Barister Babu 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Saurabh gets bashed up

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Barister Babu 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan showing the keys to Bondita. He thinks she just has two weaknesses, her mum and sweets, she will decide to take the keys. Anirudh is worried. Saudamini says I know, dad should have not told this, he didn’t mean it, he told it in anger, why did you scold Bondita, she was crying and left. He says yes, I m feeling bad, Kaka made her run the chakki, how would she study after being so tired. She says I know, she is very smart, she will study well. He says yes, she is sharp, she argues and asks such questions that elders don’t have such questions, she talks about change, I hope to get a right for women, she will make her own place in this men’s society and become an inspiration for other women. Bondita thinks and does the work. Bihari calls her out. She is confused and recalls Trilochan’s words. Anirudh says when she argues with me, I feel there is a barister babu in front of me, I wish she uses her mind well, when master ji came today…. He tells everything. She smiles.

He says Bondita and master ji have their own stories, I have to find out whose story is right, I will find out. Bihari offers help. She taunts on his bad help. He says I m a servant here, I got scared of Trilochan. Bondita says he would punish you. They laugh. She cleans the utensils. She ties the spoons to her saree. She feels happy thinking of the house keys. She asks him to get water. He says sure. She asks him to get sweets. He says sure. She orders him. He obeys her. They laugh. Anirudh says Mini…

Saudamini says what, master ji had beaten Bondita, he taught me, he told that education is given by love, not scolding. Anirudh says yes, he asked me to ask you, why would Bondita lie. She says yes, but Bondita can’t do this, maybe she doesn’t want to study and did mischief, she is young, maybe she wants to play with dolls, she will understand soon what’s good for her. Anirudh says I understand, I will sit with master ji and Bondita tomorrow, I will see if she is really mischievous, few girls get a chance to study, girls are sharp, even then they don’t get a chance, when Bondita gets educated, she can make a new society for women, I truly want to end the stain of illiteracy from her, she should get knowledge, she will become an example for everyone, she should become barister babu Bondita. He smiles. She thinks you still worry for her, I won’t let it happen, I will make her naughty Bondita.

Bondita laughs and says I looked like Maharani, right. He says yes. She thinks how shall I choose between books and keys. Trilochan looks on and smiles. Saurabh and Sampoorna scare of rat and send the family out. They get the book from Munshi. Surmani sees this and gets angry. Saurabh asks them to come it, rat is gone. Surmani scares Sampoorna and makes her drop the book. She checks the book and asks who got such bad book in the house. Biraj says Sampoorna was reading a book, why. Sampoorna says Saurabh gave it to me, he asked me to see the pics in the books, because I m not educated. Munshi angrily beats up Saurabh. Sampoorna cries. He makes Saurabh sit and pours Gangajal on his head to purify him. Bondita says what shall I do of Anirudh’s wish, can I go against his wish. He says you have cleaned the utensils well, you will become a good housewife soon. She happily smiles.

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