BB 1e winner Sidharth Shukla recalls being Krishna and breaking dahi handi

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The festival of Janamshtami is celebrated with all the joy in India and in Mumbai it is celebrated with dahi handis. Everyone who is a fan of this festival or prays to Lord Krishna knows the significance of dahi handi.  While everyone enjoys the day, those participating and those watching the grand celebrations, it looks like Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla is a little upset about this ritual being omitted this year. He is sad about kids not getting to break the Matkis this year.

While explaining why he feels sad and how he himself, never got a chance to do so, he wrote, “Back in d day … I used to look forward to Janmashtami as the next day I wanted to break Matkis in my colony but unfortunately we didn’t get offs from school…..but now I feel worse for school kids as they don’t have school but no breaking matkis ….neway #HappyJanmashtami.” He also went on to wish everyone Janmashtami along with the tweet.

Check out Sidharth Shukla’s tweet here:

We truly understand your feeling Sidharth and we know what a big joy we will be missing this year.

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