Barister Babu 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita is humiliated

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Barister Babu 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumati asking Bondita not to go anywhere. Bondita asks why. Sumati thinks how shall I say how the society treats an abandoned wife. Bondita says Anirudh didn’t let me attend a marriage there, I was so upset with him, then he convinced me with difficulty. Mami signs Mama and goes. Mama says we will send a letter to Anirudh, he will come to take Bondita. Mami thinks he won’t get the letter. Sumati says I trust Anirudh more than myself. He says then let Bondita go in her friend’s haldi. Sumati asks her to go and change clothes, won’t she go in Bela’s haldi. Bondita says yes, I will get ready and come. Mami thinks to make Bondita an abandoned woman to hide Sampoorna’s truth.

Saurabh comes and helps Anirudh. He says many times, things are in front of us and we don’t see. Anirudh says yes, my mind is also confused, help me. He tells about Bhaumik’s condition. Saurabh says if you care for Saudamini, then marry her, you had to marry her, maybe its Lord’s wish. Sampoorna hears them. Anirudh says I can’t decide like that, I don’t want… They see Sampoorna at the door. Anirudh asks who is there. She says I got tea for you, sorry, I can’t call you Jamai babu now, Bondita left, she took away your identity. Saurabh asks her to leave. She goes. Anirudh gets sad. Rishta tera mera….plays… Bondita plays. Bela asks her about husband. Bondita says husband commands, he is angry, he is protector also. She recalls his words and cries. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Mami shows the haldi colour to Bela’s mum. She says don’t let Bondita apply haldi to Bela, it will be inauspicious, don’t tell this to anyone, Bondita’s husband has made her out of his house, she is abandoned by him. Bela’s mum sees Bondita crying. Bela comes for haldi. Bondita goes to apply haldi. Bela’s mum stops her. She asks others to apply the haldi. She throws Bondita’s haldi plate. She scolds Bondita. Mami smiles. Bela’s mum says I don’t want any abshagun, I don’t want any hurdle in her marriage. Bondita says Bela is my best friend, why will I wish bad for her. Bela’s mum says she isn’t a Roy choudhary bahu now, her husband left her, she is a bad sight for Bela. The ladies look on and talk about Bondita. Bondita cries and asks what’s an abandoned woman, is it a sin or a crime, why am I inauspicious, tell me. Mami says don’t say bitter words to her, I will take her. Bondita says no, I won’t go anywhere, did I do any mistake, did I trouble anyone.

Bondita says Bela invited me, she wanted me to come to apply haldi to her. Bela asks her to leave. Bela’s mum asks her to go and die. Bondita hears the taunts of the people. She cries. Rishta tera mera….plays…. She leaves.

Sampoorna says Anirudh will never agree to marry Saudamini. Saurabh says they were getting married, your sister came in between. She says fate has brought Bondita and Anirudh together, Saudamini will never win, their relation won’t change, he will not give Bondita’s place to anyone, she will come back with respect. Anirudh says I feel like something is not right. Bondita comes to Sumati and cries. Sumati asks what happened. Saudamini calls Anirudh and says I m so scared, its thundering, dad has gone to Kolkata to talk about my alliance. He asks is Dida there. She says she is worshipping, I m alone, I m scared. He says don’t worry, I will come. She says come soon. She smiles and ends the call. She says come Anirudh, you will be mine now.

Bondita asks Sumati what does abandoned woman mean. Sumati hugs her and cries. Bondita faints. Anirudh takes care of Saudamini. She asks will you go anywhere. He says I promise, I will be here. She asks him to get the juice. She asks him to have the juice. He says we are friends, I will have it. They have the juice. They sit talking. He feels dizzy. She smiles.

Its morning, Saudamini sees Anirudh beside her. Dida asks her to open the door. Saudamini asks him to wake up. He holds his head and gets up. He asks how am I here. She asks him to go by balcony, if anyone sees them, what will they think, they will shame their relation. Bhaumik asks her to open the door. She asks Anirudh to go. Anirudh asks how did I come here.

He says we didn’t do anything, why will they think wrong. She asks him to go. He says nothing happened, why are you scared. She says don’t be mad. Dida shouts. Sumati asks Bondita to have some food. Bondita says my heart is filled with questions, will I be able to eat anything. Sumati says don’t be adamant, have food. Bondita says no, tell me, what does abandoned woman mean. Mami comes and tells what it means. She says a woman has an identity until her husband is with her, she can live as a widow, but if the husband leaves her, then she has to think she is dead. Bondita cries.

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