, you can’t deny it, I have a proof. She recalls the wedding invite. She gets worried. Bondita enters the dark room and prays to Durga maa. Anirudh says you did so good, you learnt dance in one day, you will become an expert soon, why did you hide this card from me, I knew you will participate in the annual ballroom dance. She smiles seeing the invite card for dance night. He says we will participate in the dance night, we will win, we will practice every day. He recalls Bondita.

She says you have to teach Bondita, you don’t worry for me, I got habitual to see my dreams breaking, it never happens what we want. Bondita says I won’t get scared here, I will impress Kanha. Brij asks the people to come and get answers from talking Kanha. Trilochan says Jai ho, when I get answers from him, all my worry will end. Bondita gets scared seeing the insects inside. Trilochan comes inside and greets Kanha. He asks Trilochan to feed the milk to Kanha himself. Trilochan feeds the idol. Ondita gets scared. Trilochan gets amazed seeing the idol drinking milk. The milk falls inside the dark room. Trilochan says he drank all the milk, I m so glad. Brij thinks I can fool even a landlord. Trilochan says I want to tell something, I m worried because of my Bahu, she argues a lot, she is naughty, innocent, sharp-minded, I m worried for her future. Anirudh says I will manage Bondita’s studies and our dance also, we will go club and complete formalities, don’t get upset, dance practice will end in 5 days, then I will teach her well. She thinks you are just mine, I won’t let you go.

Trilochan says just you can help me, will my bahu run my house well as Annapurna and Laxmi, will she become a good bahu like Anirudh’s mum, what’s hidden from you, I have everything but I want a good homemaker who runs my house, when will my bahu manage the house, when will good days come. He prays. Brij smiles and glows the green light. Bondita sees it and recalls his words. She reads the shlok. Trilochan says Kanha spoke and heard me, I heard Akashvaani. Brij nods and thinks fool, its a game of science. Trilochan asks Brij to give an answer. Brij says answer is good, he is praising your bahu, she will make your house a temple, she will become the best homemaker. Trilochan says Jai ho and gives some cash to him. He goes. Brij smiles seeing the coins. He says I chose the right girl. Many people come. Brij fools them and takes money. He shuts the door and gets her out. She gets troubled by ants. He gives her water. She says I have to go now. He says your tapasya got fulfilled, you have to do this for three days, else the four goats can disappear, you have to do it for Sampoorna. She says no, I will come, I will do, but my husband…. He asks is he imp than Kanha. She thinks how will I do this.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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