Barister Babu 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita leaves Anirudh’s house

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Barister Babu 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita apologizing to Anirudh. She thinks you always protect me, you are like my God. She cries and thinks of their moments. Rishta tera mera….plays…. she leaves. Anirudh cries and recalls whatever wrong happened because of her. Jhoot tera….plays…. She goes out of the house and sees a Mata idol taken by some people. Bihari prays that Bondita comes back soon. Anirudh comes to see her. She sits in the cart and leaves. She sees a temple and asks about the temple. She asks does the Tulsipur village end here at this border. He says yes. She says wait, I will just come. She takes some soil with her. She says I will miss Tulsipur a lot, I will miss everyone. She names everyone and takes the soil with her. She sees a procession going. The ladies play shank. The men play dhol and throw colours. Bondita prays to Durga maa. She gets mata chunri on her head and smiles.

Saudamini says I m very happy today, I will dance a lot. She dances holding diya in her hand. Anirudh comes there. She senses him and starts acting blind. She recalls Binoy’s words. The lady sees Bondita’s face and this chunar is a blessing from Durga Maa, you will always be a suhaagan and will get much love from your Sasural, your relation will never break. Bondita sadly recalls Anirudh’s words. She goes back to the cart. Anirudh checks Saudamini’s sight. She asks who and holds him. She says Anirudh, you here. He says yes, can you see this light, tell me how is the room looking, I can’t see it, I told Dida to fill the room with diya, I can just see darkness, will I ever be able to see you. She sits crying. He consoles her. He says I will get your eyesight back, I can do anything for it, I punished Bondita, she has left the haveli, I sent her away. She smiles. She asks what did you do, you should have understood her, she is a little kid. He says I don’t know anyone of that name. He sees Durga maa idol and recalls Bondita.

Its morning, Anirudh asks Bondita to say why did she support Brijvasi. Sampoorna comes and says Bondita left the haveli, I m Sampoorna. He says you here. She says get Bondita back, she isn’t at fault, she is really good. He asks if she was good, why didn’t she tell me about fraud Brij, she has let him take away people’s money, why couldn’t she give any reason. She thinks my marriage would have broken if she told the truth to you. He says tell me, she was a liar. She sees Saurabh and thinks of his words. She thinks I can’t tell anything. Anirudh angrily goes. Bondita comes to her village and meets her friends. The girls run to call Sumati. Sumati and Bondita smile seeing each other.

Sumati asks about Anirudh. Mami thinks why did Bondita come alone. Sumati says maybe he will come to pick her after few days, I will welcome him well, I know his likes and dislikes, he will be glad. Mami asks why is Bondita so silent. Sumati does her aarti and welcomes her. Bondita gets sad. Binoy says Bondita isn’t family now. He asks Bihari to take away Bondita’s clothes and jewellery, I want to wipe her off from Anirudh’s life. Anirudh comes. Bihari takes all the stuff. He says I regret to take her stuff out of here, are you happy now. He cries and goes. Binoy sees Anirudh. He says your room is still the same, I want you to start life afresh, I spoke to Mini’s dad for her eye treatment. He goes. Anirudh sees Bondita there. He imagines her. She argues with him and laughs. He misses her and cries.

He shouts just go from here, I have no answers. He sees Koyli and says Bondita was asking me. She says there is no one. Anirudh says no, she was here, she was asking me. He goes. Sumati says Durga puja is coming. Bondita says Anirudh has sent a letter for you. Sumati says I m glad that Anirudh has ended your problem, promise me that you will always keep his respect. Bondita gets sad. Trilochan gets ready. Binoy comes to him. He asks where are you going. Trilochan says I lost respect, not life, I have to manage responsibilities. Binoy says villagers won’t forget the cheat so soon, Bondita has looted their money, rest for more days. Mami asks Mama to read Anirudh’s letter. Mama ji gets shocked reading the letter. He says Anirudh has sent Bondita home forever. Mami gets shocked. Bondita says I m not talking about the old letter, Anirudh has sent another letter with me.

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