Bepanah Pyaar: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 2)

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The next episode start with

Raghbir starts climbing the stairs with his bags. He stops and stares at Pragati who enters in her house which is on the first floor. Then he reaches the second floor where he met Sonarika Singh.

Sonarika accompany him to the third floor, where Raghbir is a renter. He gave her some money in advance.


Sonarika (counting money): Although, I don’t give room to any random guy, but your father is a good friend of my father, that’s why I am giving you this room. (Give rupees note to Raghbir) Change this note.

Raghbir give another rupees note in place of previous one.

Sonarika: And one more important thing. In my house, you are not allowed to bring your friends, and girls are not allowed at all.


Raghbir (smiles): And cousin sister?

Sonarika: Cousin sister? You have come from Haryana, and you know all about cousin sister. Do you really have a cousin sister? Not all I know is your cousin sister. But if you want to bring your cousin sister here, it is better for you to find another room.

Raghbir: No aunty, it is not like that. I am just asking.


Sonarika: Aunty? If I am not married, then you must be the one, who will wandering around me on bullet bike. Leave that, you can’t say ‘Sister’ to me but you can call me ‘Bhabhi’. Come and see this is your room.

Raghbir walk behind her and smiles.


Sonarika (without turning towards Raghbir): Don’t smiles too much, even if I am your Bhabhi, it didn’t mean I will give you relaxation in rent. And whenever you went outside, keep in mind to close the door properly.

Sonarika leave from there.


Scene 2,

Pragati’s house,

Kamla (Pragati’s mother) brings a glass of water for Pragati. Pragati sat on her bed silently sobbing.


Kamla: Pragati beta, what happened? Beta please tell me.

Pragati didn’t say a single word and silently laid her head on her mother’s shoulder.

A flashback is shown,

Pragati was knocking at a door. After a while, a boy opened the door. It turns out to be Saahas Sangwan, Pragati’s boyfriend.

Pragati smiles happily at him but Saahas smiles nervously. Pragati went inside the house.


Saahas (nervously): Pragati, you here? At this time?

Pragati: Why? I know your parents are out of town, so I brought breakfast for you. Come, let’s have breakfast together. Didn’t you like my surprise?

Saahas (nervously): No.., means Yes.

Pragati realizes that Saahas is nervous. She tries to peek inside the room. But Saahas come in between. But Pragati sees a girl in his room. Pragati feel heartbroken.



She closes the lunch box back and angrily hit Saahas. Saahas tries to say something but Pragati does not hear anything and angrily walks out of the house.



Back to the present,

Pragati hugs her mother. Kamla sees her husband, Shamsher Singh Rana and her younger daughter, Sukanya, standing at the door.

Shamsher (puts hand on Pragati’s head): Pragati, you were the one who asked me to have modern thinking. And I also agreed. Do you now understand why I always explain to you. My child, this is not the age in which you all can understand your bad and your good. Therefore, our elders decide for us.


Pragati: But what’s my fault in this? That person has cheated me. You came with me. Take that guy with you to the police station and beat him.

Shamsher: Didn’t I have another work?

Pragati: Well, then I won’t eat food either. The fathers of all other girls beats the boys.

Shamsher: It was all your fault. Everything was according to you. If nothing happens according to you, you didn’t need to say a word. I would take care of everything.

Pragati shook her head in disagreement.


Scene 3,

Next morning,

Under the apartment,

Raghbir stands near Tillu who presses clothes. Tillu is mumbling a song. He gives clothes to Raghbir. Raghbir took clothes and walked towards the stairs.

He saw Pragati coming downstairs. Raghbir run towards Tillu and scolds him.

Raghbir: Press these clothes properly.

Pragati descends the stairs and turns to her scooty which was parked near the stairs.


Raghbir stares at her and smiles, but Pragati doesn’t smiles back as if she understands his intentions. Tillu also sees Raghbir, as he was staring at Pragati.

Pragati takes her scooty from there.

Tillu: Are you new in this society?

Raghbir: Yes, I am here to study.

Tillu: Are you sure?

Raghbir: Don’t talk nonsense. Press fast. I want to go to tuition.


Scene 4,

Tuition center,

Raghbir enters in tuition center with the teacher.

Raghbir: I want tuition in all subjects.

Teacher: Fine. This is our classroom.

Raghbir noticed that the room is small and most of the students were boys. Only three girls were there and it seemed as if they were already in a relationship.
Raghbir starts going out.

Teacher: What happened?

Raghbir: Nothing, your study is not so good.


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