Barister Babu 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita gets accused

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Barister Babu 23rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh shouting Brij is a fraud man, don’t come here to pray. Brij asks Bondita not to go out, else she will be caught, she lied to Anirudh. She says Brij was a calm man, why is he doing this. Anirudh says Brij is taking an advantage of your devotion. Trilochan and everyone look on. Anirudh asks him to call Brij. Trilochan asks him to just go. Anirudh says I won’t go until I get him jailed. Brij says he looks mad, I will take Bondita and this cash, I will run away, Trilochan can’t stop him. The people scold Anirudh.

They ask Trilochan to explain Anirudh not to challenge their devotion. Anirudh shouts to Brij and asks him to come out. Trilochan stops him. Anirudh says you try to understand me, I will show Brij’s real face, I have come here to show you his real face. Sampoorna thinks where is Bondita. Bondita says its Trilochan’s jewellery, I won’t let you take it. Brij says I m Kanha’s devotee, this chadava is all mine, leave me. Anirudh says he isn’t any devotee, he is looting you all. Bondita tries to stop Brij. Anirudh says you know Saudamini is suffering by the herbs given by Brij. Trilochan shouts enough, I won’t hear a word against him, they are standing here as you are my son, else they would have beaten you by now. Bondita shouts I will tell your truth to everyone.

Brij catches her. Trilochan says I will stand as a wall whoever comes here, even if its my son. The people stop Anirudh. Trilochan asks the men not to let Anirudh go in until Brij comes out. Anirudh says today Lord will give me strength and courage to get that fraud man caught. He tries to get in. Bondita faints down. Anirudh fights with the men. Sampoorna runs in. Anirudh gets freed from the men and enters the house with Saurabh and Sampoorna. Brij ties up Bondita in a blanket. He takes the jewellery. He goes away. Trilochan and everyone come there. Trilochan says where did Brij go. Anirudh and Saurabh move the idol and check the dark room. Anirudh gets shocked seeing the set up. He asks the people to see, Brij’s aide used to hide under the idol, he used to speak and everyone thought Kanha is speaking. Trilochan asks how can voice come out.

Anirudh asks the boy to get inside the dark room and shout Brij is a fraud. The boy gets in and shouts Brij is a fraud. Everyone hears the sound echoing by the speakers. The people start crying. They say Brij has looted us on the name of Kanha. Trilochan worries. Anirudh says he would be around, he won’t run so soon, I won’t let him run. Brij hurries to run. He leaves Bondita and takes the jewellery. Bondita asks him to stop. Anirudh sees him and says I will catch Brij’s aide. He runs after Brij. He gets Bondita and removes the blanket tied up to her. He gets shocked seeing her. Brij escapes. Saudamini acts in front of everyone. Her dad asks why did you risk your life, what was the need to fall on the glass pieces and get so hurt. She says Anirudh and I are one, he cried for my pain, he was so anger and said he will not leave the one who had snatched my eyesight.

Bondita says Brij caught me, it was not speaking Kanha but me, I was telling the shlok by sitting under the idol. Anirudh gets shocked and asks why did you support that thug. She says I don’t know that I was helping him, I was doing tapasya there, he has given me…. She recalls Sampoorna’s words. He asks her to complete her words, why did she support the thug, what was she getting in return. He shouts on her. She cries. Rishta tera mera….plays… Saudamini says Anirudh’s heart will melt. Dida says yes, this time you will get your love. Saudamini’s dad says I can’t see you hurt. She says I can do anything for Anirudh, this pain and wounds are nothing, I can risk myself and others as well for his sake, I can give my life and take someone’s life too. Anirudh gets Bondita to everyone and says Brij has looted everyone with the help of Bondita, she has told the shloks and cheated you all, I was wrong, I wanted to show Brij’s true face and got to see Bondita’s real face, she has accepted that she has done this. Trilochan asks her to tell everyone that she never went there. He says Anirudh is blaming you, tell him its a lie.

He says don’t be silent today, argue, do anything, tell him, that you aren’t related to Brij. She cries. Anirudh says leave it, don’t ask her if she is saying the truth, she is a liar, she isn’t able to meet our eyes. Binoy smiles. The people scold Bondita and get angry. They call her a thief. They ask Trilochan to punish Bondita. Sampoorna thinks no, I can’t let Bondita’s life get ruined. Surmani asks her not to support a thief. Sampoorna says she is my sister. Saurabh says think about us, for my sake, don’t go there, stay away from her. Sampoorna cries. Bondita looks on and cries.

Bondita cries and says I have promised Sampoorna. Anirudh cries and says you always lied, I believed you, you are the biggest mistake of my life, leave from here, we have no relation now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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