Barister Babu 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita collapses down

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Barister Babu 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saudamini seeing Bondita on a phone call. Bondita talks to her mum on call. She feels uneasy. She says I m not able to talk to you Maa. She runs and doesn’t take water. Saudamini smiles seeing her and says you should have not snatched my Anirudh. Batuk says Bondita, if Anirudh knows that you are drinking water, he will scold you. She holds her neck and recalls Anirudh’s words. She gets dizzy. Maid looks on and worries. Bondita says I won’t drink water. She goes upstairs with difficulty. Saudamini gets aarti plate. She says I want Bondita’s betterment, I have some right on you and Bondita, I got prasad for Bondita, she won’t feel thirsty, don’t worry. He says yes. She thinks Bondita would have drank a pot of water by now. Maid goes to tell Anirudh. He asks is Bondita fine. They see Bondita falling down the stairs. Anirudh shouts Bondita.

Bihari asks Anirudh to do something. Maid says Batuk called me, Bondita was seeing the water pot and holding her neck, like she is suffering. Bondita asks why. Maid says like her throat was burning, she didn’t drink water. Saudamini asks what are you saying, how can she tolerate the medicine effect, I mean did you give her any medicine. She asks maid why didn’t she help. Maid says she didn’t want Anirudh to lose. Saudamini says Bondita is stubborn. Anirudh says I will find out the truth. Saudamini thinks he will soon find about me. Trilochan and Binoy come. Trilochan says you want to know who is responsible for Bondita’s state, I know.

Anirudh says tell me who is he, who did this. Trilochan shouts you are responsible for her state, you tortured her, she is a little girl, you want to bet your victory, this happened because of your madness. Binoy smiles and thinks Saudamini got saved. Trilochan says you blamed us for hurting her, did you think how much you are hurting her. Saudamini asks what are you saying. Binoy says Anirudh was fighting for his ego and adamancy, not Bondita, he doesn’t care for Bondita. He scolds Anirudh. He asks what would you do if she died. Anirudh sees Bondita and goes away. Saudamini asks him to go to Bondita, she will like to see him when she gets conscious. She asks do you also believe that you are responsible for her state. Anirudh feels bad. He says I don’t understand anything, you know me since childhood. She acts sweet. He says I have to know if I m responsible for her state.

She asks do you have courage to hear the truth. He asks her to say it. She says I also feel that you are responsible for her state. Saurabh vomits. Surmani asks did he eat anything wrong, Sampoorna had served the food. Biraj says but Sampoorna ate the same food, nothing happened to her. Surmani asks what’s this packet, who is doing black magic on my son. She recalls Sampoorna adding the powder in Saurabh’s food. Surmani thinks I can’t let your relation stay strong until your mum gives give goats of dowry. She says Sampoorna’s saree has the same powder, it means she is doing black magic on my son. She blames Sampoorna and cries. Biraj asks Sampoorna to swear if she is true. Sampoorna asks can it happen that I wish bad for him, I have added the medicine in the food, the man told me that this miraculous medicine…. Saurabh runs to puke. Sampoorna cries and says I just wanted our relation to turn strong, it went wrong.

Saudamini says its not your mistake that you are stubborn, you didn’t do this intentionally, you want Bondita’s betterment. Anirudh nods. She says if Binoy challenged you, its his mistake, you always win, he should know it, you are clean hearted, you want to help Bondita, you shouldn’t care about others, if you drop Bondita to her mum’s place, then her mum will also understand, Bondita’s life is more imp than any challenge, right Anirudh. Anirudh recalls Bondita. He says you said right, I m responsible for Bondita’s state, I accept my defeat, I will drop Bondita to her mum’s place. Saudamini smiles.

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