Barister Babu 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Saudamini falls in her own trap

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Barister Babu 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan asking Bondita to come for the household tasks. Saudamini makes excuses to avoid the doctor. Anirudh says I will force you, but take you to the doctor today. Bondita gets tired by the work. She feels sleepy. Trilochan comes. She says I was grinding the chillies, see this way. He says there is no hurry, do it well, you know what can we make by it, mango pickles, you like it right. She nods. He says your hardwork will be useful to you, you can eat it. She recalls Master ji’s beating. She says I don’t want to study, but I promised Anirudh. He asks her to get beating if she wants. He says you can come after getting beaten up, I will guide you to become a good housewife, grind the chillies before your class, don’t take rest. He goes.

Binoy asks why did Saudamini go to doctor, she would have told me to arrange fake checkup, she could have refused. Shivraj says Anirudh didn’t tell us before. Binoy says he will hate her if he knows she is acting. Shivraj says maybe she handles the matter, she knows its imp to hide truth from him. Binoy says one mistake is costly for her. Bondita talks to the puppy. She gets tired. Saudamini comes to the doctor and thinks what to do. She acts to talk to her imaginary friend. Doctor looks at her. She comes inside the cabin and acts strange. She introduces herself as Anirudh’s wife. Bondita leaves the work and goes to take care of puppy.

She says Trilochan will scold you. She finds him hurt. She asks is it hurting you, come. She takes care of the puppy. She applies the haldi to his wound. She feeds him some food. She makes him rest in the basket and covers him up. Doctor says Saudamini has no physical illness, she has mental issues, its depression, did she meet with an accident, did she had any head injury. Anirudh says no. Doctor asks did anything happen that she underwent a trauma, few wounds are internal. Anirudh asks him to say clearly. Doctor says I feel she is much sorrowful, she isn’t happy, she is mentally hurt, that’s the reason for her problem, mental tension can make a person mad. Anirudh worries. Doctor says a person can lose capability to see or hear. Anirudh recalls Shivraj’s words. Saudamini smiles.

Bondita asks puppy to not come in front of Trilochan, he won’t like it. She names him bobo. She asks him to sleep and take care. Doctor asks Anirudh to spend time with Saudamini, is she unhappy with him, did her wish stay unfulfilled. Anirudh recalls Saudamini’s words. Doctor says you give her happiness, if she stays happy, her illness will get fine, when a person undergoes mental stress, eyesight gets weak, you have to take her abroad for advanced treatment, our country doesn’t focus on mental illnesses, being a good husband, love her as much as possible, I have seen that if a wife has a mental illness, just husband’s love can cure her. Anirudh says you are mistaken, Saudamini isn’t my wife, she is my childhood friend. Doctor says but Saudamini said… Saudamini says we have to leave, Bondita’s class is going to start, come fast, master ji will come, I won’t like if you get late. Anirudh thanks doctor and goes.

Doctor says why did Saudamini lie that Anirudh is her husband. Saudamini thinks to win Anirudh. Bondita says Anirudh promised he will sit with me, but master ji can come before him. Master ji comes. She worries and thinks where is Anirudh.

Master ji beats Bondita. She cries and says where is Anirudh. The puppy attacks Master ji and bites him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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