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Barister Babu 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh coming to see Bondita. She thinks its good I have come before him. She makes an excuse. He says I can get smell of raw milk. He asks for her notes. She gives it to him. He checks. He scolds her. She smiles and thinks he is praising me. He shows the empty book. He says I m scolding you and you are smiling, why didn’t you do the homework. Everyone comes. Anirudh asks Bihari about the strange smell. Trilochan says its not any bad smell, but the smell of the milk. Anirudh gets angry on Bondita. He asks did you also go there to see Kanha miracle. Trilochan asks how can she go there. He says if she was there, then I would have seen her, right. Binoy smiles and says no, I have not seen that girl there. Trilochan says yes, Binoy and I were there, if you don’t trust us… He gets a book and says its not just a book, its knowledge, its imp for Anirudh as worship. He says now swear and tell him that you didn’t go to see Kanha miracle, end his doubt, else he will make this house a court. She worries. Anirudh says Bondita doesn’t need to swear, if a person decides to lie, then he can lie any how, Bondita doesn’t need to swear to tell me the truth.

Trilochan asks what will you do now. Binoy says I think Anirudh doesn’t trust this girl. Anirudh says no, I trust Bondita completely, she will never lie to me, trust is like glass, if it breaks, then it never joins, never break my trust on you. She worries. He says I trust you a lot, do your homework. She thinks I don’t like to lie to you, I m doing this for Sampoorna.

Saurabh brings garlands for Sampoorna. He says we have fought a lot, I want to make a new start. She thanks Bondita. They exchange the garlands. He fills sindoor in her maang. Surmani looks on. She says Sampoorna forgot that I rule in this house. She smiles. Bondita cries and talks to her mum. She says I m very bad, I m lying to Anirudh. Binoy calls Saudamini and says Bondita is lying to Anirudh. She asks why don’t we tell the truth to him. He says no, we have to give him a big hit so that his trust shatters, you know what punishment does the villagers give to a woman who lies, they make the woman sit over the donkey and punish her. She smiles. He tells her plan. He says we have to make Bondita out of Anirudh’s life, then our miracle will be more fun than fraud Brijvasi’s miracle.

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