Barister Babu 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Saudamini fools Bondita

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Barister Babu 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan asking Bondita to come for the household tasks. Somnath comes and says Saudamini has gone on the terrace. Everyone runs to stop her. Binoy smiles. Anirudh and Bondita ask her to stop. Somnath and Anirudh try to open the door. Bondita shouts stop, don’t go ahead. Bondita opens the window. She goes in. She rushes and stops Saudamini. Saudamini acts. Bondita takes her to the room and makes her rest. Anirudh and Somnath come. Anirudh asks are you fine. Bondita says don’t worry, I have saved her from falling down, but why did you climb the terrace wall, we were shouting. Saudamini says I felt like I m in deep sleep. Bondita says I will take care of you, I will make everything fine.

Saudamini’s dad comes and asks her to stay away. He scolds Bondita. He asks Anirudh to ask her to leave. Saudamini says let it go. He shouts and asks Anirudh to take his wife. Bondita says Saudamini always helped me, she needs me now, I can’t leave her alone, do you think I m so bad, Saudamini loves me a lot, she handles me, if I don’t care for her, will it be right, I will stay here. Anirudh asks her to just go home. Bondita comes home and sees the diyas lit. She cries and says aarti is done, I will get scolded today. Trilochan looks on. She apologizes. She says I know you will be much angry on me. He asks Maid to get that. Bondita asks what will he make me do now. Koyli gets something. Bondita gives her hand. She says don’t beat on my hands, I will grind flour again, I won’t eat sweets for a week, for four days. He stares at her. She says fine, I did a mistake and will get punished. She closes eyes. Trilochan applies the lep on her hands. She smiles.

He says its chandan lep, it will heal your wound, I m strict, but I m family, I care for you. She cries happily. She says you are really nice, this lep is relieving me a lot, really. Trilochan says you are also nice, bahu, show me your hands. He gets angry on Master. He says who teaches like this, will you study this way, you made good chunar for Maa and got bhog also, you tried to make Luchi well, I taught you, you learnt it. She asks did I become good housewife. He says a bit, but I m glad, can anyone do everything, men and women are made different.

Bondita thinks. He says men do work outside the house better, women do work inside the house better. She asks who decides this, I have seen women working in field and men cooking in the marriage, how will we know what girls are capable of, girls don’t get chance to do work outside, if we give them a chance, we will know their capability. He says I know your capability to argue, leave all this, think if you became a good housewife, then you can cook food for yourself, Rasgulla, you can make it and eat it. She smiles. He says if you study, what will you make and eat, Master’s beating daily. She signs no. She says but Anirudh wants me to study, I want to show that I was saying the truth and master ji was lying.

He asks her to pray. He says I know you were saying the truth, but what shall I do, masters are such, they scare the students, if you don’t study, then master will go away, I can see that you can work hard and become a good housewife, can you study a little and become doctor or barister. She thinks. He says if you listen to me, then you will be praised for your household work, your mum will be proud, people will praise your mum. Bondita smiles. He asks will you make your mum proud. She nods. He says then its your decision, do you want the house keys or master’s stick.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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