Barister Babu 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Trilochan’s new plan

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Barister Babu 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita asking am I not my mum’s daughter, if I got married, then does that mean that my mum didn’t give me birth. She cries and says you have given me good clothes, comfortable bedding, jewellery, but my mum stayed awake many nights and made me sleep, shall I forget it. Maa and Bondita cry. Trilochan and Binoy look on. Bondita says my mum has more right than me, you got angry on my mum, I m angry on you, I will never talk to you. Anirudh calms down. He apologizes to Maa. He says Bondita is right, you are her mum and have rights on her, but I won’t let Bondita go until the puja, you can decide after the puja, I will accept your decision. Trilochan asks Bondita to be careful, the village women will come to meet her and play with her, she should give them some gifts happily, she is Roy choudhary now, don’t be upset now. He asks her to stand right and bring a smile on her face.

Bondita smiles. Maa asks Bondita to come with her. They go. Trilochan thinks I have made Bondita ready for the rasam, but I have to send her before puja. Bondita gets upset with mum. She says Anirudh is a devil, he is really bad, he told bad to you. Maa asks Bondita to respect Anirudh, he is a gem, he is right. Bondita says he didn’t agree to you, even then you are saying this. Maa says yes, I will explain later, go for the rasam now. Bondita says I don’t want to go. Maa asks her to go, she is getting respect as the house bahu. Maa makes her smile. Bondita goes for the rasam. Maa sees her sitting on the swing and enjoying. She cries happily. Trilochan asks are you seeing the respect given to Bondita.

He asks her to take Bondita at night, without Anirudh knowing it. He says don’t worry for Anirudh, he is adamant, I will manage him. He shows the land papers. He says I got these land papers, I transferred this to your and Bondita’s name, I promise, I will get her back as my bahu, I want her to come back after getting fine. Maa cries and says you won’t have answers for everyone. He says I will tell them that bahu went to her mum to learn household work, you know what will happen if you don’t listen to me. He says I hope you will do this. Maa says it will happen as you want, but I request you to inform Bondita’s Mama and Mami that we are leaving. He says fine, I will inform your brother. He asks her to take the papers. He goes. She thinks what will I do of the papers, I don’t want any deal, I want her happiness, I will take her away to save her marriage. Saudamini comes to her. She says you are Bondita’s mum, you can’t see her bad state in her Sasural, she wets the bed at night, is this her mistake, can she control this illness. Maa recalls Bondita’s words. She asks you love Anirudh a lot, right? Saudamini gets shocked. She recalls Anirudh.

Anirudh sees Bondita. Bondita stops him and says you will say the gifts belong to you, its my gifts, village women have given it. He says its good. She says not everyone is bad like you, you promised me and broke it. He smiles. She says I don’t want to talk to you. She asks him to do sit ups and apologize, will he do it. He smiles. Maa says I can see your love for Anirudh in your eyes, Bondita is a kid, she doesn’t understand, but I can see it. Saudamini thinks Bondita’s mum is clever, she can break my dream of getting Anirudh. Maa says I can understand how it feels to lose someone you love, what you went through when Anirudh did this marriage, I want to believe you, you want to help Bondita, if you have something in your heart, I won’t blame you for cheating Bondita, I have a request, don’t misunderstand Bondita, she is young. She goes. Saudamini says Bondita is responsible for my pain, I won’t let her stay happy, I will never let her take my place in this house and Anirudh’s heart. Binoy says you found a nice way to get rid of that thorn. Trilochan says Binoy, mind it, Bondita is our bahu. Binoy asks what, is she our Bahu, she is like a dirt in our house, better clean the haveli by sweeping the dirt out. Trilochan says wrong, I didn’t plan to send her away, I found a way to solve a problem, once her problem gets solved, I will get her back, I promised her mum, you know that I never go against my promise. He goes.

Binoy thinks once Bondita goes, I will get Anirudh and Saudamini married. Anirudh apologizes to Maa, holding ears and doing sit ups. Maa asks him to leave the ears. Bondita asks why, you should pull his ears, he did a mistake. He smiles hearing her. Anirudh asks Maa to pull his ears. Maa says no. He says we will have dinner together. Maa says I request you, if you get sweets for me from the market, I was thinking to give sweets to your family. He says I will go and get all the sweets available in tulsipur. He goes. Maa asks Bondita to think of hiding at some place which Anirudh doesn’t know. Bondita asks where will we hide. Maa says we will have to go away from the haveli. Bondita looks at her.

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